Volume 8| October 20, 2017
St. Joseph Weekly
October 20, 2017
Weekly SLE (Student Learning Expectation) :
St. Joseph students are capable of both working independently and cooperatively.
Principal's Letter
Dear Families of St. Joseph,

Shalom from Israel! I enjoyed my time in Greece and I am now in the Holy Land. I miss all the students, but I know they are working hard and having great days!

A few weeks ago, I identified the first section of our Student Learning Expectations. I began with  FAITH FILLED and its descriptors.

Our Student Learning Expectations also address Academics. We expect our students to be ACADEMICALLY CONFIDENT:

  • Enjoys learning
  • Demonstrates knowledge in all areas of the curriculum
  • Thinks critically and creatively
  • Works by themselves and in a group
  • Learns how to use study skills and resources
  • Understands that reviewing work is important

Some goals that our fourth graders set for themselves after reviewing their Progress Reports are as follows:

Listen More
Do more studying for tests.
Listen to the teacher
Improve on religion
Handle my time better
My work being at “tip-top” shape
To act more mature
To act more intelligent
Keeping my desk clean
Reading harder books
Learning fractions
Try not to get in trouble
Turn in work on time
Get better grades
Pay attention to my work
Speak Spanish
Know all the countries and states
Act respectful
Become a decent runner
Make new friends
Finish work in class so I don’t have homework
Getting better at religion tests
Reading a paragraph in a minute
Get to learn new algebra problems
To be a straight A+ student
To get straight A/s in one trimester
Learn how to write good stories
Be more responsible
Be really good at my recorder
Turn stuff in at the right time

At Town Hall, as I read these goals to all of the students I asked students to count on their fingers if any of these goals would help them, as these are a means to becoming academically confident.

We so appreciate all that you do to support us in the teaching/learning process. We thank you for entrusting your children to us.

God's Blessing on Each of Us,

Dr. Marquita Yriarte
Upcoming Events
  • Friday, October 20- Cross Country Meet at Crown Memorial Beach. 5:00p.m. Let's go Royals!
  • Tuesday, Oct. 24- PTG General Meeting at 7:00pm in the Learning Center. All parents please come!
  • Wednesday, Oct. 25. Red Ribbon Posters Due for contest.
  • Thursday, Oct. 27- Native American Assembly
What's Happening at SJES?
Super Kids

Congratulations to this weeks Super Kids!

We are so proud of you!

Kindergarten: Ian Patterson
2nd Grade: Katelyn Ho
3rd Grade: Marifer Cardenas
4th Grade: Daniela Lopez
5th Grade: Anne Obuchi
7th Grade: Vincent Park
8th Grade: Maylee Witte

As you begin creating or shopping for your child’s Halloween costume, please be mindful of our “no weapons” policy with costumes. Students may wear costumes to school on Halloween, but may not bring anything that might be construed as a weapon. Also, for safety purposes, students are not allowed to wear masks or any other objects that will impede their vision. Lastly, please be mindful that costumes should not be too scary. Please use your good judgement to determine if a costume is school appropriate. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to check with your child’s teacher. 
This week all faculty/staff and students attended an assembly regarding peanut/nut tree allergies. The students learned the importance of hand washing, of not sharing food with friends who have food allergies and to help your friends with allergies by getting them help when needed!

Classes were given three separate presentations by grade level. For K-2, an age appropriate video was shared with the children showing other children who have peanut/tree nut allergies and what could happen to them if they ate that food. Every student received pictures of foods that contained peanut/tree nuts and those that were free of peanuts/tree nuts. The students participated in activities identifying nut vs nut free foods!

For grades 3-5, the student watched a different video of children talking about their food allergies and the reactions they can have. All videos shared talked about the importance of the EpiPen or epinephrine injection to save a life. These students also participated in a fun activity determining if a food was safe, questionable or harmful for a person with nut allergies.

For grades 6-8, the students watched a video of a girl similar in age having a reaction to nuts. the girl experienced shortness of breath, severe stomach pains, going to the hospital and getting the EpiPen injection. They learned to be empathetic of other who may have peanut/nut tree allergies.

A big thank you to Mrs. Pam Garcia, Mrs. Kim Gutierrez and Mrs. Shelby Perez for all their efforts to educate the faculty/staff and students.
We received word from Scholastic Books that the following item sold at our Book Fair in the 2016-17 school year is being recalled posing a laceration hazard.

The item being recalled is the slap band included in the book Trolls: It's Hug Time.

Please call the phone number on the flyer to get more information on discarding the item and receiving a free Trolls book.
El Rancho Raffle
Thank you to all the students and parents for helping to sell El Rancho raffle tickets. Congratulations to our top selling students:

1st Place: Chase & Paige VanDerveer
2nd Place: Tyler Aficial
3rd Place: Mateo Guimet-Keeney

A big congratulations to our raffle prize winners:

$2500: Guadalupe Rocha
$1000: Kristy Gray
$500: Belinda Ray
$250: Maya Benitez
Wanted: Yearbook Photographers
We all snap pictures of our SJES students doing great things. Whether it be on a field trip, on the court or in the classroom take pictures and upload them to the yearbook website to be used in the yearbook!

You too can be a yearbook photographer!
Community Health Fair
Alameda Health System is offering a Community Health Fair at Alameda Hospital.

  • Free Flu Shots
  • Free Health Screenings
  • Fun Activities and Exhibits for the whole family!
News on the Block

It is now even easier to make your weekly church donation. Whether you're out of town, unable to attend church due to weather, illness or a family emergency, your gifts will always be received.
Shop with Scrip Means Fundraising
SCRIP is an easy tool to help raise money for St. Joseph Elementary School. Participating SCRIP retailers sell their gift cards to St. Joseph at a discount. You purchase the cards from St. Joseph at their face value and the school gets to keep the savings. It’s that simple.

The Scrip program generates over $30,000 a year for our school with only a 33% participation rate from our families. Imagine what we could raise if everyone participated!

We all have to grocery shop! Instead of using cash or a credit card, buy gift cards for Safeway, Lucky's, Nob Hill or Berkeley Bowl from us. Use these to do your weekly shopping and you'll not only be filling your family contract you'll be helping the school!

Email Carla VanDerveer at cvanderveer@csdo.org with your order today!
Parent To Do List:

  • Bring in Pennies for the Penny Wars
  • Order your Scrip Gift Cards
  • Collect and turn in BoxTops
  • Order your Royal Wear
  • Ms. Shadowspeaker is in need of unscented baby wipes for the art classroom. Please send a pack of wipes with your child!!!
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