FastStats 2018: Campus & Facilities
By Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell, Head of Currey Ingram Academy, Brentwood, TN
The focus of this FastStats is on facility data. Benchmarks for campus area, building area and plant expenses are presented. Campus space is a frequent topic of conversation in our schools. Most often, someone makes the statement that  we do not have enough space . Sometimes it is the other way around, and someone wonders whether the school is using the space they have been blessed with to its full advantage. Often such questions arise when discussing other strategic interests. For example, a school may wonder if the present space can accommodate an exciting new initiative, like a learning center or a boarding program. As a head of school, you are best fortified to answer such questions, whether they come from trustees, faculty, or the community at large, by starting with basic objective data.
Stephen P. Robinson Collaboration Grant Report: Swift School, Roswell, GA
This is the last report from the 2017 Stephen P. Robinson SAIS Collaboration Grant recipients. These reports detail the programs funded by the grants.
The Stephen P. Robinson Collaboration Grant enabled a growing partnership between Swift School in Roswell, GA, and the teacher education faculty at the University of West Georgia (UWG) to continue. Through the grant, the partners imagined and implemented an innovative collaborative project supporting the needs of both entities and their surrounding communities. The focus of the funded project was to develop, implement, and research virtual classroom simulations designed for educators who teach students with dyslexia. The collaboration united the University of West Georgia’s expertise in educating teachers with Swift School’s knowledge in the field of dyslexia. The work stemmed from a joint interest in training teachers to address the specialized needs of the dyslexic learner.
SAIS Needs You! Join an Accreditation Team Today
The people behind an accreditation review perform highly valuable work for SAIS member schools. While the visiting team might make everyone on campus a little bit nervous, they also can commend a school for its many accomplishments, provide valuable insight and advice, and help a school to get on a path for future growth. People visiting from outside the school community offer a fresh perspective that schools undergoing accreditation truly enjoy and appreciate. The team members also gain ideas and typically enjoy the experience so much that they are eager to serve again. So how do you join an accreditation team?
SAIS Featured School: The Donoho School, Anniston, AL
The Donoho School is a coeducational, college-preparatory day school for grades PK4-12 located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Anniston, AL, and founded in 1963.  Donoho’s students and faculty are fueled by the school’s mission: The Donoho School empowers me to LEAD: Live with honor, Engage my passion, Act with humility, and Delight in wisdom.
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Call for SAIS Board of Trustee Nominations
Nominations for the SAIS Board of Trustees are now being accepted. To nominate yourself or someone else, please  review this information about board service . Please submit your nomination by May 11, 2018,  here .

The SAIS Board of Trustees is responsible for the supervision, control, and direction of the association. Per the bylaws, trustees must be heads of SAIS member schools. Review the current board of trustees  here .

The SAIS Committee on Trustees will process the nominations and review the nominees. The slate will be presented for approval by the membership at the SAIS annual business meeting, which takes place at the SAIS Annual Conference, October 14-16, 2018, in Charleston, SC. New trustees will begin their terms on January 1, 2019. 
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