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Applause for Autumn Stem Cell Events

Above: Nearly 500 people signed up to hear stem cell and regenerative medicine updates in September. "Mini Med School," hosted by the School of Medicine and Public Health Sept. 18 featured SCRMC faculty (left) Sam Gubbels, James Thomson, Sean Palecek, Bill Murphy and Amish Raval. (Images by C. Thayer)


Right: UW-Madison Chancellor Becky Blank, along with SCRMC faculty members Bill Murphy and James Thomson, welcomed the community to the Discovery Building Sept. 30 for an update co-sponsored by the SCRMC and Morgridge Institute for Research, "Stem Cells: Where it Began, Where  We're Going."
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Fast Fact 

SCRMC members have filed 493 U.S. patent applications since 2004 and 95 have been issued to date with more in the works!

Blood vessels forming in the lab. (W. Murphy)

Save the Dates!


10th Annual Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium, "Engineering Limb Regeneration," 

Biopharmaceutical Technology Center Institute, 

April 22, 2015


SCRMC Fall Conference

Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Sept. 25, 2015

In case you missed it...


Check out our 2014 SCRMC Fall Conference update and photos here.

Congratulations to our Gregory F. Daniels Travel Award poster winners Gavin Knight in Randy Ashton's biomedical engineering lab and Anna Petelinsek in David Gamm's opthalmology and visual sciences lab!





Are you a UW-Madison faculty or staff member, or a student interested in stem cell and regenerative medicine research?

If so, the SCRMC is your central point of contact for information and education, faculty interaction, and facilitation for research and clinical development in the field.


Operating under the School of Medicine and Public Health and the Graduate School, our center's goals are to:

  • Maintain UW-Madison as leader in stem cell and regenerative medicine research and application.
  • Foster increased communication about the field within campus and beyond.
  • Support basic and translational research, clinical application, and sound bioethics and public policy decisions.
  • Develop education, training and outreach programs.
  • Enhance philanthropic support. 

Did you know?
More than 200 UW-Madison 
Ph.D. students are working in 
SCRMC member labs!

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a leader in stem cell and regenerative medicine research, with many landmark discoveries including the first successful isolation and culture of pluripotent stem cells in 1998 by James Thomson and colleagues.

As you can read in our 
SCRMC 2014 Update, we are working hard to uncover fundamental processes of diseases and advance better treatments.

Won't you join us in our important mission? Thank you for reading and for your support!



Dr. Tim Kamp, Co-Director


Dr. Bill Murphy, Co-Director


Sue Gilbert, Program Administrator, Website


Jordana Lenon, Outreach, Newsletter Editor


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