Volume 7 | October 13, 2017
St. Joseph Weekly
October 13, 2017
Weekly SLE (Student Learning Expectation) :
St. Joseph students are capable of both working independently and cooperatively.
Principal's Letter
Dear Families of Saint Joseph School,

I want to begin by thanking each and everyone of you who worked tirelessly to make our EL RANCHO such a wonderful success. I especially want to thank Mrs. Orozco-Lopez (El Rancho Chair) and her team of Mrs. Gray (Adult Booth Chair), Mrs. Holley (Food Booth Chair) and Mrs. Dominguez (Children's Booth Chair). I was so impressed with the Spirit of Community that permeated the event from beginning to end.

I wanted to make sure that all of you are aware of our SCHOOLWIDE LEARNING EXPECTATIONS. I like to think that they could also be defined as the profile of a Saint Joseph Elementary School graduate. Out of the five categories the first is :

  • Knows the practices of the Catholic Church
  • Lives the Word of God
  • Grows in God’s love through prayer and Mass participation

I asked students to reflect on a bulletin board title in one of the classrooms which said: KINDNESS MATTERS

Here is what the students said:

  • "Kindness to me is the act of caring for another without reward."

  • "I like random acts of kindness. I saw an old man crossing the street and no car would stop for him. There was a younger guy that walked across the street with him so he could get to the other side safely. That was really nice."

  • "Kindness is when you care for others, help others, compliment others."

  • "Life without kindness would be a sad place and it would not be a place where this school would be."

  • "Kindness can save lives and make someone’s day better."

  • "Kindness is keeping the mean words out and letting the compliments flow out of your mouth."

  • "Kindness is reaching out to somebody even if it wasn’t the first thing you wanted to do. As a new student here at Saint Joseph coming to a new school in the middle of middle school, it is not the easiest thing to do, yet everyone has been very kind to me almost like I have been here all along."

What a wonderful school full of Faith Filled children. We truly are blessed!

God’s Blessings on Each of Us,

Dr. Marquita Yriarte
Upcoming Events
  • Friday, October 13- Cross Country Meet has been cancelled!
  • Monday, Oct 16- Nut Allergy Presentation
  • Tuesday, Oct. 17- Picture Make-Up Day
  • Wednesday, Oct. 18- October Birthday Free Dress
  • Thursday, Oct. 19- Scoliosis Screening
What's Happening at SJES?
Super Kids

Congratulations to this weeks Super Kids!

We are so proud of you!

Kindergarten: Karis Awayan
2nd Grade: Kelly Nguyen
4th Grade: Jordan Tanaka
5th Grade: Hayden Holmgren
7th Grade: Isabelly Duarte
8th Grade: Maylee Witte (absent)

As you begin creating or shopping for your child’s Halloween costume, please be mindful of our “no weapons” policy with costumes. Students may wear costumes to school on Halloween, but may not bring anything that might be construed as a weapon. Also, for safety purposes, students are not allowed to wear masks or any other objects that will impede their vision. Lastly, please be mindful that costumes should not be too scary. Please use your good judgement to determine if a costume is school appropriate. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to check with your child’s teacher. 
Choicelunch is giving children and families more choices than ever.

Everyday up to 12 different entrees (hot and cold are offered. Children can then pick their drink, fruit/vegetable and snack.

Don't forget the popular Jamba Juice option. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Jamba Juice is offered as an add on to your lunch order.

Did you know that Choicelunch and the PTG have partnered on behalf of the school. For every lunch ordered, Choicelunch gives the school $0.10. 100 lunches per day x $0.10 per lunch x 22 school days in a month x 10 months in a school year = $2200.00 back to the children!
Thanks to all our SJES parents and students for an amazing
El Rancho Day 2017!
Yearbook Nook
St. Joseph Elementary students are encouraged to enter the contest to design the cover for the 2017-2018 yearbook. The design should incorporate the theme of "Ohana" (family). Student artists may interpret the theme in any way that reflects family or community, with a Hawaiian twist!

  • First prize (front cover) winner will receive a $10 gift card from Jamba Juice.
  • Second prize (inside front cover) will receive two Tucker's Ice Cream tokens.
  • Third prize (inside back cover) will receive one Tucker's Ice Cream token.

Deadline for submission is October 20 . Please turn in entries to Ms. Francisco. Thank you and good luck.

Native American Enrichment Assembly

In honor of Native American Pride Month the PTG is hosting the Native Pride Dancers in the first PTG assembly for the 2017-18 school year.

Larry Yazzie, The Native Pride Dancer is truly an American treasure. From the Meskwaki Nation in Tama, Iowa, Larry is a two-time World Champion Fancy Dancer, and Eagle Dancer. His repertoire includes performances at the Olympics, The Kennedy Center, and the Smithsonian Institute. As an international lecturer, dancer, and educator, Larry has earned the reputation for being one of the nation’s leading experts on Native American dance and culture. Larry will teach about the beauty, symbolism, and skill of Native American music, dance, and regalia. The performance will include traditional stories, musical styles, and insight into the vibrant history and culture of Native American life.
News on the Block
We Need You at St. Joseph's Family Mass
As Pope Francis renews his call to us to “Share the Journey", the four churches of the Alameda Deanery will respond by asking Catholic Charities to again send us newly arrived refugees. 

Following our inspiring year with an Afghan family we are ready to begin anew. 

Some side benefits of participating in Welcome the Stranger Ministry, told by last year’s team:

  • Meet and work with other Catholics
  • Feel true connection with your faith community
  • Grow in understanding and care for another culture 

Please join us at the
All-Deanery Organizing Meeting
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
 7:00 to 8:00 PM
St. Joseph Learning Center
1910 San Antonio
(in school yard)

If you would like to see a list of specific roles to choose from before we meet, please contact Anna Rossi, amrossi1238@aol.com or 510-814-1038. 
Parent To Do List:

  • Order your Scrip Gift Cards
  • Collect and turn in BoxTops
  • Ms. Shadowspeaker is in need of unscented Baby Wipes for the art classroom. Please send a pack of wipes with your child!!!
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Serving Alameda and neighboring cities since 1881, St. Joseph Elementary School embraces the principles of learning, loving and living God's word as Jesus taught us. We are dedicated to educating and nurturing the whole child by offering a time-honored and challenging Catholic education. Inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church and driven by the spirit of effective collaboration, we join together as a diverse community to know Jesus and to make Him known.