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Feathered Pipe Ranch
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Hello Dear Ones,

Yoga rituals are the reason that after owning my yoga center for many years I frequently hear students say is how SAFE they feel when they walk through our doors. When we practice these rituals, we build up the energy of our yoga rooms, and our experience deepens each time we come. (Scroll down for AGW rituals)

Feathered Pipe Retreat Center holds even a much higher frequency,and you feel it the moment you drive onto the land.
Even the animals that live on the property know that something special happens there.

Scroll down to read more about our September 2018 retreat on this sacred land. You have plenty of time to prepare NOW to visit this beautiful place with us if you start planning today, and you can save $200 if you commit to attending in November.

A Gentle Way Studio Rituals....

To our dear students who attend our local classes:

Because there is so much unrest in the world, I'd like to ask that we all take the time to review our studio rituals, and make a conscious effort to be aware of the energy we each bring into the studio. One way we do this is through the rituals we practice upon entering the yoga space.

These yoga rituals I ask you to do at A Gentle Way may seem small, but they make a big difference to the quality of your practice. Most other senior and master teachers of yoga ask the same of their students. We are in a grand tradition of honoring the space in which we learn.

  Learn more about our rituals on our Living Gentle blog...

One of the country's premier retreat centers
tucked in the heart of the Montana Rockies
September 1-8, 2018 

Feathered Pipe Retreat Center 
is truly a "Bucket List" destination.
This is a place that you come to unplug from your cell phones, iPads and laptops and learn how to savor the natural beauty of the land again. It is a place where all your needs are taken care of by the most wonderful staff ... you are fed delicious, healthy food, and pampered by some of the best body workers I have ever experienced. You can pick and choose the yoga classes you wish to take that will be taught by me and 
 A Gentle Way Staff Senior Staff, 
 hike the mountains, swim in the pond, horseback ride, 
 or just catch up on sleep and quiet.

This will be my 4th visit to this magical place. I can't wait to go back!
Lanita Varshell - Owner-Founder
 A Gentle Way Yoga & Joyful Movement Center

Retreat Leader -  Lanita Varshell  
Founder of A Gentle Way Yoga & Joyful Movement Center in San Diego
Teaching MIMSY® and Aalamba®  
 Yoga  full time since 1996
Lanita has taught over 10,000 yoga classes, and over 800 private healing sessions.

She has been certifying yoga teachers since 2000

Yoga Alliance: E-RYT 500 and YACEP

Certified IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

Somewhere between very slow, long-held supported restorative asanas, 
yoga nidra, quiet seated crossed legged meditation, and traditional Hatha asana, 
there is a unique and wonderful place to begin or enhance your yoga practice
 that is joyful, healing, highly effective,  and doable for 95% of the population. 
This is yoga for your back, your hips, your spine, and your mind. 
Lanita calls this MIMSY Meditation in Movement Style®  Yoga.

Aalamba® Yoga is safer, slower, smarter Hatha Yoga customized for the needs of the students.  Aalamba classes will be taught at this retreat by Lanita and her staff in chairs, with props, and in slow flow practices throughout the week.  

Who is this retreat for?

*For those who are brand new to yoga - afraid they can't move properly or will not "fit-in"

*Long-time students of yoga - who are seeking a new way to connect deeper within or enhance their meditation practice

*Experienced yoga teachers - who are in search of new ideas and modifications or are in need of deep rest and renewing

*Students who have injured in other styles of yoga, or cannot keep up with everyone else in the room

*Seniors who have had a more active practice but now need to practice in a safer, slower way

*Plus size students who need special modifications for traditional poses

"Lanita Varshell is one of the new rising stars in Yoga.
She brings love, compassion & humanity to
 the philosophy and asana of yoga."  
India Supera  - Feathered Pipe Ranch Founder 

A Gentle Way Yoga & Joyful Movement Center
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