Behavioral Health in New Mexico
One in three New Mexicans will at some point in their lives experience either a mental health or addiction challenge. But in fact, these problems affect the entire community.  Learn more about how NM communities have stepped up to the challenge. 

Working Together on Behavioral Health  in Southwest New Mexico

Behavioral health challenges can be especially daunting in New Mexico's smaller and more rural counties, where stresses can be great and resources scarce. To meet this challenge, three Community Health Councils in southwest New Mexico are working together to share information, ideas and resources. 

Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Behavioral Health Initiative

Responding to an increasing awareness of the gaps in services for those with behavioral health needs, Albuquerque and Bernalillo County are collaborating on an ambitious Behavioral Health Initiative (BHI) to align resources, fill in the gaps, and create clear pathways toward services and supportive resources.  BHI has created a SHARE webpage on SHARE New Mexico where you can find the latest information on the BHI. 
Find Behavioral Health Resources in New Mexico 

We know that behavioral health needs are broad and diverse, and SHARE's Resource Directory is the state's largest and most comprehensive listing of resources. No matter where you are in NM, or what resources you are looking for, we invite you to check here first
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