Cornerstone News Digest                                                                                         September 12, 2016 

Modernizing our systems, processes, and organizational structures will dramatically improve how we get work done, together, across all campuses, schools, departments and units. This is the foundation for the important work we will do going forward as one Rutgers.
Important Deadlines. Mark Your Calendars!
Schools, departments, and units are urged to process transactions and conduct activities in the current systems as early as possible before the deadlines outlined in the transition schedule If you have questions about the transition schedule or purchase order conversion process, please contact the business manager for your school, department, or unit.

All deadlines are at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, unless otherwise noted.


  • Last date to submit staff personnel, faculty, and leave of absence transaction forms to HCM Data Administrator for input into Banner for cycles 19 and 20
  • Last date to submit all other action requests and supporting documentation to HCM Data Administrator for input into Banner for cycles 19 and 20
  • Last date to submit action requests and supporting documentation to PeopleSoft/HCM queues


  • Last date to submit requests for travel advances
  • Last date faculty can submit IPAS requests for advance fund source/index and pre-award spending


  • Last date to submit a PO invoice (4:30 p.m. Eastern)


  • Last date to request orders through procurement system
  • Last date providing department can approve and receive internal PO


  • Procurement blackout period begins – Marketplace and RIAS procurement systems go into inquiry status. Access will be limited to central administration function to conduct data migrations.
  • Last date to record project activity
  • Last date to add or modify awards, projects, and sponsor data
  • Last date employees can enter changes in Banner self-service
  • Last date to submit cash deposit transmittals through the current process

  View the complete calendar of deadlines through go live in October 2016.  

Systems Transition and Blackout Periods

During the blackout period, transactions will not be conducted in the existing systems. This is scheduled to occur from:

  • September 23-October 2 for procurement
  • September 24-October 9 to process grants and awards
  • October 1-7 for human resources and payroll
  • October 1-9 for financial management and expense management

The transition and blackout period for human resources and payroll will not affect pay dates for employees currently on active payroll status.

There will be no interruption in access to the financial data warehouse or human resources data warehouse for reporting during this time.

View the detailed systems transition schedule.

Exceptions during the Transition and Blackout Periods
An exception or emergency circumstance is an extremely urgent event or occurrence. The volume and complexity of requests will determine which exception requests will be managed through the procedures outlined by each project team.

September 16: Deadline for Grants and Awards Processing September 16 is the last date faculty can submit requests through the Institutional Prior Approval System Request (IPAS) process for advance fund source/index and pre-award spending, before the transition to the new systems .  

Learning the New Systems In the coming weeks, targeted communication and education will be available for faculty to support learning the new systems and processes for grant accounting, and expense management self-service.  
Enroll in Training Classes Now

Lists of training participants are available for financial management and human resources and payroll. Procurement and expense management lists will be available soon. If you do not see your name listed, but believe you need to take a course, please send an email to Cornerstone Training.

For more information on how to register for classes and access training materials, check out the Cornerstone Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  

New Video Messages from Sponsors, Champions and Executives

Check out video messages from Michele Norin (SVP and Chief Information Officer), project champions, and project executives on how exciting, robust, and complex the Cornerstone initiative is. The videos cover several topics, including technology, faculty research and grant administration, what it means to have a “vanilla” system, the art and science of organizational change, and the practicality and benefits of the new systems.  

Enroll in NetID+ for Better Online Security

NetID+ is now available for all university employees and guests. NetID+ provides better protection of sensitive information on the university's computer network. It also helps prevent phishing attacks (email scams) and meets industry security regulations and compliance standards. Read more on Cornerstone, and enroll in NetID+ through the NetID Management and Service Activation site.  

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