Gracias a la Vida - Blase is 88!!
Dear Friends,

Thank you, again, to so many of you who reached out during Blase's bout with pneumonia.  Your caring thoughts meant so much to Theresa and Blase.  He is much better and getting stronger every day, but I have a favor to ask.

Blase's birthday is April 24th; I was thinking we could inundate him with greetings.  And if you could give a donation to the OOA in honor of his birthday, any size, it will go a long way to helping OOA become solvent, which means a lot to Blase - one less impediment to his doing the work of radio programming, writing and speaking which can then go ahead full speed.  You can mail your donation or greeting to Blase at 2016 Hill Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405, or use the green button below to donate via PayPal or credit card.

Blase has already started to renew his work and Theresa's new job is to rein him in a bit, but he's anxious to get back to work as always.  So join with all of the OOA family to wish him a  happy birthday!

With thanks,

Ann Miller