New Century of Service Grants

Since 1983, the PNM Resources Foundation has been investing in local nonprofit organizations that strive to build strong and vibrant communities. In 2017, PNM will celebrate 100 years of serving New Mexico by awarding grants for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that promote economic development and education within the PNM service territory. Proposals will be reviewed by a team of local PNM employees and community members and grants will be awarded to the projects that best enhance local communities and provide the broadest possible benefit.
A New Century of Service Grants will support organizations that: 
  • Innovate new products and services to grow and develop businesses
  • Create collaborative community spaces for public use
  • Provide educational opportunities supporting economic development
  Grant quantity and amounts (total of $750,000):
  • One grant valued at $100,000
  • One grant valued at $50,000
  • Sixty grants valued at $10,000
Apply at , available March 1, 2017.  The deadline is May 9, 2017 - PNM's 100th Anniversary!  
Women of NM Mural, Barelas Neighborhood, Albuquerque
Celebrating New Mexico's Women

March is Women's History month. SHARE New Mexico deeply appreciates the central role women have played at key points in our history, as well as in our day-to-day lives.  This newsletter features contributions of women to New Mexico's history. 

Historic Silver City Women's Club House
An Unlikely Partnership

 A fascinating story from our history tells of an unusual collaboration of white women and Native Americans that thwarted an attempted land grab of Pueblo lands in 1922. Alvin Warren, formerly Secretary of Indian Affairs, currently a program officer for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and a history buff, recounted the story in a  keynote address  at a W.K. Kellogg Foundation gathering in 2011.

The setting is New Mexico in 1922. In spite of treaty agreements, non-Indian settlers had been encroaching on Pueblo land for years and now claimed the majority of these lands. New Mexico Senator Holm Bursum introduced a bill that would cede these lands to the current occupant, no questions asked.

To fight the bill, the 19 Pueblos organized into what is now the All Indian Pueblo Council. But they knew they would need help. And it came from an unexpected source. The General Federation of Women's Clubs, founded in 1890, is a federation of over 3,000 local women's clubs which promote civic improvements through volunteer service. They did not shy away from taking on controversial issues, including women's suffrage. In 1921, recognizing that Native Americans were denied citizenship rights, GFWC created an Indian Welfare Committee.

The 2 million members of Women's Clubs across the country took up the cause, working with the Indian Pueblo Council and other allies, and the bill was defeated. Senator Bursum lost his reelection bid in 1924. The moral of the story, says Warren, is to look beyond the usual to find unlikely partners to achieve big goals.

The  Silver City Women's Club was one of the first in New Mexico, founded in 1909. The Club is still active today. The Clubhouse, build in 1935-6, is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.
Albuquerque Home Circle 35th Anniversary
NM's African American Club Women

New Mexico's African American women were also organizing around the turn of the 20th century. Building on the African American women's movement that began in 1895, the Albuquerque Home Circle Club was started in 1914 by Lula S. Black, who had settled in Albuquerque in 1880. The club gave Black women a way to come together because many white women's groups at that time were not open to them.

Home Circle made the home a place of sanctuary and nourishment, a place for members to define themselves and their community, to uplift their members, and to keep alive their cultural legacy.  But it was much more than that, according to Rita Powdrell, a local historian and long-standing member of Home Circle. "Women's clubs were a part of a voice of resistance." Members campaigned against the rise of segregated schools in New Mexico in the 1920s. They fought against the job ceilings many of their members were facing. Many were entrepreneurs themselves and their dollars went to support African American businesses. In 2014, the 

Albuquerque Home Circle celebrated its centennial. Its members continue to nourish the African American community and help shape New Mexico's future.
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NM Organizations Serving Women

Numerous organizations throughout the state continue to provide opportunities for women to serve each other, their communities, and our state.  Often these provide opportunities for their members to volunteer in the community, like the Women's Clubs. Other provide professional support for women business owners. Still others assist women at critical times in their lives: becoming mothers, or re-entering our communities following incarceration.  

SHARE's Resource Directory lists over 400 women's organizations in communities throughout New Mexico.  If these stories inspire you, find one and join in! 
New Resource Directory Manager

SHARE New Mexico is very pleased to have Karen Navarro join us as the new Resource Directory Manager.  Many of you may know Karen from her long history of working to provide resources to New Mexicans experiencing homelessness.

 Karen worked in the day shelter at St. Martin's Hospitality Center, a large homeless services agency in Albuquerque, from 1993 to 2014, and was Client Advocate there for 18 years, referring homeless individuals and families to resources in the community.  She convened a monthly homeless services networking meeting for 12 years and continues to share her knowledge of resources with staff and volunteers in homeless services and the health care field.  She is a board member of Trinity House Catholic Worker and is a member of the MHRAC (Mental Health Response Advisory Committee) resources subcommittee.  

If you have questions about how you can contribute to and use SHARE's Resource Directory, Karen invites you to contact her at
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