Cornerstone News Digest                                                                                              October 18, 2016
General Updates and Information
System Updates and Resolutions
Access the latest news on system-wide updates and resolutions to frequently reported concerns.

Accessing Cornerstone Applications
All Cornerstone systems can be accessed through the myRutgers portal. Use your NetID and password to log in, click the Cornerstone tab, select the app for: RU Marketplace (SciQuest), Employee Self Service or Performance Management, Financial Management (Oracle Cloud), or Expense Management.

Tips to Help You Learn the Systems
Check out the help desk pages and share tips to help you learn the new systems. If you have a tip you would like to share, send an email to

Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions
If you don’t know where to begin, use the “Search” feature in top right corner of every page to search the site, including FAQs pages. If you do not see the question or answer you were looking for, contact the appropriate help desk for support.

Software, Browsers and Plug-ins Necessary to Run the Systems
The required and recommended software includes browsers, operating systems for PCs and iOS systems, and instructions on how to install the tool for spreadsheet uploads (used for journal entries). If you cannot download software or updates, contact your unit’s IT support or System Administrator.

Managing Change in Your Unit
Going through the “change curve” is different for everyone. Resources on managing change and changes to our business processes are available to help you navigate change within your unit.

Need Help Finding Your New Chart of Accounts Values?
Use the chart of accounts mapping tool to align legacy chart values to the new chart of accounts.

Learn at Your Own Pace
Browse the list of required and recommended courses, then log in to Canvas to access online training and resources.  

Systems Updates and Information
Financial Reporting FAQs and Resources
Browse the FAQs on reporting and inquiries and use the reports crosswalk to find new reports for financials, projects and grants. Not all reports and inquiries will yield results; the crosswalk will list reports you can view in Oracle.  

Financial Management System – Access and Performance Issues
The performance issues we have experienced during the past few days are not typical and are inconsistent with what users should expect from the Oracle environment. Oracle is taking the lead to identify the root cause of these performance issues, to stabilize the environment, and resolve the issue.  We will continue to work closely with Oracle to monitor the system.  

Questions? Contact the Financial Management Help Desk at (848) 445-2100 or .  

RU Marketplace – Access to Purchase Orders Nearly 90 percent of all purchase orders (PO) have been converted to RU Marketplace. The team is continuing to validate converted POs. If you have POs that are not visible in the system, please contact the Procurement and Expense Management help desk .  

Expense Management – Direct Deposit Set-Up and Mobile App To ensure direct deposit for reimbursements, users will need to enter their banking information manually into the application one time. A user-friendly mobile app will be available in 2017.   Visit Cornerstone to learn more about the expense management system.  

Human Resources and Payroll If you have questions about your access or scope of your role in PeopleSoft for commitment accounting, time and labor, or Discoverer Human Resources data warehouse reporting, please contact the Human Resources and Payroll project Business Advisory Group member for your unit.  

Faculty – Learning the New Systems
Faculty may participate now in non-targeted classes for grant accounting, expense management, procurement, and self-service . Later this month, targeted education will be available to help faculty learn the new systems and processes. These opportunities will be online, shorter, and focused on faculty-specific needs.

To participate in an online course, please access Rutgers University Canvas (use your NetID and password to log in).
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