China News Digest for October 26-November 1, 2016
China unveils J-20 stealth jet fighter in show of military might

China showed its Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter in public for the first time on Tuesday, opening the country's biggest meeting of aircraft makers and buyers with a show of its military clout. It remains unclear whether or how the J-20 would be displayed after the flypast, or to what extent foreign executives and media would be allowed a close look as they try to figure out its role and effectiveness. Some foreign observers have questioned its stealth capabilities.

The Guardian (English)

Pushing innovation, Chinese firms lead world in R&D spending growth

Research and development spending growth by Chinese companies leads the global market as they shift their advantage from competitive costs to innovation to build up technology capabilities to win in the global market, according to research. The 2016 Global Innovation 1000 Study from Strategy, which identified the 1,000 public companies around the world that spent the most on R&D during the last fiscal year as of June 30, said that 130 Chinese companies among the top 1,000 spenders on R&D had spent a combined $46.8 billion on R&D, up 18.6 percent from $39.4 billion in last year.

People's Daily (English)

The United States is leaning on Germany to block a Chinese takeover
Fortune  (English)
Berlin pushes for EU-wide rules to block Chinese takeovers
Germany stalls Osram unit sale to Chinese buyers: WirtschaftsWoche
Reuters  (English)
WIPO expects China to become second biggest int'l patent applicant in two years
Xinhua  (English)
China set to pass new cybersecurity law
NPC Observer  (English)
How China is fast narrowing the technology gap with the West
The Straits Times  (English)
Advanced armaments debut at Airshow China 2016
GB Times  (English)
What does Xi Jinping's top-down leadership mean for innovation in China?
ChinaFile  (English)
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Chairman: Become space power around 2025
China issues roadmap for rapid development of self-driving cars
Reuters  (English)
Five things to know about China's Long March 5 rocket
GB Times  (English)
China's industrial and military robotics development | U.S.-China Economic and Security Review
Chinese-made electric buses expected to run on Havana streets
People's Daily (English)
China Eastern to fly C919 passenger jets
Shanghai Daily (English)
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