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January 2017

Welcome inventors, innovators and creators!!

I hope 2017 is your best yet.
Let's make it so!! 

We thank December Speaker of the Month - Burke Franklin  
Business Planning Expert, Accomplished Entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker,
Best-Selling Author, Coach to CEO's, Creator and CEO of Business Power Tools

This month we welcome Manufacturing expert, representative, activist, blogger and author
Michele Nash-Hoff as our Speaker of the Month.

Michele is currently a director on the SDIF, national board of the American Jobs Alliance and Chair of the California chapter of the Coalition for a Prosperous America.
Have you read Can American Manufacturing Be Saved? To understand the history of our country as leaders in manufacturing and how we can get back, it is a must read.
Michele will present her newest presentation on manufacturing techniques this Thursday.
Come and learn how to make it in 2017! 

Our Inventors of the Month are the Zaph sister,  SDIF Invention Contest winners
Tana and Myla Zaph!
We are delighted to see them return and give us an update as they begin a Kickstarter campaign for their "Curly Petz"  Read more below
Two presentations in one big first of the year meeting you do not want to miss!
Mark your calendar for Thursday January 12th.
These presentations should be helpful for you to plan your new venture for 2017.

We meet monthly to motivate, educate and network inventors and innovators.
Meeting location:
AMN Healthcare Inc.
Del Mar Heights
12400 High Bluff Drive,
San Diego, CA 92130

$10 at the door
Snacks provided
Free parking
Networking starts at 6;30pm
Meeting starts at 7pm     
SDIF is a fabulous resource for inventors, and it just wouldn't be possible without our sponsors. These are people who are often inventors themselves who provide services to our members. Please check them out below.

A Special note -
Thank you Judy Balian for the years of help with this newsletter!
You did a great job setting this up on Constant Contact and managing this, we appreciate the time and effort you have given our organization. As Judy says--->
"SDIF - The Place to Be
SDIF monthly meetings are the ideal place to get help on all aspects of inventing as well as make new contacts. Unlike other inventors' organizations, we have no costly annual dues or membership requirements. All you need is a desire to learn about the world of inventing and to network with like-minded people. Whether you're an inventor, innovator or a service provider, SDIF is the place to be the second Thursday of each month!"

Entrepreneur Teen Sisters Launch Kickstarter for New "Curly Petz" Toy Invention on National "Kid Inventors Day"
Read CURLY PETZ - Kickstarter Press Release
We welcome back "Curly Petz" inventors Tana and Myla Zapf!
Curly Petz 45 day Kickstarter campaign launches on National Kid Inventors Day, January 17, 2017 featuring the popular tiger design.

With a manufacturer in place and se veral more animal designs ready to go the Zapf sisters are excited to Kickstart their business, hoping to join the ranks of successful kid inventors!
Come hear their story and be inspired this Thursday January 12th.
Bixpy LLC wins CONNECT award   
SDIF contest presenters won CONNECT's MIP Award for Sport and Active Lifestyle Technologies:  Bixpy LLC - the world's first portable and modular personal water propulsion device that runs on lithium batteries for snorkelers and scuba divers, with attachments available to motorize kayaks and standup paddle boards stood out as MIP.
Founder/CEO Houman Nikmanesh, said, "We were absolutely humbled by our selection as a finalist for the MIP Awards by Connect.


As we have seen the patent laws have become so weak the independent inventor can no longer count on an issued patent to protect his right to profit from the labors of their mind.
This strikes at the heart of what our founding fathers knew was the way to make the country great and made a foundation Article in the US constitution.

We American Independent Inventors must stand and demand our rights be  restored. Our nation needs us to create the new ideas and subsequent new jobs to continue to grow and thrive. The present patent laws must be revised to bring back the confidence a patent brings to both the inventor and investor.

As a fellow member of the inventor community, I call upon you to take advantage of this moment in history and help yourself, your children, your partners, your business, your community and your country. Please join me,US Inventors and others create a movement to change the policies that are hurting innovation.

As both a Director in two national inventors organizations and friends with multiple inventor groups I will be acting to promote this movement from coast to coast.
Time is of the essence, our first goal is to bring AIA to public attention in time for the inauguration. Then a call to action will come early in the year to support specific policies we want changed.
Please become aware of these policies by reading up on AIA. The more you learn the better! You can sign up for the US Inventor newsletter here:

You can read what the patent community is doing and thinking as well as finding lots of tips and information on writing patents here:

Please become informed. This is a grass roots effort and numbers matter.
Let's start getting the word out coast to coast.
Once you understand the policies of the AIA please share this message regularly on your social sites and help spread the word >
"Save American Inventors, Strong Patents = Strong Economy, Revise the A.I.A." 
If you want (and want your kids to be able) to enjoy the American dream of prospering from your own ideas you must act and add your voice.
Sign up and comment, sign petitions, join the national groups I have.
Care for your rights before they are gone.

I thank you for your support on this important issue to us all.
I'll be sure to send links to articles, please look for these.
Please join the movement.
All and any support and donations will be greatly appreciated.

Have an inventive day,


Adrian Pelkus, President
San Diego Inventors Forum
760 591 9608

Want to be As Seen on TV?
Top Dog is looking for products.
Top Dog is one of the top DRTV (Direct Response TV) producers. They run several product hunts a year through Inventor Network. It is a virtual pitch so you don't have to travel.  Check it out here  

Women inventors casting call from Harry Connick Jr.
Harry Wants Women Inventors

Harry Connick Jr. is looking for women inventors with a great story to tell for his new daytime talk show.
This is a great exposure opportunity!

Here is a link to the talent search
Here is a link to the show's website

Good luck!  

Outdoor inventing?
Casting for outdoor adventurists

"If you have a new product that is ready to be field tested and are looking for the funds t o take it to the next level, then we want to hear from you".

Here is the SDIF 2016 -2017 schedule!


Sponsors & Inventor Stories Wanted
SDIF Sponsors wanted!!!
-Platinum Sponsors - $2500-On banner and introduced at contest, Speaker of the Month, post in newsletter, website, and on monthly Agenda
-Gold - $1000- Speaker of the Month, post in newsletter, website and monthly agenda
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-Bronze -$100 - post in newsletter & website

Nationwide webinars are planned!  Stay tuned for more information.

SDIF needs stories about and by inventors! We are calling for volunteers to help gather and write stories or folks to send theirs.  Contact Adrian if you're interested. 

Send us yours or Become an "Inventor of the Month"!
Time onstage (10 minutes) to pitch your product and get feedback.
Help motivate other inventors, come tell your story!

SDIF Memberships
SDIF now has memberships.   Regulars can pay $10 monthly at the desk or become members. One year for $100.

Membership Benefits
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Stay inventive San Diego!
Its going to be an incredible year for inventors!
A new focus on startup entrepreneurs is sweeping the nation.
There are more opportunities than ever to make your product known.

This could be a great year for you to get your idea out there, we are here to help.
From capturing your concept to making it to the market.
Inventors help inventors.  
Welcome to the San Diego Inventors Forum!

Wishing you an inventive day and hoping to see you on Thursday!          
Adrian Pelkus    

Adrian Pelkus, Chairman
San Diego Inventors Forum
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Consulting is complimentary to businesses that are ready to grow and is available in a private setting at one of four centers and six outreach locations. The SBDC offers guidance on how to reduce the cost of operations, increase sales and market share, financing, money management, exporting internationally, marketing and online marketing, patent and technology commercialization, and market research. To learn more about these valuable resources, visit their website or contact Carol Wiley at 619.216.6690 or 

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