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Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!

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The ghosts and goblins are gone, Thanksgiving is just three weeks away, and winter (and snow!) won’t be far behind. For many small businesses, this is crunch time, with holidays sales representing make-or-break for the year’s profits. We know it’s a busy time, but take a couple of minutes to look at what we’ve got to share this month; you may find something that helps that bottom line.


November’s workshop schedule includes
Taxes for Small Business Owners, Crowdfunding, Financial Fundamentals and Getting Started Online, followed in December with How to Start Your Own Business and Going Further Online. And don’t forget, our SCORE Success Pass allows you to attend an unlimited number of workshops over a three-month period for only $50!

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Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!

COMPASS Now Available Throughout Southern New Hampshire

Thanks to a generous grant from The Provident Bank, COMPASS, Merrimack Valley SCORE’s free Business Assessment Program, is now also available to small businesses in the Monadnock and Seacoast areas. Since its launch almost two years ago, COMPASS has helped countless small businesses identify their strengths and weaknesses. Using a quick, easy, comprehensive and, above all, effective, online questionnaire, COMPASS probes your General Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Resource Management and Operations, delivering a report that not only tells you what you’re doing well and where you need help, but also provides a solid foundation for a SCORE mentor team to assist you

Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!


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Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!

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With the growing influence of the Internet and social media on business marketing, we sometimes lose sight of a traditional method of marketing with decades of proven success: printed materials. Items such as brochures and printed newsletters can still be very effective tools, especially when you consider that, because they’re now used much less frequently, they tend to stand out more. Take a couple of minutes to watch a short video, “The Value of Printed Materials” and get reacquainted with print.
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The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and if you want to take steps to lower your tax burden next April, you’ve got to do so now. SCORE’s one-hour webinar, “Year-End Tax Planning: 5 Clever Moves To Make Now To Reduce What You Owe in April,“ is just the ticket to put that money in your pocket, not Uncle Sam’s.
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Marketing campaigns can be expensive, both financially and in terms of time invested, so it really stings when one fails. Figuring out what went wrong isn’t always apparent, and Entrepreneur magazine’s “Why Your Marketing Doesn’t Work and What To Do About It” discusses some of the not-so-obvious reasons.
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Ask SCORE tells an online seller how to make his website mobile-friendly. Read more...


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