Cornerstone News Digest                                                                                                October 3, 2016 

Modernizing our systems, processes, and organizational structures will dramatically improve how we get work done, together, across all campuses, schools, departments and units. This is the foundation for the important work we will do going forward as one Rutgers.
RU Marketplace Is Open!
RU Marketplace , the University's new procurement system, is live!

RU Marketplace makes it easier than ever to buy goods and services and pay our suppliers and vendors. Managing all procurement transactions for academic, clinical, and business needs can now be done through a single online system. The new streamlined RU Marketplace helps requestors and approvers track the progress of requisitions, open purchase orders, and invoice approvals and payments.

Partnering with preferred suppliers and making purchases at prices that are consistent across the University will lead to better shopping experiences for faculty and staff, cost savings, and better payment terms with our suppliers.

Visit RU Marketplace to see what's new with Procurement!  
  1. Log in to myRutgers portal (, using your NetID and password.
  2. Click the Cornerstone tab.
  3. Open the RU Marketplace (SciQuest) app.
Beginning today, October 3, you can:
  • Open new general ledger purchase orders, and
  • Open new non-sponsored purchase orders.
Beginning, October 5, you can:
  • Submit requisitions against sponsored projects, and
  • Open purchase orders from fiscal year 2015 through current that were converted from Banner.
Beginning October 6, you can:
  • Open project-related purchase orders that were converted from Banner.
Beginning October 7, you can:
  • Open general ledger and project-related purchase orders that were converted from RIAS.
If you have an open purchase order that needs to be paid before October 7, please contact Procurement Services at the help desk phone number and email below.

Dedicated teams are in place to support the University’s purchasing needs for business services, information technology, facilities, and research and science. You can chat with an RU Marketplace expert who will help answer your questions and resolve issues with accessing and using the new procurement system. The Procurement Help Desk staff is available to help you with your questions.  

Procurement Help Desk
Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Eastern
Phone: (848) 932-4375

Helpful resources and frequently asked questions are available on the Cornerstone website.
NEW! Chart of Accounts Mapping Tool
A new chart of accounts mapping tool is now available to help you map legacy funds or fund sources to the new chart of accounts. The mapping tool is easy to use, enabling users to:  
  • Sort results by any column by selecting a column header.
  • Export results to a .csv file (click "Download" on bottom left of the result page).
  • Scroll through and view results by page (up to 15 items per page). Click “Next” or “Previous” at the top or bottom left of the result page.
Procurement Services Launches New Website
University Procurement Services launched its redesigned website today, just in time for the rollout of RU Marketplace. The new site features policies, forms, processes, and contacts for all procurement functions, including: accounts payable, contract management, diversity and sustainability, and travel and expense.
  • Suppliers will find the site helpful because of its information on the competitive selection process, receiving payments, and frequently asked questions.

  • Visit today to learn more about University Procurement Services.
Three Steps to Start Training Now
Start training now ! Browse the list of required and recommended courses for RU Marketplace and all the new administrative systems. Look for your name on the training participant lists. Register for classes and access training materials.
Mark Your Calendar with These Important Dates!

During the blackout period, transactions will not be conducted in the existing systems.

Grants and Awards blackout: Banner and RIAS go into inquiry status.

Human Resources and Payroll blackout: Access to Banner and PeopleSoft will be limited to central administration functions conducting data migrations. The transition and blackout period for human resources and payroll will not affect pay dates for employees currently on active payroll status.

Integrated human resources and payroll system goes live!

Financial Management blackout: Conversions will be conducted to migrate data from current systems to new systems.

New financial management and expense management systems go live!

There will be no interruption in access to the financial data warehouse or human resources data warehouse for reporting during this time.

Exceptions during the Transition and Blackout Periods
The volume and complexity of requests will determine which exception requests will be managed through the procedures outlined by each project team. Exception procedures are posted on Cornerstone.  
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