Volume 49, Issue #5, May 1, 2017
What's Happening
Quick Look
May 6, 2017: Cycle de Mayo, Atascadero Lake Park
May 16, 2017: Tour of California, Stage 3
May 21, 2017: Pie and Ice Cream Ride, Cambria 
President's Message
May is Bike Month
By Dave Abrecht
The San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club has been a long-time supporter of our local Bike Month activities.  In cooperation with the RideShare organization, our members have hosted Bike Breakfasts, planned bike rides for children and families and financially supported Bike Month activities and programs.  

Next month, our members have a number of opportunities to become involved in Bike Month.

1. We are co-hosting a Bike to Work Day Bike Breakfast on Friday, May 19, 7 - 9 AM at the San Luis Obispo County Council of Governments' office, 1114 Marsh St. SLO.  We need six members to help plan and serve the breakfast.  For more information and to volunteer, please contact me at president@slobc.org or 805.801.9211

2. The SLOBC has made a donation to Cycle de Mayo, a Bike Month event on Saturday, May 6 at Atascadero Lake Park.   For more information, see the flyer elsewhere in the newsletter or contact Elaine McElmury at ride-coordinator@slobc.org or 805.712.3641

3. Ride Share is also looking for SLOBC members to help facilitate Ride to Work rides on Friday, May 19th.  The rides will start at various locations around the county and travel to the planned bike breakfasts and work centers.  If you have an interest in helping workers around the county commute by bike, please contact Peter Williamson at the San Luis Obispo County Council of Governments (SLOCOG) at PWilliamson@rideshare.org.

4. For members who reside in San Luis Obispo, during Bike Month the city will be experimenting with traffic calming measures on High St. to improve bicycle safety. More information is available at https://rideshare.org/events/a-better-block-high-street-2/

The calendar for Bike Month activities is available at http://ridesharew.org/programs/bike-month  Make your plans now to participate in and support these activities that promote bicycle riding for recreation and transportation.

Your Board is open to questions, comments and suggestions.  Feel free to contact us at board@slobc.org and stay tuned for more information!
Upcoming Events
Cycle de Mayo, Sat. May 6

Cycle de Mayo is an annual bike month event in northern SLO county.  This year it will be held at Atascadero Lake Park on Saturday, May 6.  Besides encouraging ridership and promoting bike safety, the event will highlight plans creating a bike path to connect the North County cities as part of the Salinas River Trail Plan.   SLOBC will have a promotional booth at the park. 

The program includes a lot of fun activities and it’s free!  There will be group rides to the park from Atascadero, Templeton and Paso Robles. There’s an awesome BMX stunt show, and you can watch the children’s Bike Safety Rodeo where they navigate around cones and stop signs.  The kids will also ride around the lake after they’ve decorated their bikes.
New this year is the Bike Swap Meet where you can buy and sell used or new bike gear.  You may bring items to the SLOBC table for us to sell.   All items must be clean and in working order.  You can either put a price tag on items, or we will sell them for whatever we can get. If you put your name on the items, we will give you the proceeds; otherwise it will be a donation to SLOBC.  Any leftover items will be donated to the Bike Kitchen unless you put a note on specific items that you want them returned if not sold.  We will deduct $3 from your sales to help cover the cost of the swap meet space.  You can bring any items you want to sell over to Dave Abrecht’s house by Monday, May 1, or to the SLOBC swap meet table in Atascadero Lake Park on Saturday, May 6 after 9:30 am. Please contact Dave at daveabrecht@me.com to drop off gear.

So mark it on your calendar. We’re looking for a few volunteers for the swap meet tables and promo booth.   If you can help please contact Elaine McElmury at tipsycyclist@gmail.com You can get more details about the event at www.CycleDeMayo.com.
Tour of California,
Tuesday, May 16 

The Tour of California is returning to SLO County on  May 16.  Stage 3 of the 2017 Tour will start in Pismo Beach, travel south into northern Santa Barbara County and finish in Morro Bay.  Once again, the SLOBC will host a viewing location for members to gather, socialize and watch the live action.

Below are the preliminary details.  Plans are still being developed and updated information will be sent out to all members soon.

WhenTuesday, May 16,  2:00 PM
Where:  Claiborne and Churchill Winery, 2649 Carpenter Canyon Road (Hwy 227), SLO

We need some members who are willing to lead rides from places such as Meadow Park, French Park and a south county location.  Rides would start at 1:00 PM, or earlier, and arrive at the winery by 2:00 PM to wait for the tour to arrive.  Members are also welcome to arrive by car.  The winery will set aside a portion of their patio for us to gather after the Tour passes the location.  Wine tasting is available for a fee or free with the purchase of wine. 

More detailed information will be sent out via e-mail.  Click on the “Interest” button below to e-mail Dale Sutliff and let him know you would like to attend. 
Pie and Ice Cream Ride

When: Sunday, May 21      
            10:30 - noon
Where: Linn's Fruit Bin Farmhouse
            6275 Santa Rosa Creek Rd.
            Cambria, CA 

Join us for scrumptious pie, ice cream and coffee at Linn's original farmhouse on Santa Rosa Creek Rd. This is a members-only event organized by the Eat-and-Greet Committee.  Please RSVP to Debbie  Abrecht. See below for organized ride information.
Organized Rides to Pie and Ice Cream

You are invited to join one of these groups in riding to Linn's for pie and ice cream.  Please email the ride leaders so they'll know how many people to expect.  

Start: Shamel Park
Time: 9:30
Route:  Windsor to Main to Santa Rosa Creek and back
Total miles:  14.4 miles
Ride Leader:  Stu and Janie Goldenberg
Phone or email: 805-544-4720 or sgoldenb@calpoly.edu

Start: Harmony
Time: 9:30
Total miles: 27 miles
Ride leader: Dave Abrecht

Time: 9:00 
Total miles: 46 miles
Ride leader: Sandi Heller

Time: 8:30
Total miles: 65 miles
Ride leader: Marina Michel
News & Notes
Octagon Barn Update and Invitation

The Octagon Barn project is moving forward.
  1. Renovation has begun on the Milking Parlor building next to the Barn.  It will serve as a weatherproof education center, community room and museum.
  2. Water tanks have arrived for the site and will be put in place as soon as things dry out a little more.
  3. Applications for construction of all of the elements of the Center, including landscaping and our water company, are being processed by the County.
  4. The County is still on track to begin grading the site and installing a turn lane in late August or early September.  
  5. Significant strides have been made in fundraising.

We welcome you to come see the progress for yourself at our upcoming event! We are hosting a "Breakfast at the Barn" on Thursday, May 18, from 9:00 to 10:00 am. Please join us for coffee, breakfast refreshments and exciting updates and a tour from The Land Conservancy team.   RSVP to laurenm@slo.org or call 544-9096.

Bike SLO County's
"Bikes & Beauty" Fashion Show

Bike SLO County's "Bikes and Beauty" Fashion Show takes place during the Bike Month Blow Out at the Guild Hall in SLO on May 19th, 2017, from 6:30 - 9:30 PM. The idea behind the show, begun many years ago, is that there are as many types of bike clothes as there are types of bikes. Every year, local enthusiasts design clothing, often incorporating bike materials like inner tubes, chains, bike lights or reflectors. Fashion show participants do not walk the runway so much as ride it, with most models riding bikes on the Guild Hall stage, accessed by a ramp built especially for the event. 

The Bike Month Blow Out is open to the public, and entry is free. There will be beer, wine, cocktails, sodas and food available for purchase, and the first 100 to arrive receive a free 2017 Commemorative Bike SLO County/Bike Month Blow Out Stainless Steel Pint Glass. There will be raffles for bicycles and other prizes, and all proceeds from the event benefit Bike SLO County.

Additional information is available at Rideshare's Bike Month page: https://rideshare.org/events/bike-to-work-day-after-party-2/

From the Archives
Harvey Cohon, Historian

Thank you all for a successful 2017 Wildflower Ride.  I know we can’t give the SLO Bike Club kudos for the weather and nature’s blooms this year, but as historian, I must remind you from where we came. 

These photos from ‘only’ one year ago show what a difference a year of rain makes.

If you have photos of the previous years' good times please send them on so that we can continue this historical section of our newsletter. 


Harvey at historian@slobc.org

SLOBC Board Minutes
Draft Subject To Board Approval
Tuesday, April 4, 2017
SLO County Air Pollution Office, San Luis Obispo, CA
Jack Robison, Secretary

Meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm.

Board Members Present: David Abrecht, Gil Pitt, Bill Martin, Jack Robison,  Larry Rutter, Elaine McElmury, Susan McTaggart, Dale Sutliff, Harvey Cohon, Ken Price, Will Benedict, Mike Balster, Barry Rands

Absent: None

Visitors & Guests: None

Minutes from the February 28, 2017 meeting were approved (MSC: Cohon/Price).

Elaine McElmury stated she has a conflict of interest with The Cycle de Mayo agenda item.

  • Thank you letters were received from:
  1.      Shandon High School for $4,000 of scholarships
  2.      Sheriff’s Xmas Bike Give-Away for $1,000 DONATION
  3.      Morro Coast Audubon Society provided information on the bike rack donation           
         the club made some time ago.
  • Wildflower Update: Will Benedict reported there were 997 riders registered.   Because a number of riders registered late and paid $85 this is equivalent to 1,030 riders paying $75.  He is continuing to make presentations to advisory boards in the ride area to insure that people are aware of the ride. Harvey Cohon reported that although 75 members signed up for the pre-ride only 45 people actually rode.
  • Treasurer’s Update: Wildflower expenses are in line with the decreased riders registered
  • Ride Leader’s Update: Elaine McElmury discussed April 23rd San Miguel ride and packets to be distributed to ride leaders. 
  • Programs Update:  Barry Rands is prepared with pizza and games for Thursday’s meeting. 
  • Public Relations Update:  Will Benedict shared the rack cards which he had printed which describe our century rides and the benefits of club membership. Motion was made to purchase plastic holders to display the cards at bike shops and other venues (MSC: Pitt/Balster). 

New Business:

  • Dave Abrecht confirmed that in an on-line meeting the board approved co-hosting the Bike to Work Day Breakfast with SLOCOG on Friday, May 19.
  • Elaine McElmury discussed Cycle de Mayo event to be held May 6 in Atascadero.  Club budget includes a $250 donation to the event. 
  • Dale Sutliff discussed bike ride on May 13/14 to raise interest in High Street Traffic Calming Strategy. 
  • Bill Martin reviewed changes that will be initiated in response to Craig Armstrong’s 2016 Financial Review.  
  • Dale Sutliff discussed the importance of approval of the funding for the “Request for Proposals for Right of Way and Easement Acquisition and Construction Documents” for the  Bob Jones Bike Trail extension.  Members will be encouraged to attend an upcoming County Board of Supervisor’s meeting that will act of the issue.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 6:25 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jack Robison, Secretary
Treasurer's Report
Bill Martin, Treasurer

As of the middle of April the club has $168,898 in our operations checking account, $3,564 in our PayPal account, and $63,578 in a reserve account.  Our net income up to this point (total income minus total expenses) is $18,071.

I am in the process of paying Wildflower Ride invoices and reimbursements.  All Wildflower related contributions have been distributed.   Our gross income from ride registration fees and jersey sales is $90,330 from which we should net about 40%.

If you would like to be put on an email list to receive the club’s financial statements at the end of each month, let me know at treasurer@slobc.org and I will put you on the mailing list.
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