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September  2015

Our Downtown
Main Street in our town in Kenya

Returning to Kenya ...

Two months seems like a long time, but our last two months seem to have flown by.  A wedding, visiting our kids, visiting family and friends, meetings, talks, and fellowship...we have packed it all in!  And now, we are packing our bags to head back to Africa to finish the job we started!!! 
House 1 July 2015

Oasis' new facility, The Shelter, has been designed to have five family-style houses that will allow up to  60 orphaned children to live at the property.  Oasis' vision is to not only house these  60, but to also use The Shelter as a center where we will be able to assist orphaned children in the local community. There are many more children who live with their extended families, with roofs over their heads, but do not have safe water, consistent nutrition and access to education.  Studies have shown that in the six counties of southwest Kenya, where Oasis plans to operate, there are an estimated 110,000 orphans representing 44% of all of Kenya's at-risk orphans! 

This past year God has been undoubtedly faithful in providing for our needs. After much prayer, we feel we should return to Kenya so that we can get The Shelter ready for the first 20 children by the beginning of December.  We have booked our return flight to Kenya for October 1st, and we will continue to pray that God will move in people's hearts and inspire them to donate to our ministry so we can reach our funding needs and be able to continue our work at The Shelter.
As of today, we are at 67% of our minimum support needed to return to Kenya. Deb and I are humbled and so grateful to those who have donated to our ministry.  We truly could not be doing this without you!  To reach our 70% goal, we still need $17,000, which is approximately 14 supporters at $100/month.  This is where we need you.  And this is always the most difficult part for us.... asking for your financial support.  It doesn't matter the amount with which you choose to support us... whether it's monthly or one-time, your support to our ministry will help get these children into a home, a home where they can be cared for, loved and, for some, introduced to the Lord for the first time!  Please consider donating today to the Ruzga Family Ministry by clicking here.  If you know someone who does not receive this newsletter or who might be willing to help us in our ministry, please feel free to forward this to them.  We thank you for your continued support and cannot wait to share stories and pictures of welcoming those first kiddos into their new home! 

Leaving Family and Friends ....
As excited as we are to be heading back to Kenya to do God's work, it is also with mixed feelings that we leave our families and friends.  We leave happy, having had the chance to spend quality time with our families and especially our new daughter-in-law, Michelle, and our daughter Ashley's fiancĂ©, Garret.  We cherished the time we were able to spend with our friends.  Fond new memories were created, and the reminder that you are on this journey with us is very inspiring.

We try not to think about the sadness we'll experience because we can't see everyone on a regular basis or pick up the phone to make a quick call without having to calculate the time difference between us.  We'll miss so many last-minute events, meals, concerts, etc. because of the distance.     

As we prepare to leave for Kenya, we will cherish the memory of this wonderfully blessed time!  Your interest in our stories and our day-to-day lives, knowing you are praying for us and cheering us on humbles and recharges us.  Thank you all for the new memories and stories, for all the things you did for us while we were here, and for your encouragement.  We will see you all again soon!!!

Kwaheri, kuona hivi karibuni, (Goodbye, see you soon)
Bob & Deb 

Please Pray
* For God's provision and guidance as we continue our second-year fundraising efforts 

* For our travels back to Kenya and the ability to quickly re-engage and connect with our Kenyan friends

* For God's blessings on our daughter, Ashley, and her fiancé, Garret, as they prepare for their January wedding

* Praise God for ...
- Our time with family and friends, which has refreshed and recharged us
- Our safety as we traveled across the USA to attend the wedding and visit family and friends
- A beautiful wedding and the joining of two families -- truly a blessing

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Bob and Deb are self-funded missionaries working with Oasis for Orphans. This allows Oasis to focus their fundraising efforts on the holistic development of the children and the organization's infrastructure. Through the generous donations of financial friends and family supporters they are able to live and serve with Oasis in Kenya. Would you please consider joining Bob and Deb's financial support team and Donate to the Ruzga Family Ministry today? Thank you!


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