Volume 50, Issue # 6, June 1, 2018
Getting Ready for the Lighthouse Ride!
What is the Future of our Wildflower Ride?
Ken Price for the Bob Garing Service Award
Pot Luck and Trivia Night, June 7
Pie and Ice Cream Ride , June 27
President's Message
New Membership Software System

On June 1, you will be receiving an email welcoming you to our new membership software system, Club Express. The email will include your temporary username and password. Please use these to log in to the system and update your profile information.

This is just the first step of transferring our membership, communication and event planning over to the new system. Why? Because having everything in one place is much more efficient and our old system was becoming outdated.

Do you have computer skills you would like to share? We are looking for members who are willing to learn about and maintain our new system. If you are comfortable with word processing, spreadsheets and forms, we would welcome your participation in this process.

If you have membership questions, please contact Marina at membership@slobc.org.
If you would like to join our team of administrators, please email Will at public-relations@slobc.org.
Club News
Get Ready for the 2018 Lighthouse Ride

     by Larry Rutter, 2018 Lighthouse Ride Chair

The 2018 Lighthouse Ride will be held on Saturday, September 22nd. Once again, our century rides are successful thanks to the hard work and commitment of our members who plan and organize a first class bicycle event in San Luis Obispo County.   The volunteer sign-up system will open on June 1st.  On that date, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the sign-up system.

This year’s ride will offer a revised route that will take advantage of the newly completed segment of Highway 1 north of Cappuccino Cove. Riders will enjoy panoramic views of the Elephant Seal Preserve and our coast as they travel to a turnaround point three miles north of the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse.

Finally, we are going to try some new ways to show our appreciation to our many dedicated volunteers.  Save the date!  On Sunday, September 23rd, in lieu of the traditional pre-ride and evening banquet, the club will host a Volunteer Festival, with a fully supported volunteer ride and a BBQ picnic at Hardie Park in Cayucos. Stay tuned for more details.
What is the Future of our Wildflower Ride?
by Dave Abrecht

Our Wildflower Ride has been a successful and well attended organized century ride for many years. Historically, the ride filled with 1400 participants in a matter of weeks. However, since 2015, participation in the ride and the revenue generated by the ride has declined. 

At the May Board of Directors’ meeting, Susan McTaggart asked me to chair a committee to study the recent history of the ride and make a recommendation to the Board about the future of the ride. The committee will be comprised of three board members and four club members who have served as Wildflower Ride volunteers.

One of my concerns is ensuring that all of our members have an opportunity to express their thoughts about the ride. Your comments and opinions are an important aspect of the committee’s final recommendation. 

Please send your comments to me at  ride-coordinator@slobc.org .
Thank you for your interest and honest opinions as we tackle this important issue for our club. 
Volunteers of the Month

by Pam Zirion

Our Volunteer(s) for the month of June are Shelley and Tim Long. This couple has done many jobs for the club over many years. When I spoke to Shelley and Tim the other day, they were on a trip and had just toured Elvis’ home in Tupelo, MS, and were scheduled to do a bike ride The Tour de Nashville!

Shelley joined SLOBC in 1987, and Tim joined later after seeing that Shelley was having such a good time. Shelley joined with her friend, Mary,and were some of the few women in the club which met at Meadow Park in those days. They helped lobby for women’s jerseys for the Wildflower Ride where the food was mostly PB & J sandwiches. They also rode that 50 mile ride on their 10 speed bicycles.

Over the years the Longs have been in charge of pre-ride for the Wildflower, captains for many stops, Pen-Ear articles for the newsletter, and food ordering. A while ago it was called the “food fight” because the captains for each rest stop would meet at Vons and grab food for their stops. The first one there got the best pickings! Tim has also been club Vice President, newsletter editor for 6 years and ride coordinator. He rides often with the North County riders. Shelley has designed two wildflower jerseys and now rides tandem with Tim.

In the past, Shelley was part of the “Wacky Women” group which did tours of up to 80 miles a day carrying their own gear and being self-sufficient. Included in that group were Cyndi Varni, Gail Vanderlinde, Barbara Johnson, Carolyn Walters, Joan Petersen, Maureen Griswold and Anne Kelly.

Shelley and Tim have done many trips on their bicycle as well. These include Bike and Barge, a self-guided trip from Seattle to Portland, tours with club members to New Mexico, Utah, Canada, Croatia, France and Italy.

Tim worked in Special Education for 30 years at ASH and for over 30 years, Shelley was a medical surgical nurse, allergy nurse and assisted with AIDS patients. Now they enjoy traveling and spending time with their 2-year old grandson, Silas, and his parents, Shana and Ryan.

Thank you, Shelley and Tim, for helping our Club thrive through your efforts and guidance for many years.

If you would like to nominate or suggest a person for Volunteer of the Month, contact Debbie Abrecht at dlabrecht@icloud.com
June Potluck,
Trivia Night and
Bob Garing Celebration!

Date : Thursday, June 7, 2018 
Time : 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Where : Oak Glen Pavillion
Join us as we celebrate this year's recipient of the Bob Garing Award, Ken Price , and share a lively evening of food, drink and friendly competition. Show off your smarts and your fabulous cooking skills too. 

  • Bring a main dish, salad or side dish to share, but no desserts. The club will provide that. 
  • You may bring beer or wine. We will provide non-alcoholic drinks. 
  • Remember to bring your own plate, glass, fork, spoon, and napkin.

 Please use the button below to RSVP to Bonnie Birch.
Pie and Ice Cream Ride
to Linn's Original Farmstore
Wednesday, June 27
10:30 - 11:30

It is time for another Pie and Ice Cream Ride to Linn’s Original Berry Farm outside of Cambria (not the downtown restaurant)! Join us for a beautiful ride on a meandering country road. From Cambria, you’ll ride out of town for a flat 5 miles on Santa Rosa Creek Road to Linn's Original Farmstore. There we'll sit under the sycamores and enjoy a slice of Linn's famous pie with ice cream and coffee. You can join one of our organized rides or ride/drive on your own.

This is a SLOBC members-only ride hosted by the Eat and Greet Committee. Please RSVP to Debbie Abrecht using the button below.  
Organized Rides to Lynn's Farmhouse

In addition to your RSVP, please email the ride leader if you plan to join one of these rides.

Time: 8:30 a.m.
Total miles: 65 miles
Ride leader: Marina Michel

Time: 9:00 a.m.
Total miles: 46 miles
Ride leader: Susan McTaggart

Start:  Harmony
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Total miles: 27 miles
Ride leader: Dave Abrecht

Start:  Shamel Park
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Total miles: 15 - 25 miles on various routes
Ride Leader: June Kramer

Start:  Shamel Park
Time: 9:30
Route: Windsor to Main to Santa Rosa Creek and back
Total miles: 14.4 miles
Ride Leader: Stu and Janie Goldenberg
Phone or email: 805-544-4720 or  sgoldenb@calpoly.edu
2018 Bob Garing Service Award Recipient
Congratulations to Ken Price, the 2018
Bob Garing Award Recipient.    

Do you know that before Ken and his wife, Cheryl Koalska, moved to Arroyo Grande and joined the SLOBC he was a passionate and avid running enthusiast. Before he traded running shorts for spandex, he logged at least 54 marathon events (26.2 miles) and competed in challenging running events, such as a run from the portal of Mt. Whitney to the very top of the mountain!

Ken has brought that same passion to cycling and to the effort to create safe cycling conditions on our state and local roads. Ken is the longest serving Safety Director in club history, assuming that duty in 2010. As our Safety Director, Ken has focused primarily on road conditions and improving our local transportation infrastructure for cyclists. He is on first name basis with officials from our local Cal-Trans office, the County of San Luis Obispo Public Works Department and many of the municipal public works departments. 

Ken’s work on behalf of safety extends beyond the SLOBC. He served as the District 4 representative to the County’s Bicycle Advisory Committee; he is a participating member of Bike SLO County’s Advocacy Team and he is a current member of the City of Arroyo Grande Traffic Commission. As the lone cycling enthusiast on the Traffic Commission, he is constantly reminding the other members that our transportation system must accommodate all users.

As a very active club member, Ken also:
  • Created and maintains our Adopt-a-Road effort on Ontario Road
  • Served as a Lighthouse and Wildflower Ride Captain
  • Served as a Bike Month Breakfast Volunteer
  • Publishes regular safety and road condition notices to our membership
Lastly, Ken had a direct role in the safety of the newly realigned section of Highway 1 north of the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse. Cal-Trans planned the new roadway to have standard eight foot shoulders. Coastal Commission staff objected for aesthetic reasons and the matter was referred to the Commission before construction began. Ken and I traveled to the Commission meeting in Ventura and testified on behalf of the need for the wider shoulders, citing safety, the number of cyclists who tour along Highway 1 and the requirements of the newly enacted three foot passing law. The Commission overruled staff’s recommendation and today we have a section of the highway that is much safer for motorists and cyclists alike.

Please plan to attend our Potluck event on Thursday, June 7 as we honor Ken for his unselfish and dedicated service to the SLOBC and to the bicycle community in San Luis Obispo County.
Financial Report
As of the middle of May, we have $153,838 in our checking account, $63,769 in our CD account and $5,324 in our PayPal account.

Our net income (revenue minus expenses) is -$13,808.

The Wildflower Ride brought in a total of $80,460. Total expenses for the ride to date are $59,207. 

If you would like to be put on an email list to receive the club’s financial statements at the end of each month, let me know at treasurer@slobc.org and I will put you on the mailing list.

Thank you.
Your SLOBC Treasurer
Bill Martin
SLOBC Board Minutes
Board Meeting: Tuesday, May 1, 2018
SLO County Air Pollution Office, San Luis Obispo CA
Meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm.
Board Members Present: Susan McTaggart, Chris Broome, Marina Michel, Ken Price, Will Benedict, Harvey Cohon, Jack Robison, Judy Kelling, Bill Martin, Bonnie Birch, Barry Rands, Tim Rich.
Absent:  Dave Abrecht
Visitors & Guests: None
Minutes from the April 3, 2018 meeting were approved (MSC: Cohon, Rands).
No board members reported having a conflict of interest with any agenda item.
        Treasurer’s update: Wildflower receipts exceeded disbursements by about $19,000 after considering $14,400 of contributions to ride related charities. For the year, the club’s expenses have exceeded revenue by approximately $8,000.  This is due in part to having already donated $15,000 to Bike SLO County.
        Wildflower Update:  Will discussed rider feedback and the importance of the ride to the local community.  He also reviewed the possibility of tying future contributions to the number of riders to deal with fluctuations in the number of paid riders.  The future of the ride was discussed.  Susan will appoint a small committee that will examine ride options and viability and report back to the board and club members. 
        Internal Control Officer report: No unusual items were noted.
        Bonnie discussed the June potluck to be held at the SLO County Botanical Gardens.
        The Club Express software purchase was approved (MSC: Benedict, Martin).  Implementation will take place in stages, starting with the membership function.  There will be a demonstration the software for the board at the next meeting.
        Susan has solicited volunteers to help with the bike/pedestrian count for SLOCOG.
        Barry discussed his desire to see if he can reduce animosity and enhance more mutual respect in the Anholm Bikeway deliberations.  The board supported his concepts.
        A revised more inclusive E-Bike policy was approved (MSC: Birch, Cohen).  The policy will be printed in the newsletter and included in our policies on the club’s website. 
New Business:
        Approved a $500 contribution for bike valet at the Morro Bay 4 th  of July event.  Money to be allocated from the Unplanned Requests account (MSC: Rands, Martin).
        Future club meetings.  August members’ meeting will be a presentation by a Physical Therapist and November meeting will be on bike travel.
        Will presented information on past Lighthouse and Wildflower jersey preorders.  Historically the Lighthouse has generated more sales than the Wildflower.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 6:30 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jack Robison, Secretary
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