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Dallas, Texas: Dear SACC-Texas Friends, 

In Dallas we are kicking off 2018 with clear focus on creating value for our members in four areas:
1. Social and networking events - we hope you join the wine tasting and culinary experience on Jan 25th.
2. Speaker Series - get inspired by very interesting speakers.
3. Executive Forum and Mentor Program - to create value for company members and provide mentors to professionals.
4. Advisory & Support - Helping companies establish in DFW, funnel interns and finding key talent / jobs for members.

When Johan Marcus SACC-USA President and Hans Cederlund SACC-TX President visited Dallas.

We are fortunate to live in a Metroplex creating 100 000 new jobs every year, with an economy corresponding to ~95% of Sweden's GDP and that will pass Chicago in a not too distant future. 

In Dallas, our objective for 2018  is to grow from 120 to 200 members, and have 20 company members - and of course have loads of fun doing it. 

We hope that you all join us on this mission and in the process create the strongest "trampoline" and "safety net" in DFW and Texas for all members!

Warm regards,

Patrik Melander and the Dallas Board


Join SACC-Texas team as an Intern/Trainee

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce-Texas is looking for several proactive, ambitious and result-oriented interns/trainees to join our team starting as soon as possible. 

Apply for trainee position with Boundless and SACC-Austin 
Austin, Texas: My name is Andreas Drakenberg and I currently hold the position of trainee at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Austin. In my opinion, without sounding too biased, the position in the capital of Texas is superior by far to other internships available through the whole SACC-USA organization.

When I first read the job description for the position in Austin I could not believe my eyes, and remember thinking: "Hands down, this has got to be the best internship offered by SACC-USA." And I would know because it took a lot of no's before getting that one yes that made all the difference - hence, I had applied for numerous positions available through the network before getting thumbs up from Austin. Today, I could not be any happier. And here's why through a three-course meal:

Interview new Chairman, Dallas chapter - Patrik Melander

Dallas, Texas: Patrik Melander, we are happy to welcome you to the Board of Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) in Dallas! You will be heading the Dallas chapter of SACC-Texas, can you tell us about your background?

Thank you Johanna! Well, over the past 24 years, I have been fortunate to live in the USA (Boca Raton, San Diego, Chicago), San Jose | Costa Rica, Sao Paulo | Brazil, Tokyo | Japan, Manila | Philippines and Dubai | UAE, before coming to Dallas with my family (Kristina, William and Louise). As this was the third time we move to the USA, we decided this time to go local - get Green Cards and settle down for a while. 

Emanuel Naaman, Special Projects Manager, Monkey Sports, Inc.

Dallas, Texas:  Allow us to present our  newest  Business Member of SACC-Texas, Monkey Sports, Inc. Emanuel, in short can you please tell us the story of Monkey Sports?

 - The company started in a small pro shop in Costa Mesa, California. By focusing on exclusive deals, great customer service, amazing vendor relations, and being the first to enter the E-commerce space as a hockey retailer, the company grew to be what it is today. Spanning across the globe, Monkeysports now has eight stores located in the US, one in Montreal, and two in Sweden. Monkeysports has grown to be the biggest hockey retailer in the world, and has also expanded into two other sports, lacrosse and baseball. Our goal is to meet every need of our customers, and by being a one-stop-shop with the proper expertise, we are able to do that.


Houston, Texas: Each year a regional Chamber and SACC-USA co-organizes the premier business and networking event of the network, SACC Summit. This year SACC-Texas and the city Houston was chosen to host the flagship event.  

SACC Summit gathers corporate members, partners, industry leaders and representatives from the 20 regional Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce. 

So mark your calendar already and take advantage of this unique opportunity to listen to leading business men and women, entrepreneurs and academics from the U.S. and Sweden - network, share insights, plan and decide the future of your organization!

If you are interested to hear more on gthe event and sponsorship opportunities please contact Project Manager: Jan Persson at jan.persson@lamiflex.com

Opportunity to study a Master in Sweden for free

Scholarship Offer
  • One-year Master Program in International Business Strategy at Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden
  • Free tuition!
  • Internship with AIF Management AB, in parallel with studies
  • September 2018 to June 2019
  • Location: Kalmar, Sweden
  • Application deadline: January 25, 2018 
More info  here

Sweden Calling American Technology & IT Talent

Are you, or do you know, an American tech or IT student interested in an internship in Sweden? The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of the USA is reaching out to tech students or graduates to join Swedish companies for traineeships up to 18 months. Sweden is home to many high tech and innovative companies such as Spotify and Skype and offers a vibrant start-up scene. 

More info here

For both opportunities you can contact Cecilia Kullman for more information at (202) 536 1520 or  ck@sacc-usa.org

Johan Marcus SACC-USA´s President & Executive Director visited Texas

Texas: Johan Marcus visited Texas during a four day long road-trip in December. Also, our very own SACC-Texas President, Hans Cederlund located in Houston joined Johan on his tour. The aim was for SACC-Texas to show and promote what a great business climate Texas has to offer.

The Texas tour started in Dallas one cold December day where SACC-Dallas met for lunch in Plano with Jonas Jacobsen COO at Aptilo Networks to hear Jonas share the story on why they choose Dallas to establish their North America HQ´s in.

Read full article  here
City of Dallas chooses Ericsson for smart cities traffic solution 

Dallas, Texas: The city of Dallas selected Ericsson (Nasdaq: ERIC) to install a smart cities traffic management system that will allow for better sharing of data and video across city agencies, and eventually, across municipalities. It will also give the city the ability to analyze data in real-time and use the information to control traffic lights, school flashers and message signs.

(All details to be confirmed in the actual invites. Events calendar  here )

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January 2018