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1 July 2015 

SAFE represents more than 900 of the industry's top aviation educators in 49 states and nine foreign countries, including the majority of Master Instructors and numerous General Aviation Awards winners in all four awards categories. SAFE developed and is now offering Regional Pilot Proficiency Projects across the U.S.


AirVenture 2015 -- OSHKOSH!
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The BIG EVENT is looming large in the windshield, are you attending? SAFE will be there, at a new location and with a new exhibit! Find SAFE in Exhibit Hangar B, booths 2093 and 2094. The SAFE website has locator maps if you are unfamiliar. We still have a slot or two open for you to volunteer to staff the booth. Complete the volunteer form and spend a few hours with friends.


Become a SAFE member or renew your current SAFE Sporty's Logo membership at AirVenture and earn valuable rewards from our friends at Sporty's, Gleim, Aviation Supplies

Gleim Logo& Academics (ASA). Visit the SAFE booth, complete the membership ASA Logo
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The SAFE annual membership meeting and banquet will again be held at the Wittman Regional Airport terminal building. A no-host social

hour beginat 6:00 and dinner is

at 7:00. Make your reservations on the SAFE website.  A sincere

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thank you to dinner sponsors, AIR,

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The annual 
board meeting will precede the banquet at 5:00 at a location yet to be determined.


Pilot Proficiency Center

The EAA along with partner IMC Club has expanded the Pilot Proficiency Center for 2015. This year, VFR stick and rudder skills will be added to the training opportunities available for pilots and non-pilots alike. The Pilot Proficiency Center is supported by Hartzell, Jeppesen, Mindstar Aviation, PilotEdge, SAFE, Redbird Simulations, FLYING Magazine and NAFI.


We Need You logo SAFE members are being recruited to serve as simulator instructors at the center. Beginning operations on Monday, July 20, eighteen instructors, working in two shifts, are needed each day. EAA will provide volunteer CFIs with wristbands, lunch, local transportation, and lodging in University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh dorms.


Interested in volunteering as an instructor at the Pilot Proficiency Center? Complete the online application form. Email any questions to


Aviation Training Device (ATD) Time NPRM is Back

It was a strange turn of events last winter when the FAA's Direct to Rule effort failed to succeed in establishing new Aviation Training Device (ATD) time requirements. SAFE was at the forefront of that original effort believing that increasing simulator or ATD time would result in increased aviation safety.


On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, the FAA issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) proposing changes to FAR Parts 61 and 141 doubling the amount of allowed ATD time for the instrument rating from 20 hours to 40. The comment period is very short; comments to the docket are due by July 16, 2015.  We encourage all SAFE members to comment on this NPRM. Reference Docket Number FAA-2015-1846 in your comments.


Fly Safe Campaign

The FAA kicked off its Fly Safe campaign last month at the AOPA's Regional Fly-in at Frederick, Maryland. A project by the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee, its focus is the prevention of Loss of Control (LOC) accidents. SAFE is a member of the Joint Steering Committee and a partner in the Fly Safe campaign.


SAFE member Rich Stowell has been a LOC accident prevention advocate for years. Rich was a co-author of Maintaining Aircraft Control, a must read for all flight instructors. A PowerPoint by SAFE member Doug Stewart is just one of many items located in the Avoiding Loss of Control area of the SAFE public access resource center.


Loss of Control is the leading cause of fatal accidents in General Aviation. On average there is a fatal LOC accident every four days! The campaign will feature a monthly LOC topic. June's topic was Angle of Attack (AOA). Visit for more on the #FlySafe campaign.


GoFlight Technologies
Welcome to New SAFE Sponsor!

It's a well-known fact that a loud, cramped cockpit does not make the best learning environment compared to a classroom, but it's certainly the most enjoyable way to learn. Simulators combine the excitement of flight with the calm setting of a classroom, where students can learn aspects of flight that are simply not possible or safe in an airplane. With many modern flight training simulators, the cost is almost comparable to that of the actual airplane rental, making it less attractive to students. So how does one make the classroom environment both realistic and fun, while also being affordable and attractive to today's student pilot?


GoFlight Technologies is a manufacturer of flight simulation controls for home use and training applications. Founded in 2000, GoFlight Technologies was one of the first companies to offer communication and navigation panels for the home simulation market. Since then, it has built a reputation for high quality products and dedication to the customer's experience. Today, GoFlight's mission is to bring its passion for flight simulation to the world of flight training. This is accomplished by making a superior solution while removing common entry barriers, such as cost, to the school owner/operator and ultimately, their customers, the student pilot. 


To read more on GoFlight,  click here.


Mindstar Aviation
Welcome to new SAFE Sponsor!

Mindstar Aviation is gearing up for AirVenture 2015. At this year's Oshkosh event Mindstar will be contributing its expertise in flight simulation to the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center. The company is working alongside other sponsors, including volunteers from SAFE, at the "Stick and Rudder" center. Mindstar has co-developed six VFR scenarios accessible on six Redbird LD simulation devices. Each of these virtual sorties has a specific practical challenge and completion objective. Lesson content includes dealing with the effects of density altitude, inadvertent entry into IMC and a unique short field challenge - landing a 172 on an aircraft carrier.


Mindstar Aviation is an enthusiastic proponent of scenario-based simulation training. The company recently completed a month-long demonstration of its AirspaceVR virtual communications network. Sixteen Redbird simulation training devices at eight locations in the Washington DC metro area were networked together to form the National Capital Area Flight Simulation Network. Mindstar worked with SAFE to develop the "Shenandoah Sortie", a simulation scenario focused on preventing loss-of-control in flight. Over twenty people flew the highly realistic mission oriented between Front Royal and New Market, VA. Findings from the flight are currently being compiled and will be made available at


To read more on Mindstar, click here.


Recent Master Instructor Designations
Congratulations to these SAFE members!

Paul Weston "BJ" RANSBURY, Master CFI-Aerobatic     
Queen Creek  AZ
Paul BJ Ransbury, a 5-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed his Master CFI-Aerobatic accreditation.  BJ is the chief flight instructor and president of APS Emergency Maneuver Training, a Part 141 flight school at Mesa's Williams Gateway Airport
 (IWA) as well as several international venues.  He specializes in upset prevention and recovery training, stall, unusual attitude, spin and loss of control training. 

Matthew Pope Robbins "Matt" MC DANIEL, Master CFI  
Oak Creek  WI
Matthew McDaniel, a 7-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation.  A Cirrus Platinum CSIP instructor, Matt owns Progressive Aviation Services home based at Oak Creek where he specializes in recurrent training in customer-owned Cirrus aircraft.  Additionally, he serves as an A-319 / A-320 series first officer with Virgin America Airlines and holds a Nat'l Aeronautic Association 
record for the fastest time to land at all of the paved public use airports in Wisconsin

Joe Edward BIRKINBINE, Master CFI   
Steamboat Springs  CO
Joe Birkinbine, a 3-time Master and a SAFE member, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation.  Joe owns and operates Steamboat Flight Academy where he specializes in mountain and technically advanced aircraft training at Steamboat Springs Airport 
(SBS).  Additionally, he serves as an area representative for the Colorado Pilots Association. 

See you in the pattern...

John Dorcey, Interim Executive Director
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