July 2014
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July/August Events


15th- SAFE Board Meeting

15th- SAFE Meeting 

19-20th- SAM Summit 

21-24th- CADCA Midyear 

29th- Kids Fair



7th/8th- Parent Team Meetings

14th- Van Buren Open House

19th- SAFE Meeting 

19th- Merchant Training 

20th- Merchant Training 

20th- School Begins 

             YLC Activities


YLC members will have a few activities during the summer but due to busy schedules it is challenging to have regular meetings with these members. Five Van Buren Students attended the ISTEP Summit on June 11th to read more about this event click here for the full article.  Members will also  assist with the SAFE and Healthy Kids Fair on July 29th. They will have a photo booth and encourage kids to be drug, alcohol and tobacco free!
 The groups will reconvene in August at the start of the school year.

To learn more about YLC or these events you can check out the

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More information on YLC activities can be found on the YLC website!

New Warrior Pure Performance Posters
Training Opportunities
Upcoming Training Opportunities Include:
20-24 - CADCA Midyear- Orlando, FL
Click Here for the --->Training Calendar
Upcoming Coalition Travel Includes:
20-24- CADCA Midyear- Orlando, FL
Heidi Bainbridge
CADCA Academy Training- Des Moines, IA
Heidi Bainbridge
CADCA Academy Training- Minneapolis, MN
Heidi Bainbridge
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SAFE and Healthy Kids Fair
Let's Read!




The Child Abuse Prevention Council will be sponsoring the ninth annual "Safe and Healthy" Kids Fair. The event will take place on Tuesday July 29, 2014 at the Roberts Memorial Building in Keosauqua from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. and is open to all Van Buren County residents.


The fair will focus on keeping kids, ages 0-18 in the county, safe and healthy. Topics that will be covered include: child abuse prevention, nutrition, mental health, dental, immunizations, lead poisoning, fire and tornado safety, literacy, quality day care and preschools, parenting skills, and many more. Every child who attends the Fair will receive a book and vendors will be dressed as their favorite storybook character. 


All school-aged children from Van Buren Community School District, Harmony Community School District and home-schooled children will receive free school supplies from the Good Samaritan Society. Handouts promoting health and safety will be given to each child as well as other community services, such as free eye exams. A raffle will also take place during the event with many prizes being donated by the various vendors.



This event promotes the many resources we have available to the children of Van Buren County. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please call 319-293-7157  

DFC Semi-Annual Evaluation Report and Progress Report 

 Every six months the Van Buren County SAFE Coalition receives an evaluation report that gives the coalition a picture of where they are focusing their efforts and the impact they are having on the target problems.

This report is developed by the coalition Evaluator Epiphany Community Systems. The coalition pulls information from the full report to provide an evaluation brief for coalition members, partners and funders to show progress. You are able to view the Evaluation Brief by clicking------here. A full copy of the evaluation report this can be found on the coalition website by clicking----here.

NEW LEGISLATION Effective July 1st
The State of Iowa Passed new legislation during the 2014 legislative session that will go into effect July 1st that has an impact on Alcohol and other drug prevention. The two main bills that were passed were:
1) SF 2310- Social Host Provisions and Consumption of Alcohol.
View the bill ----->here
2) SF2360- Medical Cannabidiol Act- making cannabidiol oil legal for patients suffering from severe seizure disorders.
View the bill------>here
Office of Drug Control Policy developed a related factsheet for SF2360 to help residents better understand this Act.
Additional Information about bills that were passed this legislative session can be found in the Legislative Update.
Merchant Trainings
A County wide training was held in June for any business in the county who had employees who needed to be trained. There were 2 participants for this training. Cantril grassroots has scheduled a training for their volunteers who will be working at the beer tent during their annual Cantril Days in August.
July/August Trainings are scheduled for:
July 9th- Cantril Township Hall
August 19th- 6:00pm
August 20th- 9:00am
The August trainings will be held at the Roberts Memorial Center in Keosauqua. RSVP is required for all training please call 319-293-6412 or email
Just a reminder to businesses: The coalition recommends three steps for training employees:
1) Orientation DVD (provided by the coalition)
2) VB SAFE Merchant Training
3) IPACT ABD Training (ABD Online)
For assistance with this process you may contact the coalition at the number or email above.  
Van Buren County SAFE Coalition - 405 4th St  -  Keosauqua, Iowa 52565