Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 7:00 p.m.
Creating Healthy and Safe Relationships for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Event is FREE
OPEN to ALL Families and Professionals
Location: 6 Westmoreland Place Pasadena, 91103 (Orange Grove & Rosemont) 
Creating Healthy and Safe Relationships for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Featured Speaker Dave Monderine,
Director of Training, GET SAFE USA

Dave Monderine, Director of Training has been a Get Safe team member since 2008. As a Training and Advocacy Specialist, Dave has had the pleasure of helping to empower hundreds, if not thousands, of people, representing all walks of life. As a State Certified Sexual Assault Counselor, Dave has worked with many survivors of sexual assault, as well as survivors of domestic violence, and human trafficking. In addition, Dave has been Get Safe’s point person on Bullying Prevention and Response trainings offered in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary environments. He brings to the table many years of martial arts study and instruction. Currently, Dave is a 2nd Dan in Moo Yea Do, a Korean hybrid system where he’s trained since 2003, and a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, an art in which he’s trained since 2011. Dave earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Vanguard University in 1998.
  The Healthy Relationships Education Curriculum:
·   Provides participants with a clear understanding of the importance of creating healthy relationships with others
·     Gives an opportunity to discuss the central topics and individual factors that affect healthy relationships
·    Equips participants with the hands-on training and education to apply learned content to their lives.
GET SAFE USA has a curriculum designed to be flexible by gauging the retention and functionality of each participant of any level of ability. The curriculum emphasizes a clear and continuously reinforced message about appropriate sexual/relationship behaviors and risk reduction. GET SAFE USA is a vendor of the Regional Center system. 
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6 Westmoreland Place Pasadena, 91103 (Orange Grove & Rosemont) 

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