Volume 10| November 3, 2017
St. Joseph Weekly
November 3, 2017
Weekly SLE (Student Learning Expectation) :
St. Joseph students are capable of self assessment.
Principal's Letter
Dear Families of St. Joseph,

As all of you know, I had the opportunity to visit Athens, as well as a number of the Greek islands and most importantly, the Holy Land. Some highlights of my trip included visiting the island of Patmos, where it is said that Saint John was inspired to write the Book of Revelation as found in the New Testament.

Visiting the Holy Land was something I have wanted to do my whole life. My days in the Holy Land were all that I could have hoped they would be. To be where Jesus walked and taught and died is indescribable. I can only say that it was an emotional and life changing experience for me. I feel, that without question, it deepened my faith in the birth, life, death and Resurrection of Jesus.

I experienced a great deal of reflection on what Jesus means to me. Our third graders wrote reflections on what Jesus means to them. It is striking to think that two thousand years later and, halfway around the world, Jesus is the same Lord and Savior to us all.

Here are a few of our third graders’ reflections on what Jesus means to them.

"Jesus died with a faithful heart and still helped people find faith in themselves."

"Jesus means life to me because life is beautiful."

"Jesus means love to me because he has loved the world."

"Jesus means peace to me. He came to earth to bring peace to us humans."

"Jesus inspires me to build and draw stuff like a paper airplane or to draw a school."

"Jesus means empathy to me. Jesus means this to me because he will always try to cheer up a sad person."

"Jesus means kindness to me. He means kindness to me because Jesus helped everyone when they were sad or 'heart.'"

"Jesus means help to me, because the “hole” world needs help. I feel good because Jesus helps me in everything. Thank you Jesus!!!!"

(I listed their reflections as they spelled them...I just love the authenticity of their thinking.)

God’s Blessings on Each of Us!

Dr. Marquita Yriarte
Upcoming Events
  • Sat. Nov. 4- Volleyball & Basketball Games
  • Sun. Nov. 5- Daylight Savings Ends. Set your clocks back an hour.
  • Sun. Nov. 5- Family Mass 9:00am
  • Sun. Nov. 5- Volleyball games
  • Wed. Nov. 8: Opera A La CarteNO
  • Thurs. Nov. 9- End of the Trimester
  • Friday, Nov. 10- SCHOOL HOLIDAY: Veteran's Day
What's Happening at SJES?
Super Kids

Congratulations to this weeks Super Kids!

We are so proud of you!

Kindergarten: Colette Tanasse
1st Grade: Emma Rocha
2nd Grade: Violet Lim
3rd Grade: Chase Gray
4th Grade: Nikko Flores
5th Grade: Keiko Akima
6th Grade: Cole Coker
7th Grade: Silvia Puga
8th Grade: Lucas Holley

Time to update your calendars with an important date change. This years Christmas program will now be on Tuesday, December 19 at 1:00pm (rehearsal) and 7:00pm. Extended Care will close at 4:30pm to accommodate the program.
The previous 4:30pm closure on the 14th no longer applies. Extended Care will be open until 6:00pm on the 14th
Opera A La Carte
The SF Opera is once again teaming up with St. Joseph Elementary School. Opera a la Carte comes to SJES next Wednesday, November 8th for an afternoon performance of Cinderella ( La Cenerentola) .

All parents are also welcome as the Sixth Grade students become the actors and actresses, and a part of the Student Choir. Our talented Fourth Grade is the backbone of the Student Choir.

Girls Volleyball Games for Weekend of Nov. 4
4th Grade: 9:00am at Alameda Point Gym vs. SPN
6th Grade: 10:00am at Alameda Point Gym vs. Madeline
7th Grade: 11:00am at Alameda Point Gym vs. Madeline
8th Grade-red: 1:00pm at Alameda Point Gym vs. Corpus Christi

Boys Basketball Games for Saturday, November 4
6th Grade: 12:00pm at St. Patrick Gym vs. St. Martin de Porres

Girls Volleyball Games for Sunday, Nov. 5
5th Grade: 2:00pm at St. Joseph Gym vs. Corpus Christi
7th Grade: 3:00pm at St. Joseph Gym vs. St. Elizabeth
8th Grade- red: 4:00pm at St. Joseph Gym vs. St. Elizabeth
8th Grade-blue: 5:00pm at St. Joseph Gym vs. Corpus Christi
Girls Volleyball season and Boys Basketball season are officially underway with games beginning this week.
Boys come support the girls in your class. Girls come support the boys! For our younger students, come support your faith family members and cheer them on!
Don't forget to purchase your Royal Wear to use at the games! Come support the Royals!
Halloween Fun
The Halloween spirit was alive and well at SJES when our "ghosts and goblins" paraded around the block! Classes had no tricks, but lots of treats during their classroom parties put on by the parents!
Yearbook News
Yearbook sales are moving along. Beat the price increase on Jan. 1, 2018 by ordering in 2017! The price is $30 in 2017, rising to $35 on Jan. 1. Yearbooks will be available for $35 from Jan 1 through May 21. After that, pre-ordering will be done, and then we  may  have some copies at $40 (although we will not have very many copies, since we are focusing on pre-orders this year). So, get your books now!

We also want to announce that when ordering, you can add on a few options:
  • Clear labels with text for names are $5.
  • In addition, you may further personalize the yearbook with icons depicting interests like academics, sports or hobbies. These icons go on the same labels with the names. You may order up to five at $3 each.
  • Autograph supplements are 8-page additions that attach at the end of the book inside the cover. Students can add to their autograph space in the book. This feature has an added cost.

Finally, this year we are offering the opportunity to place an ad honoring your student. Ads cost $55 for a quarter page, $80 for a half page, and $105 for a full page. Go to  yearbookforever.com  where you can use the easy guide to include a message and photo for your student.
Yearbook Cover Winners
The yearbook staff congratulates the winners of our cover contest! We had so many outstanding entries, making the final decision difficult. The staff thanks all students for their submissions, and intends to incorporate all the artwork in the yearbook.

First prize goes to Ethan Gonzalez. Second prize goes to Marion Williams. Third place goes to Camille Dawson and Olivia Baltutis.
1st Place Submitted by Ethan Gonzalez (6th Grade)
2nd Place Submitted by Marion Williams (6th Grade)
3rd Place Submitted by Olivia Baltutis and Camille Dawson (7th Grade)
Red Ribbon Week Poster Contest Winners
Last we our talented students submitted posters in honor of Red Ribbon Week (Drug awareness and Healthy Living Awareness.) Our poster winners are:

1st Place Grades K, 1, 2: Sara Salcedo
Winners for Grades 3, 4, 5: Jack Gonzalez and Tyler Aficial
Winner for Grades 6, 7, 8: Brianna Lansang and Jackie Tran and Maylee Witte, Grace Reyes and Miranda Avitia

News on the Block
Family Mass

Everyone is invited to St. Joseph Basilica’s next Family Mass, Sunday November 5 at 9:30am. Since it’s just a few days after All Saints Day, children are encouraged to dress as their favorite saint. Every Mass that weekend will start with a candlelit procession of remembrance. Candles are available for $5 at the Parish Office, on which your family can write the name of a loved one and carry during the opening procession (and take home with you after Mass). 
Help with future Family Masses is welcome. Learn more at  http://sjbalameda.org/blog/family-mass-ministry/  or contact Kitchie Tanaka or Theresa Massie, and sign up to volunteer at  https://goo.gl/forms/wOfZCyXeIBCYkJbC2 .  Adults interested in serving on the planning team are invited to a  Family Mass Planning Meeting  in the Learning Center Sunday November 5 at 10:50am.
Parent To Do List:

  • Buy your Yearbook
  • Order your Scrip Gift Cards
  • Collect and turn in BoxTops
  • Order your Royal Wear
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