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In April, the SDS Scientific Congress convened in Verona, Italy.  In attendance were physicians from all over the world presenting their new research findings about SDS.  Almost all the presentations ended with the statement, "more research is needed."   For this much needed research to happen, funds need to be raised; this is where you come into play.  Any amount of money is helpful.  Any size fundraiser is welcome.   It is imperative that funding research continues.   In this newsletter Dr. Johnson Liu summarizes the hematological presentations from Verona.  It is crucial that these international research conferences continue for the further study of this disease, for better treatments, and ultimately a cure.  The next SDS Scientific Congress will be held in Houston, Texas in 2018.  We need your support.  The organizing committee has stated that they would like more family involvement in the next Congress.  Also given the wonderful location among several medical centers, they are possibly opening attendance of the presentations to medical students.  The Congress is continuing to grow and we need to help fund research and sponsor future Congresses.

Thank you Dan Kilby for another successful Tough Mudder fundraiser.  Your team's courage and generosity are greatly appreciated.  Dan writes of his experience raising money in honor of his daughter Sarah Kilby in this newsletter.  The obstacle course is challenging physically and mentally, and Team Sarah conquered it.

In the recent past and present there have been many patients fighting courageous battles, and one has lost the fight.  We hear a lot about these patients and their families.  Our hearts and prayers are always with them.  It helps us understand our own children and what changes to possibly look for medically.  We are such a small community that we have become family.  When one member is hurting, we all hurt.  The same applies when a member is doing well.  Let us celebrate with you.  Share the wins!  Write us, email us, post it on our facebook page.  The good fosters hope, hope for all of us.

In just a few short weeks, SDS session at Camp Sunshine begins!  This is so exciting.  For the first time it looks like a full house!  Many new families are expected and quite a few adult patients too.  I am looking forward to a memorable session.  Wishing all those attending safe travels.


Christine James
Shwachman Diamond Syndrome Foundation
Camp Sunshine Details - Get All the Info!!
camp sunshine patients
SDS session at Camp Sunshine is a few short weeks away!  We wish everyone could attend.  With the limited space at Camp, the distance to travel, and personal budgets, we understand that not everyone can make it, and you will surely be missed.  This year will be the first year we have a full house!  We are so excited to see all the new faces and reconnect with returning families.  Attending Camp Sunshine gives you the opportunity to meet other families with a member with SDS.  A unique quality of the SDS session is the opportunity to listen to specialists' presentations and have a chance to chat over a meal. 
8th Annual International Congress on SDS 
Verona, Italy
The SDS International Congress was attended by researchers and physicians from 12 countries, along with representatives from family organizations from Canada, England, Germany, Denmark, Italy, and the U.S. It was an extremely busy 2 1/2 days agenda that covered all aspects of SDS. Dr. Liu has kindly agreed to provide a synopsis of the hematological presentations. We hope in the future to be able to provide information on some of the other areas that were presented at the Congress.
6th Annual Tough Mudder A Huge Success!!
The course was a 10.5 mile trek filled with over 20 physically and mentally challenging obstacles.   It was an amazing 4 hours.  The start is always very emotional for me as I pluck my SDSF red bracelet and think of Sarah.  Knowing what she has endured, and most likely will have to go through in the future inspires me.  Any pain felt on that day is nothing compared to what kids like Sarah go through during everyday life. 
Welcome New SDS Families
Pacolet, SC
Fort Worth, TX
Las Cruces, NM
Palmerston North, New Zealand
Salmon Arm, British Columbia
Staten Island, NY
Logan, KS
Twin Lakes, MI
Randlophy, NJ
Huntley, IL
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Ongoing Fundraisers

SDSF would like to encourage everyone to raise funds to support research and the Foundation. We have had families raise money through letter writing campaigns, school dances, corporate matching gifts through their employers, golf tournaments, physical competition events, Super Bowl parties and more.
Shwachman Diamond Syndrome Foundation