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Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!

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August means vacations for many, and if you’re one of the lucky ones, we hope you enjoy some well-deserved R&R. But if you’re like most entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs, business is never completely off your mind. So while you’re kicking back, we’ve got a few items to keep you moving forward during these dog days of summer.


We have a late addition to our summer workshop schedule—a three-night Simple Steps for Starting Your Own Business August 21-23. Then we come roaring out of the gate in September with How to Start Your Own Business, Financial Fundamentals, Marketing Basics, Getting Ready for Small Business Saturday and What is My Business Worth? How to Identify and Increase Its Value. And don’t forget, our SCORE Success Pass allows you to attend an unlimited number of workshops over a three-month period for only $50!

Click here to see the schedule and/or register.

Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!

COMPASS Now Available Throughout Southern New Hampshire

Thanks to a generous grant from The Provident Bank, COMPASS, Merrimack Valley SCORE’s free Business Assessment Program, is now also available to small businesses in the Monadnock and Seacoast areas. Since its launch almost two years ago, COMPASS has helped countless small businesses identify their strengths and weaknesses. Using a quick, easy, comprehensive and, above all, effective, online questionnaire, COMPASS probes your General Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Resource Management and Operations, delivering a report that not only tells you what you’re doing well and where you need help, but also provides a solid foundation for a SCORE mentor team to assist you.

Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!


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Click here to learn about COMPASS and get your business moving to the next level of sales, profits and service.

50th Anniversary Competitions Update

Our competitors and their mentors are hard at work putting together their Business Growth Plans ahead of the October 15th final submission deadline. Needless to say, they’ve all got their eyes on the $20,000 in prize money.

Who are these ambitious companies? Click here to find out and learn a little about each of these highly motivated entrepreneurs. And best of luck to all!

Jump Start Your Success with SCORE!

Stuff We Like…

The Internet and social media have exponentially magnified the ability of anyone with a computer or cellphone to trash your business in a heartbeat. And the effects can be devastating! SCORE’s one-hour webinar, “Hug Your Haters: How to Retain Customers by Embracing Complaints” offers valuable insights into this phenomenon and advice on turning this potential lemon into lemonade.
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One of the overriding concerns we, as SCORE mentors, hear from our clients is that “someone will steal my idea!” Entrepreneur magazine attempts to put this fear in perspective in “Stop Worrying About Everyone Stealing Your Idea.“
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Marketing has undergone an enormous revolution in recent years, shifting largely from “outbound” to “inbound.” Watch Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot, generally acknowledged as one of the pioneers of this movement, discuss the differences in strategy and why inbound marketing is now so dominant. It’s a fascinating conversation.
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Ask SCORE explains the Business Model Canvas, a new business planning tool that is gaining widespread popularity and acceptance. Read More...


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