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    January 2012  
Toilet Tank Fill Diverter

. . . REDUCE your water bills!

President's Favorite!

  “The ABSOLUTE BEST item in our Catalog of Environmental Products for the Lodging Industry is the Toilet Tank Fill Diverter,” TOILET TANK FILL DIVERTERsays President Patricia Griffin. "It saves about 3/4 of a gallon of water per flush, does NOT affect the flush in any way, is completely invisible to the guest, is easily installed and costs LESS than $1.50!

  And, it gets even better! For the next month (through February 29!), you can buy the toilet tank fill diverter at a discounted price. And, shipping is FREE!

  Here's how the diverter is EASILY installed: Remove the toilet tank cover, and carefully set it aside. Remove the hose from the overflow tube and remove its clip or holder. Snip off the splayed hose end or replace the entire hose. Replace the clip or holder with a diverter, which is a small plastic piece with FOUR nozzles as shown. The diverter should be installed so that preferably two openings direct water down the overflow tube and into the bowl and the other two openings direct water into the tank itself. Instead of filling the toilet bowl first, this device allows the tank and bowl to fill at the same time. This procedure reduces the amount of water in the bowl by about three-quarters of a gallon per flush.

  Diverts 50% of flush cycle water into the tank. Water in the bowl is reduced. Flush cycle is not affected. Invisible to guests. Easy to install. Inexpensive. Saves about 1/2 to 3/4 gallon of water per flush. Blue molded plastic. 2"x1". Not for 1.6 gpf toilets.

  Ask for a free sample. We'll be glad to send it to you.

  Regular prices are: Each...$1.44 100...$1.20 ea 500...$0.96 ea
  Sale Price through February 29: 15% discount on any quantity!


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