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5 x 7 Art Auction at
Subud Americas
June 2012 

SICA invites all Subud artists and creatives to donate a 5" x 7" work of art for this exhibition at the Americas Gathering. SiGN YOUR NAME ON THE BACK  as all works will be displayed anonymously for the same price.

Can't come but want to send work?  SEND TO

1215 Vista Heights

Victoria, BC  V8T 2H7


More info here.

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Enter Logo Competition for Subud World Congress Puebla 2014. Free Registration for Winner.
More info here.  
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Green Chair Gallery

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To make good things happen. 

For instance, we're talking with MELINDA WALLIS about doing an interview series called The Inside Story.

So go to our DONATE page and click on Program Designation.

Choose  INSIDE STORY as your option.  Voila!  Your donation is  earmarked to support that program! And Melinda might just
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Or you can earmark TANGO to help us purchase Rachman Ulmer's sculpture for the new Subud Center in Washington DC.

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It's the merry month of May, and I'm reminded of Shelley's lovely poem, To A Skylark. Hence the desire to share the "harmonious madness" of the Skylark's gladness - and all the "unpremeditated art"  happening in our Subud world.  Be sure to click on Titles and Images below to enhance your reading pleasure!
Visit O World:   Randall Melnyk's new multimedia initiative

Encompassing arts, sciences, and religious/spiritual traditions, O World celebrates the diversity of human culture. Randall Melnyk, Subud Vancouver, is its visionary producer. Lucas Hille, with daughter, Veda Hille, and grandkids, Stevan and Bianca Jauca, were one of the first artists to record for Melnyk's O World project.  Click on the image, right, to hear them now. 
 Talent for Humanity: To Inspire and be inspired.

Thierry Sanchez and his team have launched an impressive nonprofit with an awesome mission:  recognizing, celebrating and supporting individuals whose talents had, and still have, a positive impact on humanity, and are a source of inspiration to others. They are celebrating the human spirit. AND they have announced some exciting competitions YOU can enter now!  More....
Flying High in Kalimantan   

With their lively drawings and stories, BCU students
got the scoop on the first landing in Rungan Sari of Kalimantan Gold Corporation's helicopter on 
April 23, 2012. This marks the start up of KGC's new major drilling program 250km to the north. One child wrote, "It is the best day ever in school. And my jacket almost flew away."

Mansur Geiger reports KGC also had a big selamatan with the villagers where he reconnected with men who helped him 30 years ago when all this started. 

Gregory Gudgeon of The New Factory of The Eccentric Actor to perform Chekhov's A Jubilee in Bohemia
The New Factory Of The Eccentric Actor (based on a 1920's Russian group) does large scale Free Theatre in unusual spaces. No-one gets paid and the events are free.  Well....they have just been invited to perform at the very first Souladĕn� Festival in S. Bohemia! They will do an exciting new translation of A Jubilee by Anton Chekhov. And they'll document the the trip and the production on film. HELP WITH THEIR FUNDING NOW!!  BE PART OF IT ALL via SPONSUME.

They Were There
The Best of Subud Voice Vol. 1   by Ilaina Lennard

Subud Voice is 25 years old and still going strong, thanks to Ilaina Lennard's vision and the talent and dedication of its editor, Harris Smart. Ilaina has personally put together this selection from her archives. Cover design by Marcus Bolt.
Click Here to Order Your Copy

Keep an Eye on: Tupenny Opera

Based in Australia, Tupenny Opera (Maya Sapir and Dave Wier)  creates a quirky eclectic mix of self-penned songs. From burlesque opera to quirky pop, from the romantic to the political, music that traverses broad stylistic landscapes. They are working on their new CD and a concert tour in Europe this coming summer. Listen to their piece, Carnivale.  Profuse strains of unpremeditated art!
Introducing Creative Republic, A new Creative Enterprise
Email from Harris Madden, May 1, 2012:

We're a small Subud enterprise with big ambitions! Creative Republic is made up of talented creative design and production people -- Subud members who
work together to produce world class creative solutions for marketing, media, entertainment and education. Someone we all love once said start small and build . . .  so that's what we're doing. We're focusing in on exhibition design and fabrication, and we've done designs for clients like Dupont, Ricoh, 3M, Sanofi and Saab, as well as the Subud technology business, Rofin. We're based in Sydney Australia, but our team is global, and we can effectively deliver projects in the USA, Europe or Asia.

Apart from exhibitions, Creative Republic has people with expertise in web development and mobile applications, in film and TV production, in games and toys, in theatre and performance, in graphic design, logo and brand development. Our members have done most things in the creative world, from product design to theme park planning. If your business (whether it is a Subud enterprise or not) is involved in trade shows and has a need for an exhibition - or perhaps you need some other form of creative marketing or interactive media solution - why not get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Contact Harris Madden:  or cell: + 61 (0)403 
199 138 or skype: harris_madden

PS: We're also very keen to hear from Subud people and Subud businesses with creative skills who might like to join Creative Republic. Please send an 
e-mail to my CR e-mail address  with a paragraph about what you do. 
 Visit the Gallery and Studio of Sal Brownfield 
Last week, at Emory University's Center for Ethics in Atlanta,  Sal exhibited work and led a conversation on  "Testimony and Shelter" honoring those who are abused, rejected, and forgotten. Two weeks before that, he exhibited work and led a conversation on a "Celebration of Healing: Lives Touched by Breast Cancer." His work is on display through May.  More on his conversations. . .  
Announcing a SICA Book Spine Poetry Challenge!  



The Future
by Maria Popova







Besides celebrating Earth Day and the Environment last month, we also celebrated - here in the USA - National Poetry Month. A site I like to visit, Brain Pickings, did a fun picture poem by cleverly arranging the spines of books to make a poem. In honor of National Poetry Month.  SICA invites you to play with your books and get creative.  Send us a picture of your book spine poemWe'll publish our faves next issue and on our Facebook Fan Page!   

Put Your Material Force
to Work for Humanity! 

It's a great way to feel good!   
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We hope you've enjoyed our SICA Update.  Be sure to visit our website and keep us posted on all the wonderful creative work you all are doing. 

With love from your SICA team, Latifah Taormina, Susannah Rosenthal, Rosario Moir, Ericia Sapir, and Sebastian Flynn.  

See you on our SICA site and on our SICA Fanpage on Facebook!   (Like us!) Hope to see you in Vancouver at the Americas Gathering in June!