China News Digest for November 2-7, 2016
China's new cybersecurity law rattles foreign tech firms

China's government has approved a broad new cybersecurity law aimed at tightening and centralizing state control over information flows and technology equipment, raising concerns among foreign companies operating in the country. The law, passed by the standing committee of China's rubber-stamp parliament and made public on Monday, says agencies and enterprises must improve their ability to defend against network intrusions while demanding security reviews for equipment and data in strategic sectors. The law also makes censorship a matter of cybersecurity, threatening to punish companies that allow unapproved information to circulate online.

China's most powerful rocket lifts off from island launch centre

The CZ-5 can lift 25 tons of cargo into lower earth orbit, similar to the performance of the Delta IV Heavy, the most powerful launch vehicle in the US space fleet. The arrival of the CZ-5 means the gap between China and the US in space has narrowed from decades to years and the game will change profoundly from now on, according to several space analysts. The rocket and later versions boosted by even more powerful engines will allow China to match the US in operating large-scale, high performance spy satellites and global military communication satellites, as well as attempting to put up a full-sized space station, land humans on the moon or send robotic rovers to Mars.

US Commerce chief warns against China semiconductor investment binge
US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker delivers major policy address on semiconductors at Center for Strategic and International Studies

Lattice Semiconductor to be bought by China-backed Canyon Bridge
A dozen US senators ask Treasury to block Zhongwang takeover of Aleris
Industrial Technology and Innovation Capability Development Plan (2016-2020) officially released
China's big aerospace ambitions are delayed

Wide-body jet to be built by China, Russia in Shanghai

China air show seals 40 bln USD worth of deals

China becomes new "engine" for world's aviation industry
China's Huawei to tap into US market with new Mate 9 smartphone
China to surpass US R&D spend

China issues five-year plan to reduce greenhouse gas emission

China seeks fast growth for medical sector

Building bridges to innovation

Chinese automaker Geely outlines ambitious growth goals

Does China have an effective sea-based nuclear deterrent?
China Power

Chinese aerospace giant unveils first smartphone for country's satellite communications network

China creates world's most powerful superconducting magnet

China sovereign wealth fund to start research institute
China develops high-speed intelligent unmanned sea vessel

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