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Mar. 7, 2017

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What You Need to Know About Diabetes
Mar. 7, 2017

by Cathy Harris, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Coach

What Causes Diabetes?

The reason most people come down with diabetes in the first place is because of the types of foods they are eating so diabetes, like most diseases is a "FOOD-RELATED" disease. 

Diabetes occurs when the body does not use food as it should. The body needs sugar for energy. When  you eat, most of the food is changed into glucose, a form of sugar. The glucose made by the food you eat goes into your bloodstream, but it does not need to stay there.
Sugar needs to get inside the cells so it can burn up as energy.  If you have diabetes, the sugar inside your body is unable to get into the cells, where it can be used. This is because there is either too little insulin or your body cannot use the insulin as it should.
If there is too little insulin, or if the insulin is not being used correctly, sugar builds up in your blood. This is called "high blood sugar" or "hyperglycemia." 
What Are The Two Types of Diabetes?

The two (2) main types of diabetes include:
  • Type 1:  Many people are born with Type 1 diabetes and will have to take insulin for their entire life. Type 1 diabetes means the body makes little or no insulin; it usually appears suddenly; and it usually appears before age 30.
  • Type 2:  Many people with Type 2 diabetes will need no medicine at all; need diabetes pills; need insulin; or need pills and insulin.
Type 2 diabetes is more common than Type 1 diabetes and other facts include:
  • The body makes insulin, but it doesn't work as it should
  • It usually appears after age 30
  • It usually appears slowly
  • You may have mild or no signs of diabetes
  • Most people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are overweight
  • Many have a family history of diabetes because most families eat the same types of foods
The cause of Type 2 diabetes is unknown, but we do know that certain people have a greater chance to develop it. Just some of the m ajor risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes include:
  • Family history
  • Over age 40
  • Overweight
  • Certain Ethnic-Groups (African American, Latin-American, Asian-American, Native-American, Pacific-Islander, etc.)
  • History of gestational diabetes or delivery of a baby over 9 lbs
  • History of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • High blood pressure of 140/90
  • HDL cholesterol of 35 mg/dl or less
  • Triglycerides of 250 mg/dl or greater
How To Keep from Getting Diabetes

STOP EATING PROCESSED FOODS: To keep from getting diabetes, you need to avoid processed foods. Processed foods are foods which have been dried, flaked, mixed, frozen, canned, boxed, bottled, packaged or prepared - foods that have been altered.
STOPPED EATING WHITE FOODS:  Most people believe to live with diabetes and to keep it under control, all they need to do is to avoid foods with sugar (cakes, pies, candies, sodas, etc.), but this is not the case.
Basically, you should not only avoid foods with sugar, but you should also avoid eating any WHITE FOOD (flour, bread, pasta, etc.).  These foods turns acidic in your body, which means they have the same exact affect as if you ate sugar.
Corn syrup, high fructose corn sugar, inverted sugar, refined cane sugar, caramelized (burned) sucrose, beet sugar and brown sugar are all refined white sugar and should be limited in the diet or avoided all together.

Though fruits have many good vitamins and minerals and is rich in fiber, fruits are also filled with sugar.  Despite what some nutritionists claim, there is no difference in your body between natural sugars and any other kind. Sugar is sugar, it doesn't matter! It's okay to eat fruit, but don't get carried away.

When it comes to high fructose corn syrup, in the old days manufacturers were highly motivated to find a solution to the problem of expensive sugar, which was the creation of "high-fructose corn syrup."  High-fructose corn syrup really isn't that different from table sugar, but t he problem is, it's everywhere! 

Misdiagnosed With Diabetes

What you need to understand is that diabetes is one of those diseases, where it is extremely hard to diagnosis.  I know it is hard to diagnose because for 3 months I was told I had diabetes, but I eventually found out I did not have the disease.

I was misdiagnosed with diabetes because I had arm and leg pain and eventually figured out with the help of a friend, that all I needed was to take a daily potassium pill, especially because I was drinking a lot of water, which was depleting my potassium level.

After pricking my fingers 3 times a day for 3 months and documenting the numbers, and after the diabetes specialist, an endocrinologist, reviewed my A1c number, I was told I was not a diabetic.

Even though I was relieved to hear I did not have diabetes at that time, I knew that my father and my sister both were diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 60 so I knew I had family history.

Having family history meant that unless I chose to live a certain healthy lifestyle, there was a good chance that I too would be diagnosed with the disease, later on in my own life.

How To Keep from Being Misdiagnosed with Diabetes

First of all to keep down some of the misinformation and misdiagnosis when you are diagnosed with diabetes, make sure you are diagnosed by an endocrinologist, a diabetes specialist, not just a regular doctor, especially if your insurance allows you to visit these specialists. 

Whichever doctor diagnoses you with diabetes, it will be extremely important to have them schedule you for a two or three day "Outpatient Diabetes Education Program" to learn how to safely prick your fingers 3 times a day, to get a correct reading to see if you have diabetes.

These daily notations will also help the doctor understand if you should go on medications or continue to manage the diabetes through your diet and exercise.

The most alarming fact that I learned in my "Outpatient Diabetes Education Program" was that half the class had been told they had diabetes over 10 years ago and even expressed that once a day they felt faint, which is a symptom of "hypoglycemia" or "low blood sugar."

What You Need To Know
  • Diabetes is the 3rd largest killer in the U.S., but it is the NUMBER ONE KILLER in the African American community. It is a lifelong manageable disease that can be controlled and the goal is not to let it control you.                               
  • Diabetes is not and should not be a death sentence for anyone, however, due to the lack of information and education, many people do die from the disease.                                                      
  • In the African American community many elderly people refer to this condition as "Sugar" or "Sugar Diabetes."                                     
  • People are misdiagnosed with diabetes all the time because the symptoms mimics other diseases. Your A1c should be less than 7 percent.                                                                
  • Another problem is "prediabetes." Prediabetes, also known as "impaired glucose tolerance," is a health condition with no symptoms. It is almost always present before a person develops Type 2 diabetes.                                                                              
  • Don't allow a doctor to put you on diabetes medication, if your blood sugar is 125 or below. 125 is pre-diabetes so once you know you have pre-diabetes, it can be corrected by your diet and exercise before going on medications.                                                         
  • You can manage the disease through your diet and exercise, unless you have reached the point where you have to go on medications.                                                                           
  • Today because of GMOs, kids ages 8 and above are diagnosed with diabetes and put on medications, even when they can avoid medications by avoiding certain foods and exercising.                                                                   
  • If you or your children are overweight, all of you will probably end up having diabetes so lose the weight. Most women should have a 35 inch or smaller waistline (40 inches or smaller for men). Your waistline should be half your height.                                                                         
  • Diabetes can play havoc on your emotions so therefore, many people with diabetes suffer from a high rate of depression and anxiety.               
  • People with diabetes develop Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at least 10 to 15 years earlier.                                        
  • Blindness, kidney and nerve damage, which can lead to amputations of the legs and foot are real concerns for people with severe diabetes so stay proactive by eating a natural, organic, clean diet, get daily exercise and test your glucose numbers at least 3 times a day and take actions recommended in my book "Diabetes 101: 3rd Largest Killer" if your numbers are out of range.                                                  
  • Before going into a diabetic coma, you can or may temporarily experience blurred vision.

Again, diabetes is the number one killer of African Americans for one reason only - African Americans are horrible eaters. We eat everything under the sun, including all types of "Soul Food," that we cook to death, which leaves the foods with very little nutrition.  

It's unfortunate but most families today, especially African American families, are sitting down at the table for three meals a day and there is NO NUTRITION at the table. Do you seriously think your body will do what it is suppose to do, if you are not eating foods with nutrition?

  • Read the book "Diabetes 101: 3rd Largest Killer" by Cathy Harris (available as an e-book, paperback and audiobook), which can be read by 12 year olds and above and share it with everyone you know. It is a small paperback book with big letters for those of you, who are already going blind from diabetes. You can also listen to the audiobook for only $2.77 and order the ebook.                                                                              
  • If you have family history of diabetes, monitor yourself closely by eating whole, fresh, organic, clean foods, in as natural forms and possible and engage in a regular exercise program.          
  • Increasing your daily activity can help you take control of your blood sugar and your weight.            
  • If you or a family member is diagnosed with diabetes, get the "diabetes kit" from your doctor as soon as possible and use the booklet that comes along with the kit, to record your numbers at least 3 times a day -- so you can keep an accurate account to share with your doctors, especially an endocrinologist.                                 
  • Remember to always carry quick-acting carbohydrates with you and wear medical identification in case you faint or go into a diabetic coma.

Diabetes is the #1 Killer 
of African Americans
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