Volume 11| November 10, 2017
St. Joseph Weekly
November 10, 2017
Weekly SLE (Student Learning Expectation) :
St. Joseph students are intelligent communicators. They express ideas through written and spoken word.
Principal's Letter
Dear Families of Saint Joseph School,

This past week our middle school students completed their electives for the first trimester.  I thought you would find it interesting to see the elective options. As I walked around to visit the electives, I was impressed with both the teaching and the learning. There was clearly evidence of our SLEs:  enjoys learning; thinks critically and creatively; works by themselves and in a group.

Yoga for Teenagers (Mr. Tully): This course is designed to teach the students the basic postures of a yoga practice. In the process, the students will develop strength, flexibility, self-awareness, create energy, and release stress, among many other benefits of yoga. Breathing and meditation techniques will also be included. Each student will have opportunities to teach and design their session for the class to participate in.

Cities of the Future: design and perspective (Ms. Shadowspeaker): What will the cities of the future look like? What is important to a thriving, balanced city? In this course, we will tackle these questions as well as learn how to use one and two point perspective to draw realistic buildings and other structures and landscapes. The sky’s the limit!

Watercolor (Ms. Francisco & Ms. Sampson): Do you like to be creative? Would you find it relaxing to paint your cares away? If so, then this elective is for you! You don’t have to be good at painting to taking this class, just a willingness to try and a desire to learn is enough!

Ready, Set, Design! (Ms. Connick): Discover how design is not only fashion, graphics, and architecture, but a way of thinking and problem solving. Explore the exciting world of product design, architecture, and fashion through hands-on, creative activities. You will build a portfolio of sketches, designs, and ideas that will inspire!

Mathletes Club (Ms. Sagan): An interactive and fun class for six, seventh and eighth graders who love Math. They will create, solve and discuss a wide range of interesting Math problems, puzzles and games using an international online program Mathletics. Students are able to compete with mathletes from different countries including Mexico, New Zealand, Russian, Singapore, Great Britain, Japan and be recognized for their achievements by winning Gold, Silver and Bronze award certificates.

Scrapbooking/Bookmaking/Journaling (Mrs. Carlson): Have you ever written a book? Dreamed of keeping all your memories and thoughts in one place? Well, this elective class could be just what you’ve been looking for this trimester! This class will provide 1 class per week for free writing, hearing stories written in various genres and opportunities to create a personal journal, book of poetry, diary, keepsake scrapbook, book for Young Authors Fair, or other approved writing opportunity. We will provide many choices for paper, writing instruments, decorative paper and accents, glue, tape, etc. as well as a binding solution for your finished product. Each class will begin with a 5-minute quick write. It can be a random topic, journal entry, idea for your project, etc. A story idea or book will also be read or described for students each class to hopefully inspire creativity, ideas and options for their project.

With our Veteran Holiday, let us remember as a school family to pray for those who are currently serving in the military and, in gratitude, for  those who have given their lives for our freedoms.

Thank you for your ongoing support and investment in Catholic education.

God’s Blessings On Each of Us

Dr. Marquita Yriarte
Upcoming Events
  • Fri. Nov. 10- Boys Basketball Game
  • Sat. Nov. 11- Volleyball and Basketball Games
  • Sun. Nov. 12- Basketball Games
  • Tues. Nov 14- $2.00 Free Dress and Popcorn
  • Wed. Nov. 15- FUN RUN!!!
  • Wed. Nov. 15- 8:45 am Basilica Cross Ceremony
  • Thurs: Report Cards Go Home
What's Happening at SJES?
Extended Care Thanksgiving Feast

It's almost time for the annual and loved Extended Care Thanksgiving Celebration. Sign up to attend and experience one of our time honored traditions!

Time to update your calendars with an important date change. This years Christmas program will now be on Tuesday, December 19 at 1:00pm (rehearsal) and 7:00pm. Extended Care will close at 4:30pm to accommodate the program.
The previous 4:30pm closure on the 14th no longer applies. Extended Care will be open until 6:00pm on the 14th
Opera A La Carte
Congratulations to the 6th grade and 4th grade students! Their performance of Cinderella ( La Cenerentola) with the SF Opera was a huge success!

Boys Basketball Games for Friday, November 10
8th Grade: 8:00pm at St. Leo Gym vs. Corpus Christi

Girls Volleyball Games for Saturday, Nov. 11
8th Grade-red: 7:00pm at St. Elizabeth Gym vs. St. Elizabeth

Boys Basketball Games for Saturday, November 11
5th Grade: 12:00pm at St. Elizabeth Gym vs. St. Theresa

Boys Basketball Games for Sunday, November 12
3rd Grade: 12:00pm at St. Joseph Gym vs. SPN
4th Grade: 1:00pm at St. Joseph Gym vs. St. Theresa
5th Grade: 2:00pm at St. Joseph Gym vs. Corpus Christi
7th Grade: 5:00pm at St. Joseph Gym vs. Corpus Christi
Boys come support the girls in your class. Girls come support the boys! For our younger students, come support your faith family members and cheer them on!
Don't forget to purchase your Royal Wear to use at the games! Come support the Royals!
Free Dress and Popcorn
on Tuesday, November 14

This Tuesday bring in $2.00 and receive free dress and popcorn. All proceeds will go towards replacing our Basilica Cross that almost fell .

Join us on Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 8:45am as Father George explains the history and blesses the cross as it returns to the top of the bell tower.
On March 30, 2017, our Basilica Tower Cross had to be taken down due to the back down of the inner structure that supported the cross and secured it to the top of the dome. During the Easter Season, our cross was on display in the Basilica lobby until it was taken to be evaluated by professional craftspeople to see what would be needed to repair and restore the cross, and build a new inner structure to secure it to the top of the dome. During our evaluation of the cross, we found that our cross is constructed completely of copper sheeting, including all the specialized detail. Over it’s ninety years, the cross has be painted numerous times, including gold leaf during the 1970’s, when Monsignor Wagner was Pastor.
Wednesday, November 15, SJES students will be running 40 laps all to help raise money for their school.
The PTG has organized a FUN RUN promoting healthy living while raising money for the children. The money will go towards enrichment programs and enrichment tools for the students.
Makes sure to reach out to friends and family for pledges to encourage the students to reach their goals.
Come on out on Wednesday and cheer them on, too! It will be lots of fun!
News on the Block
Our Basilica Cross, From Father George...

We have been working hard to get our cross back up on our Basilica. Exciting events are happening, see more information below or click  here  for more information on the history of our cross.

An anonymous family has offered to match dollar for dollar, up to $10,000 , for contributions made during the month of November.  To date $1720 of the $30,000 needed has been contributed, so you still have a chance to help us take advantage of this generous matching offer to double the impact of your donation. In the case that we exceed our goal, any excess funds will be earmarked for sanctuary improvements in the Basilica.

November 16th at 8:45am 
The ceremony for installing the cross will begin at 8:45am on Thursday, November 16, following a short prayer service and blessing, accompanied by pure notes sung by the SJND choir. The shimmering gold cross of Saint Joseph Basilica will be hoisted and bolted into place at the top of our belfry where it will stay, God willing, for many decades to come.  Everyone is invited to attend and participate in this historical event.

The costs associated with taking the cross down, fixing it and putting it back on top of the Basilica are estimated to be around $30,000. We need your help! You can be part of this historic moment by contributing any amount of money to our  “Resurrection of the Cross” fund. Ways to Donate are listed in the table below.

. 2. Designated Basket in the church
There will be a special box in the back of the church marked “resurrection of the Cross”. Simply place a check in the box at Mass with "Resurrection of the Cross" written in the note on the check or bring your check into the rectory office.
Parent To Do List:

  • Buy your Yearbook
  • Order your Scrip Gift Cards
  • Collect and turn in BoxTops
  • Order your Royal Wear
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