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Tuesday, April 10, 2018  

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J. Michael Collins ...  

J. Michael Collins is a professional voice actor, coach, demo producer, and casting director with over 20 years of full time experience.

Renown for his business savvy, J. Michael has helped hundreds of voice talents develop careers ranging from the classic LA/union path to the ever expanding world of online casting.  
He is a frequent speaker at voice-over conferences, and presents workshops and educational sessions worldwide. 
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J. Michael  leads a  
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"Thank you, VoiceOverXtra and J. Michael for one of the best webinars I have ever taken (and I have taken a lot). It was comprehensive and well organized with
just the right touches
of wit and information."
- Maria C. Makis
"The webinar was money well spent. The items J. Michael talked about and the golden nuggets he gave were priceless."
- John Davenport

"Great information. I always enjoy your webinars."
- Alicia Hurley

"This was a great investment. I am reviewing each segment, taking notes and applying the awesome info that J. Michael shared."
-Tim Evans

"An enriching two hours. It's clear why J. Michael is so successful. Telling it like it is plays a big part."
- Mike Hanson

"Really appreciate all of this! Amazing stuff."
- Bryan Gaines

"This has been fantastic. A big thank-you for your generosity and time - not to mention knowledge sharing."
- David Bateson

"Want results? Then you have to train with
J. Michael. After employing his tips and techniques, I found a 200% jump in my bookings in the first week! I can't thank him enough." 
- Mike Brang 

was spent
on political advertising in the 2016 campaign, and a substantial portion of that was paid out to
voice actors.

In this exclusive new webinar from VoiceOverXtra, J. Michael Collins will detail
how you can join what may be the hottest
slice of the voice-over business in 2018:
Political Commercial VO.

"For this first time in political VO history, the amount of work increased during a non-election year in 2017. And 2018 is likely to be the
most lucrative season for this work ever
- J. Michael Collins 

J. Michael has voiced commercials for both major parties and hundreds of candidates from local races to presidential campaigns over his long career as a voice actor.

And in this jam-packed 2-hour live and recorded webinar, J. Michael will teach you how to make
YOUR mark in political voice-over - and earn
your share of the massive political VO pie.

  • Where to find political voice-over work
  • What types of reads are marketable
  • Why political VO pays at the high end
  • How to effectively price your work
  • Whether to focus on one party - or both
  • Who the buyers are
  • How buyers' tastes differ from each other
  • What makes an effective political VO demo
  • How to brand yourself for success
  • Performance technique tips
  • See JMC perform various read styles!
PLUS: Ask J. Michael questions during a lively
Q&A session following the training.

Can't attend live? No problem! Your registration includes video and audio recordings - and slides!

Tuition: $59 
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Webinar Time: Tuesday, April 10, 2018  
J. Michael divides his time between the U.S. and Europe - and will be in Europe on the day of this webinar. So the live online event will begin at ...

3 pm Eastern ... 2 pm Central ...  Noon Pacific  
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