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 August 1 , 2017
New NCSO Standards Take Effect Sept. 1, 2017
The objective of the National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO ) program is to combine formal training with an individual's personal field experience. Effective September 1, 2017, there will be a new standard. This new standard aims to strengthen the NCSO designation, making it more credible while allowing ease of transferability among other provinces. The most recognizable change to the SCSA NCSO program will be the introduction of a written exam, nationally recognized by participating Canadian Federation of Safety Associations (CFCSA) members.   Read More
Marijuana in the Workplace
On April 13, 2017, the federal Liberal government tabled the Cannabis Act. Until the Act becomes legislation, employers have been left with questions about the Act, its implications on their workplaces, and their occupational health and safety policies. The SCSA has compiled this list of online resources to help answer some of those questions. Read More
SCSA Supports Girls Entering Trades and Technology (GETT)
In mid-July girls from grade six to eight attended a week long SaskPower sponsored trades and technology camp at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the SCSA was there! Girls Exploring Trades and Technology (GETT) camp provided participants with a safe, supportive environment to explore the tools, equipment and skills needed for a trades and technology career.  GETT participants were taught axle building, carpentry, computer design and the importance of working safely as they created and assembled scooters. Read More
Health and Safety Administrator Program
The SCSA is proud to congratulate Lori Senz, Program Administrator, on achieving her HSA certification. The SCSA currently has seven staff members who have received their HSA certification and there are another nine registered in the program, including the President, Collin Pullar.

The objective of the Health and Safety Administrator (HSA) program is to provide formal training for an administrator of a health and safety program, who does not possess a minimum of three years construction field experience. Read More
SCSA Contractor Training Course Updated
A prime contractor is responsible for coordinating the health and safety activities at multi-employer worksites.  Their duties include ensuring policies, procedures, and safe work practices are used on the worksite; and preparing a written plan that coordinates activities and identifies the prime contractor's backup and the supervisors on the worksite. 

The SCSA Contractor Training course has been updated to include information on the Occupational Health and Safety (Prime Contractor) Regulations.  Read More
Certificate of Recognition (COR) 
Congratulations to all Certificate of Recognition (COR®) certified companies celebrating milestones this year!

Certified 20 Years
- Skyway Canada Limited (Saskatoon)

Certified 15 Years
- Banff Constructors Ltd. (Saskatoon)

Certified 10 Years
- Action Land & Environmental Services Ltd. (Kindersley)
- Acuren Inc. (Regina)
- Pavement Scientific International Inc. (Saskatoon)
- Shermco Industries Canada Inc. (Saskatoon/Regina)

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