July 2015 on the porch of House 1

Ruzga Family Newsletter 

July  2015

And What A YEAR it has Been!!!


On July 7th, our photo on Facebook taken last year at O'Hare as we left for Kenya was such a reminder of just how far we've come.  We had arrived on July 8, 2014 excited for our journey yet also feeling lost as a whole new culture, language (actually there's about 43!), currency,  life style, political system and the unknown was suddenly our new reality and we began to learn how to live in a 3rd world country.

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From our prior short term mission trips we knew Mzungu is Swahili and means "white skin" person and is a form of a friendly greeting.  Any where we go we would hear "Mzungu, how are you?" and before we could answer they also say "I am fine". So many times we would hear this and after a long look, find a child in a tree a far distance off screaming "Mzungu!  How are you? I am fine".  We also learned very quickly that "Mzungu pricing" does not mean we are getting a great discount rather we could be paying double or more!  Our first lessons in language, currency and culture!!


While we knew the Kenyans are a very relational culture we began to experience just how important it is to spend time with them.  They love to hear about our families and what America is like but they also love to tell you about their families.  Quickly we started to learn how desperate many of their lives were.  Illnesses, lack of clean water, lack of food, death, poor housing, poor sanitation, poverty at levels we have never experienced before.  Yet they are so honored if we stop to talk with them or so excited if visit them at their homes where they want to offer us a meal!!! One of the most humbling experiences on earth.  


We've learned more about Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera and other diseases from watching others suffer through these.  We experienced surgery in a 3rd world country when Deb had her emergency hernia and bowel obstruction surgery.


Spiritually we are growing.  We find ourselves praying all the time especially as we traveled roads that seemed impossible to drive a car on or whenever we had no idea how what to do next.   Deb hosts a women's Bible study for many of the local missionary women within 30 minutes of us while I started one at the Shelter with our security guards and Director during the construction.  God has done amazing things!


  July 2015


Oh yeah, and the children's home we came to build ... The Shelter, as we call it, is shaping up to be an important Care Center in one of the six counties in which Oasis will be working. We are happy to report that in this first year we were able to complete the fencing of the property, build the guardhouse and utility building and finish the construction on the multi purpose building and first of five houses.  We also were able to get electricity delivered to the utility building and hire a social worker who will be responsible for helping select the most vulnerable orphans who will come to live at The Shelter. Oasis' Care Center approach will allow us to partner with the community in helping solve the orphan crisis in this geographic area. The Care Center will not only house the most vulnerable of orphans in the area but will provide a training center for guardians in nearby households who will be caring for additional orphans. The Care Center approach allows Oasis to help rescue and holistically develop a greater number of orphan children. 


On a side note, perhaps you heard that Obama visited Nairobi recently. It is very interesting to watch the amount of updating, repairing, planting, and cleaning up that occurred in Nairobi as it prepared itself for our U.S. President Obama's 48-hour visit. 

Deb and I couldn't have done any of this without God's provisions and all of you who supported us financially and prayerfully.  For this we will always be grateful!


Now we journey home to attend our son, David's, wedding and visit with family and friends for a few weeks and prepare ourselves for our second year in Kenya.

And on to Year 2 ....


Our first main goal for year 2 is to raise the support we need to return to Kenya.  At the moment we are in need of 36 new families and friends to support us at $100/month however any size donation whether large or small, monthly or one time will be a Huge Blessings to us.  We are self funded missionaries with Oasis meaning we need to provide our own finances to support our daily needs like rent, food, internet, gas and maintenance for our vehicle just to name a few.


Our next goal is to bring up to 20 vulnerably orphaned children into The Shelter by the first week of December.  With our social worker hired, she will be working along side of Caleb and Eunice Otieno (Directors for the Shelter) and Deb to find these children through local churches and community organizations. 




At the same time, we will be working to furnish the house and multipurpose buildings, build the four remaining houses and connecting all the buildings to the on-site water and electrical supply systems.  You can donate to Oasis through one of our Child Sponsorship options or our 2015 Capital Campaign, which will help fund The Shelter's Care Center. 


Finally,  we are excited to share that Oasis has begun to clarify our vision as an organization. With over 11 years of experience we are ready to grow!!! God has placed the vision on us at Oasis to be a catalyst in the region that leads to the rescuing and restoring of each of the 110,000 vulnerable orphaned children in southwest Kenya.  Building Care Centers, such as The Shelter, are an important part of achieving our vision. We would love to share more with you when we are back in the states. Also watch your inbox and Facebook for information to learn more and to see our exciting new look!


Kuona hivi karibuni, (See you soon)

Bob & Deb 


Please Pray


* For God's provision and guidance as we begin our second year fundraising efforts.  We need 36 supporters at $100/month to be funded for year 2 though we are also blessed by any monthly amount or one time gift.


* For our brief time back in the USA.  That we will be able to visit Family and Friends and still have time to be refreshed and renewed.


* God's blessings on our son Dave and his fiance Michelle's wedding in August.


* Praise God for:
- Deb being back to full health and fully healed!! 
- Approval and completion of Bob's work Visa.

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