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Professional Development Opportunities 
January 2018 

College Courses - 3 credits
CEU Courses - .5 CEUs

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) - 2 EEC hours

February 2018
College Courses - 3 credits

March 2018
College Courses - 3 credits

CEU Courses - .5 CEUs

Monthly News & Updates 
Southeast Education Professionals Partnership (SEEPP) is seeking presenters for our annual Spring Enrichment Conference on Saturday April 7, 2018 at Hotel 1620 in Plymouth, MA for early educators from the mixed delivery system in southeastern MA. 

The objective of this RFP is to offer educators a variety of original 2 ½ hour workshops focusing on EEC's Core Competency #5: Learning Environments and Curriculum .   Relevant topics for workshops should concentrate on consistent schedules and routines, transition activities, offer new and interesting materials and activities for specific age groups and multi age groups.   Workshops should offer a variety of developmentally appropriate curriculum modes. We encourage presentations that include a combination of lecture, interactive/audience participation, hands-on activities and group discussions.  

Click here for the full RFP and to find out how to apply to be a presenter! 

The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) has developed an E-Learning tool that provides guidance on applying for EEC Professional Qualifications Certification.  The guidance provides clarification on current and new requirements to obtain Professional Qualifications Certification from EEC as a Teacher, Lead Teacher, or Director.  EEC-certified educators at all levels, as well as prospective applicants, are encouraged to review the guidance using the E-Learning tool.
  The EEC Professional Qualifications Certification E-Learning tool provides helpful information, including:
  • EEC Professional Qualifications Certification Requirements
  • Major Changes to Application Process and Requirements
    • Types of applications
    • Family Child Care experience
    • Categories of study
  • Required Documentation
  • Communicating with EEC
  • Frequently Asked Questions
The EEC Professional Qualification Certification E-Learning tool is available online.  

There are resources within the tool including the revised application and a Category of Study Content Guide.  To access these resources, click on the "Resources" button in the top right hand corner of the presentation.
We hope that you find the EEC Professional Qualification Certification E-Learning tool both valuable and informative.

New Professional Development Oppurtunities Ahead
Registeration deadline: January 11, 2018

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