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August 31, 2012


As we mentioned on our Facebook page yesterday, August 30 would have been Bruce McLaren's 75th birthday. When you look back, it's truly amazing how much the New Zealander accomplished in such a short career.

He became the youngest driver to win a Formula One Grand Prix at age 22 when he was victorious in the 1959 US Grand Prix at Sebring. In 1963 he founded Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd and by the mid 1960s was constructing both Formula 1 and Group 7 racing cars. 
Team McLaren dominated the CanAm series in the late 1960s and Bruce himself scored the marque's first Grand Prix victory at Spa in 1968. By 1970, the team was also competing in Formula 5000 and at Indianapolis. 

Bruce's death at age 32 while testing an M8D Can Am car at Goodwood shocked the racing world but the organization he built has become one of the most successful in the history of the sport.
To date, McLaren Cars have won 8 Formula One Constructors Championships, 12 Formula One Drivers Championships, 5 (consecutive) Can Am Championships, 3 Indianapolis 500s, 178 Grands Prix, the 24 Hours of LeMans and various Formula 2, Formula 3 and Formula 5000 events.

Andretti Set

As summer winds down, we're getting updates on several significant new model releases that were supposed to be here already but will (hopefully) arrive in early Fall:

- JPS Lotus Signature Series Set. From TSM, this Limited Edition (999) set features 1/43 scale resin models of the JPS Lotus 77, 78 and 79 Grand Prix cars mounted on a base along with a metal plate hand signed by 1978 World Champion Mario Andretti. We've confirmed that a decal sheet with the 'correct' markings is included. $250.00. Very collectible! Reserve HERE.

- 1/18 scale Rothmans Porsche 962C. Resin replica from Spark. The 1986 LeMans winning Rothmans Porsche 962C of Al Holbert, Derek Bell and H.J. Stuck. Also comes with a decal sheet. $178.00. Limited availability. Reserve HERE.

- 1/18 scale Martini Porsche 936/77. The long awaited TSM diecast replicas of the #3 and #4 Martini Porsches are on the way. The #3 Ickx / Pescarolo car should get here in late September with the 1977 LeMans winning #4 car of Jacky Ickx, Hurley Haywood and Jurgen Barth landing a couple weeks later. Both are priced at $188.00. Click on the links above to order.

We now expect TSM's 1/18 scale 1973 World Champion Jackie Stewart Tyrrell Ford 006 in October. Price remains at $140.00. Reserve HERE.

The 1/43 scale models that Spark listed as 'coming soon' back in June continue to trickle in at a slow pace. Coming next:

s1769 - Ronnie Peterson / #1 Lotus 76 / 1974 Spanish GP.....$67.00
Decal Sheet Included
Reserve HERE

s1754 - Francois Migault / #37 BRM P160E / 1974 German GP.....$67.00
Reserve HERE

s2998 - Fogarty-Gurney-Vasser-Johnson / #99 Riley Mk20 
2009 Rolex 24 at Daytona.....$67.00
Reserve HERE

Coming next week from Minichamps:

410 110014 - Adrian Sutil / Force India VJM04 (2011).....$65.00
Reserve HERE
One correction from last time. The Jimmy Bryan Belond Special will be produced in a Limited Edition of 1000 but only 750 of the Bobby Marshman cars will be produced. You can reserve your models below:

R185052 - Jimmy Bryan / Belond Special / Winner, 1958 Indianapolis 500 
Order HERE

R185061 - Bobby Marshman / Hoover Special / 1961 Indianapolis 500
Order HERE

The Crowd Roars
 While we're on the subject of the Indianapolis 500, the classic 1932 Howard Hawks film 'The Crowd Roars,' shot on location at Ascot Park, Ventura Raceway and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is now available on DVD. 
James Cagney stars with Joan Blondell and Ann Dvorak in this seldom seen gem. Eight heroes of the era, including 1930 Indy 500 winner Billy Arnold appear in the film.
Our first shipment is expected next week. 
$26.99. Reserve HERE.

Grand Prix Who's Who
We seldom feature record books, since they are usually too expensive and out of date by the time they arrive, but this one just blew us away. The Fourth Edition 'Grand Prix Who's Who' by Steve Small, published under the Autocourse banner, is a very impressive 832 page epic, presented in a sturdy slipcase and containing biographies and race statistics of every driver who has started a Grand Prix race since the modern World Championship began in 1950 through the end of the 2011 season. The photo selection is excellent, featuring images from the sport's leading archives. 
I will definitely be adding a copy to my personal research library here at TMC. 
$95.00 Reserve HERE
Remember, we will be closed Monday, September 3 for Labor Day and Saturday, September 8 while I'm at Elkhart Lake. 
Our Online Shopping website will be on duty 24/7, as usual.

We will have a display at Road America the weekend of September 7-9 during the VSCDA Vintage Fall Festival weekend. I will have the Replicarz Laydown Roadsters with me, so stop by our tent and take a look.
Let me know by Wednesday if you want me to bring something up to Elkhart for you.
Have a great Labor Day weekend!

- Paul

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