May 2014
SAFE Member News

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May/June Events


2nd- Community Service Day

7th- Harmony YLC

13th- VBHS YLC

15th- VB Senior Awards

18th-24th- Prevention Week 

20th- SAFE Meeting

28th- VBMS YLC

31st- World No Tobacco Day


11th- ISTEP Summit 

17th- SAFE Meeting

17th- Merchant Training

18th- Merchant Training

24-25th- AC4C Retreat 

             YLC Activities


YLC members finished off their year recruiting 6th graders to be a part of Youth Leadership Council when they come to 7th grade. The 6th graders are always excited to have the YLC members come to their classes and are excited to join YLC when they start middle school! The groups are all holding their end of year parties in May where they will receive prizes for the points they earned throughout the year.
Harmony Middle School students used their last meeting time to do a school ground clean-up- including cigarette butts. They were very impressed not to find many butts on their school grounds but did locate a place for an additional smoke free campus sign that they would like to have put up before the start of the next school year.
As the school year comes to an end so do most YLC activities. The groups will have a few activities during the summer but due to busy ball schedules it is challenging to have regular meeting with these members. They will be attending the ISTEP Summit in June and will assist with the SAFE and Healthy Kids Fair in July. The groups will reconvene in August at the start of the school year.

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More information on YLC activities can be found on the YLC website!
Training Opportunities
Upcoming Training Opportunities Include:
24-25 - AC4C Retreat - Des Moines
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Upcoming Coalition Travel Includes:
19-23- CADCA Academy Training- Des Moines, IA
Heidi Bainbridge
11th- ISTEP Summit- Pella, IA Melissa Daugherty- Students TBD
24-25- AC4C Retreat- Des Moines, IA Heidi Bainbridge
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Congratulations to Graduating Seniors


 Each year the Van Buren County SAFE Coalition awards a scholarship to two graduating seniors that have been members of Youth Leadership Council. The seniors have to complete an application and then a committee of coalition members reviews the applications and scores them. The seniors with the highest scores are awarded the scholarships. This year was a very tight competition, there were only 5 points separating the 5 applicants for the award. All of them were above and beyond deserving of the award and we wish we could have given all of them the money to assist in their future.


This years scholarship awards went to: Faith Murphy and Lydia Heald. Exceptional Senior Awards went to: Cassie Johnson, Abby Rider and Nicole Coffin.


Congrats to all Seniors and best of luck in your future!



ISTEP Summit 
Taking Action in Iowa
June 11th
Pella, IA  


You can work with a prevention group at school or in your community, and you can branch out on your own with creative artwork, your own videos and much more through social media participation. 


There is a lot to do at the local level.  To see first-hand what other students have done in their communities throughout Iowa, join us at the 2014 ISTEP Summit!


To Learn more you may check out their



facebook page

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The Drug Takeback event was held on Saturday, April 26th and the Van Buren County Reserve Offcers recorded one of the highest amounts of drugs collected since the start of the program. For more information about the event and the amount of drugs collected click here----Read the full story. 
Merchant Trainings
During the Months of March, April and May the SAFE Coalition was busy training merchants who were out of date with their certifications. There were 2 participants at the April county-wide training. The following private trainings were also held: Riverview Country Club on May 7th - 7 participants, 1st Street Grille on March 30th - 7 participants and Farmington Businesses on March 29th - 6 participants.
June Trainings are scheduled for:
June 17th 6pm
June 18th 9am
These training will be held at the Roberts Memorial Center in Keosauqua. RSVP is required for all training please call 319-293-6412 or email
Just a reminder to businesses: The coalition recommends three steps for training employees:
1) Orientation DVD (provided by the coalition)
2) VB SAFE Merchant Training
3) IPACT ABD Training (ABD Online)
For assistance with this process you may contact the coalition at the number or email above.  
Van Buren County SAFE Coalition - 405 4th St  -  Keosauqua, Iowa 52565