Volume 49, Issue #11, November 1, 2017
What's Happening
Quick Look
November 2, 2017: General Meeting, E-Bikes, 7:00 pm, Ludwick Center, SLO
November 12, 2017: Autumn Pie Ride, Paso Robles, details below
December 8, 2018: December Potluck Dinner, details next month
January 1, 2018: Save the date!   New Year’s Day Ride. details next month
President's Message
SLOBC Membership Dues Will Increase in 2018
As we close out this year, the SLOBC Board of Directors voted to raise the club dues for 2018. An individual membership will be $20 per year and a family membership will be $30. We have been discussing this increase for several months and notices of our discussion were placed in previous editions of the SLO Coaster.

The current dues have been in place as long as anyone can remember and they did not come close to covering our basic administrative costs. In the last several years, all of our overhead costs have increased and we have added a number of online services and increased the number of social activities for the benefit of our membership.

Speaking for the board, we certainly hope that this modest increase will not deter any of our members from enjoying all of the benefits of SLOBC membership in the coming years.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me at president@slobc.org

2018 Board of Directors’ Positions

In November, you will be receiving an online ballot for the election of next year’s Board of Directors. The following members have accepted nomination for the Board.

President: Susan McTaggart
Vice-President: Judy Kelling
Secretary: Jack Robison
Treasurer: Bill Martin
Membership: Marina Michel
Ride Coordinator: Dave Abrecht
Newsletter Editor: Harvey Cohon
Advocate: Barry Rands
Historian: Open
Safety Director: Ken Price
Public Relations: Open
Programs: Open
Director-At-Large: Bonnie Birch

Note that three positions, Historian, Public Relations and Programs, are listed as “open”. It is not too late for any member to decide to take a more active roll in club leadership. If you have an interest in serving or questions about the duties of these open positions, please feel free to contact me or incoming President nominee Susan McTaggart.
Upcoming Events
E-Bikes: What's the Buzz?

You have probably seen an electric bike or two on one of our club rides. They are getting more affordable and technologically advanced every year. And there are dozens of brands and options to choose from. Is there one out there for you? Join us at the General Meeting at  7:00 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 2, at the Ludwick Center in SLO for a panel discussion on electric bikes. Representatives from some of our local bike shops will be there to talk e-bikes, answer your questions, and exhibit their offerings. And if you have an e-bike, please bring it to the meeting and tell us what you like about it!
Autumn Pie Ride
Our next club ride will be on Sunday, November 12, starting at Barney Schwartz Park in Paso Robles and going out the new Estrella Rd underpass on a beautiful and easy stretch of horse ranch land. The route has an extra section in the middle for those wanting to ride 40 instead of 32 miles. The club will provide lunch with pumpkin & apple pie at the shaded lakeside pavilion. BYOB if you want beer or wine. There is a 60-rider limit, so RSVP soon!

Suggested start times: 9:30 a.m. for 40-mile route, 10:15 a.m. for 32-mile route. Late lunch at 1:30 p.m. It could be cool, so bring appropriate clothing.

Also, we are looking for a few volunteers to help with food, marking and sweep. Volunteers can ride too. Contact Elaine McElmury at tipsycyclist@gmail.com if you can help.
Click here to see routes:
Autumn Pie Ride 32-miles 1193 elevation gain
Autumn Pie Ride 40-miles 1661 elevation gain

Barney Schwartz Park is at 2970 Union Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93446

  • From 101 
  • Exit 46 east
  • Right at Union road (you’ll see it after th traffic light at Golden Hill)
  • Right on Iverson Way (marked by balloons)
  • Park in lot at end of street 
News & Notes
Lighthouse Century 2017
Thank you to all of our volunteers for making this ride a success!
Photo by Chris Manning
Cycling Safety
By Ken Price

After another avoidable bike fatality, I want to raise our awareness of things we can do to decrease our vulnerability.

  1. Use the brightest taillight you can find.
  2. Wear a brightly colored jersey in yellow, lime green or red.
  3. Wear brightly colored leggings or socks.
  4. Use a rearview mirror.
  5. Ride on roads with designated bike lanes as much as possible.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings: weather, cars, road conditions, etc.
Treasurer's Report
Bill Martin, Treasurer
As of the middle of October the club has $220,345 in our operations checking account, $3,105 in our PayPal account, and $63,578 in a reserve account. Our net income up to this point (total income minus total expenses) is $54,752. This net looks “fat” but most of the Lighthouse expenses have yet to be paid.

Note about Lighthouse revenues. The Lighthouse is usually the club’s cash cow. It normally brings in much more money and nets much more than the Wildflower. However, this year all that has changed. Because of lower than usually registrations we may see a reduction of $8-10,000 in revenue. That means we will need to be extremely prudent in managing our funds to the end of the year.

If you would like to be put on an email list to receive the club’s financial statements at the end of each month, let me know at treasurer@slobc.org .
SLOBC Board Minutes
Tuesday, October 3, 2017
SLO County Air Pollution Office, San Luis Obispo, CA
Meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm.

Board Members Present: David Abrecht, Bill Martin, Jack Robison, Larry Rutter, Susan McTaggart, Ken Price, Will Benedict, Mike Balster, Harvey Cohon, Gil Pitt, Dale Sutliff, Barry Rands

Absent: Elaine McElmury 

Visitors & Guests: None

Minutes from the August 1, 2017 meeting were approved (MSC: Rutter/Price).

No board members reported having a conflict of interest with any agenda item.

  • Treasurer’s update: Lighthouse registrations are at 1,200 so ride income may be down $17,000-$20,000. The board will need to give the Treasurer input on reducing expenses and contributions at upcoming meetings.  
  • Lighthouse Update: Because Morro Bay High School is undergoing remodeling, parking next to the school is impacted. Course Marshals will be utilized in directing riders to the appropriate parking. There is still a need for a few volunteers for some jobs. 
  • Barry Rands reviewed plans for the November meeting on electric bikes.
  • Will Benedict discussed the research he has done on a new membership software program. Neon CRM is his recommendation at this time. After a discussion of club needs for membership, volunteers, and communication it was decided that more research needed to be done to see if a program(s) could be located that would better meet our needs. 
  • The board discussed the proposed Stop/Yield law for bicyclists (AB 1103) which would allow bikers to treat stop signs as yield signs when safe. Dave Abrecht reported that member input was fairly evenly split. After discussion a motion was made for the club to support the bill (MSC: Rands/Pitt).
  • Susan McTaggart reported that the subgroup that met to discuss club dues was recommending they be increased to $20/year for a single membership and $30/year for a family membership effective 1/1/2018. The increase would help cover some of the cost of increased member activities, web costs, etc. A motion was made to adopt the recommendation (MSC: Pitt/Price).
  • Dave Abrecht presented a list of the current candidates for the 2018 Board. Arrangements will be made to have electronic ballots go out to members.
New Business:
  • Due to Halloween the November board meeting will be held November 7.
  • Will Benedict circulated the 2018 ride calendar (Wildflower Ride April 7 and Lighthouse Ride September 22). Board members were asked to provide input on dates of other activities for 2018.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 6:20 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jack Robison, Secretary
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