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Welcomes Kearstin Krehbiel

September 16, 2011
Looking Forward                                                      Letter from the Executive Director 


I'm proud to join you New Executive Director Kearstin Krehbielin serving our city as the new Executive Director of San Francisco Beautiful. For more than 60 years, San Francisco Beautiful - a group of citizens, neighbors, friends, and philanthropists - has been integral in making San Francisco the extraordinary place it is today. The city we call home has been rated one of the cleanest, greenest, happiest, and healthiest urban centers in the world.


As we look to the challenges and opportunities that the next 60 years will bring - a shrinking economy, reductions to state and city budgets - there is much work ahead for San Francisco to stay livable, green, and beautiful.  I hope we can count on you as we build a strong base of supporters with the creative resourcefulness needed to ensure the future of our city.


I look forward to meeting the challenges ahead. I'm proud to work with you, together for San Francisco.




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AT&T Applies for Utility Box Permits

AT&T Box on 1099 Folsom

AT&T has started applying for individual, site specific utility box excavation permits from to the Department of Public Works. San Francisco Beautiful has received a number of emails and inquiries regarding these applications, posted within 300 feet of the proposed AT&T cabinet site.


To contest these site-specific permits, SFB has created a quick, go-to flier for you to use.

Happy Park(ing) Day!

Today, pedestrian activists around the world will set out to reclaim a small portion of the public sphere from the automobile. Started in 2005 by the San Francsico art and design group Rebar, the project turned a parking space into a temporary public park, which soon evolved to become world-wide celebration of public space known as Park(ing) Day.


Park(ing) Day has effectively re-valued the metered parking space as an important part of the commons - a site for generosity, cultural expression, socializing and play. Although the project is temporary, we hope Park(ing) Day inspires everyone to participate in the civic processes that permanently alter the urban landscape.


Take a moment to review with a discerning eye the underutilized potential in our public realm. Our sidewalks, parking spaces, alleyways and even fire hydrants all have the potential to enhance the pedestrian experience to make our cities more fun, enjoyable and better places to live. 


A Park(ing) day photo, courtesy of Dwell Magazine

Celebrate "Together for San Francisco!" 


Get your costumes, masks, and attitudes ready to embody your favorite San Francisco icon at our Inaugural Masquerade Soiree, "Together for San Francisco." Held on October 14 at the Palace Hotel, we invite you to celebrate San Francisco's unique sense of urban beauty with this year's award winners, the EcoCenter at Heron's Head Parkthe Pavement to Parks/Parklets Programs,  

Sunnyside Conservatory, and Off-the-Grid.


To purchase your ticket to San Fransisco Beautiful's much anticipated fall event, visit our ticket purchase webpage or send your contact information to for a formal invitation.  

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San Francisco Beautiful is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization that works to assure that the city retains and enhances its unique and memorable sense of place, balance and diversity as a beautiful, livable, green and vibrant urban center.
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