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Funding Collaborations 

SHARE is pleased to announce two new opportunities for collaborating around funding. These are both time-limited, so check them out now!

Jennifer Riordan Educate 2 Elevate Collaborative Grant

The  NM Funders Collaborative has opened online applications for the
Jennifer Riordan E2E Grant (JRE2E). This is a collaborative funding opportunity that brings together funders from across New Mexico to pool resources and make at least one high impact grant of $50,000. This grant is a collaborative investment from funders in various sectors, and funders encourage organizations to demonstrate similar collaborative thinking when submitting applications.  Download the complete RFP and FAQs. Apply online at SHARE New Mexico Grants & Funding page.  
Deadline : 5:00 pm, August 17th 
The Grants Collective Builds Capacity and Partnerships

SHARE New Mexico is supporting The Grants Collective's efforts to bring more funding dollars to New Mexico. 

The fact is that New Mexico has a relatively large number of nonprofits looking for support from a relatively small pool of funding. It's clear that we need to up our grantsmanship game. And to do that, Grant Collective builds both organizational capacity AND collaborations to enable us to capture larger scale and more complex funding opportunities from inside and outside New Mexico.

Through its Cooperative Network, Talent Academy and Grow New Mexico technical assistance programs, The Grants Collective brings New Mexico nonprofits together to develop the skills and the partnerships that can secure the support we need for real change in our communities.

SHARE encourages NM nonprofits to take advantage of this opportunity and is offering a 20% discount on memberships in The Cooperative Network for any nonprofit with an up-to-date SHARE Resource Directory listing. This offer is good through August 31, 2018. More information is available at
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