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The year was 1967. Lyndon Johnson was president and the Vietnam War was raging. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the year at 905. The average new home cost $14,250, Americans’ average annual income was $7,300, and the federal minimum wage was $1.40/hour. Gas was 33¢ per gallon and the average new car cost $2,750. A movie ticket was $1.25. The Beatles released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

And the Merrimack Valley Chapter of SCORE (that’s us!) was founded! Since then, almost 600 volunteers have invested nearly 200,000 hours (see statistics below) helping budding entrepreneurs and established small businesses in southern New Hampshire grow and prosper.

It’s been an incredible 50-year journey…and it’s far from over. Please join us this month in celebrating our anniversary and in tipping our hats to everyone who has contributed to our success over the years.

Finally, Happy Holidays and a safe, healthy, joyous and prosperous New Year from all of us at Merrimack Valley SCORE.


December’s workshop schedule includes How to Start Your Own Business and Going Further Online, after which we’ll take a break for the holidays. Our 2018 schedule is still being finalized at press time, but will include our usual offerings plus a number of new workshops, such as “Buying and Selling A Business,” “Cash From Your Kitchen,” “Small Business Resilience Planning” and “The Business of Art.” And don’t forget, our SCORE Success Pass allows you to attend an unlimited number of workshops over a three-month period for only $50!

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Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!

SCORE! 50th Anniversary

Merrimack Valley SCORE Celebrates 50 Years Of Service To The Southern New Hampshire Small Business Community

On December 13th, the Merrimack Valley Chapter of SCORE will hold an invitation-only Dinner Gala at the Derryfield Country Club in Manchester, capping a year-long celebration of the chapter’s 50th year of serving the Southern New Hampshire small business community with free, confidential, one-on-one mentoring, training workshops and a vast array of online resources. The chapter will honor the many volunteer mentors, clients and SCORE partners that have served the chapter over the past five decades. In addition, the winners of two business competitions will be introduced, with $18,000 in prize money to be awarded. (see article below)

Merrimack Valley SCORE was chartered on November 1, 1967, one of the first chapters of SCORE, a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration. Among the chapter’s achievements during its 50-year history are:

  • Number of client sessions held – 46,614
  • Number of volunteer mentors – 588
  • Number of volunteer hours – 195, 237
  • Number of workshops held – 788
  • Number of workshop attendees – 9,061
  • Number of new business started – 8,467
  • Number of new jobs created – 9,020

During its most recent year, Merrimack Valley SCORE accomplished the following:

  • Number of clients served – 964
  • Number of client sessions held – 1,670
  • Number of volunteer hours (mentoring only) – 2,285
  • Total number of volunteer hours – 11,415
  • Number of workshops presented – 33
  • Number of workshop attendees – 928

The above statistics for last year were achieved with a total of only $5,500 in government funding.

On behalf of Merrimack Valley SCORE, we’d like to thank everyone—past and current volunteers; all the clients we’ve served over the last five decades; our partners at the SBA, state agencies and the financial community with whom we work; and our generous sponsors—for their dedication and hard work in support of the small business community. We are firmly committed to continuing our mission so that a future generation of SCORE volunteers can celebrate much as we have this year 50 years from now.

Business Competition Winners Announced

One of the cornerstones of our 50th anniversary celebration has been the two Business Competitions that have been going on since last spring. Thanks to the hard work and huge time commitment by our Competitions Committee and our judges, not to mention the financial support of our sponsors TD Charitable Foundation, Orr & Reno, Melanson Heath and the SCORE Association, we are pleased to announce the results.

The winner of the Business Growth Competition for established small businesses in southern New Hampshire is Aisling Organic Cosmetics, Auburn, N.H.
Aisling Organic Cosmetics is a high-performance, beautifully pigmented, 100% natural and organic, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and U.S. made makeup line founded in April 2016 by Krysta Lewis.

The judges comments noted a “strong business description and explanation of target consumer… and a strong explanation of opportunities for growth, taking advantage of those opportunities, and strategy for doing so.” Aisling will receive $10,000 in prize money.

Second place in the Business Growth Competition goes to Post Cruise Solutions of Windham, N.H. Post Cruise Solutions, an offshoot of Solo To Group Travel, provides secure and safe post-cruise city adventures for travelers coming into Boston. Solo To Group Travel was founded in 2013 by Wendy Schoneberger, whose family also owns Linahan Limousine.

The judges noted that Post Cruise Solution’s presentation included a “very clear and concise definition of target customers and problem/opportunity to be solved.” The company will receive $5,000 as runner-up.

The winner of the Business Concept Competition for high school level business/entrepreneur program students in southern New Hampshire is Making Connections Community Charter School (MC2) in Manchester. The school’s team, comprised of student Kevin Wolf Kabamba, design assistant Cohen Searle-Spratt and MC2 principal Kim Carter, developed the concept for #RAPTORBOYZ , which provides unique photography for customizable clothing targeted to customers ages 15 to 30, both male and female, typically from urban areas, who like skateboarding, photography and art.

The judges comments included, “Great job and excellent to see high school students setting such a good concept/company…Excellent use of a survey to help define the needs for the products.”

The $3,000 prize will be split among Kabamba ($1,500), MC2 ($1,000) and Cohen ($500).


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