Volume 49, Issue #2, February 1, 2017
What's Happening
Quick Look
Feb. 3, 2017: Soups and Stew Cook-Off, Ludwick Center
Feb. 26, 2017: Ride Leaders' Luncheon, Wild Horse Winery
President's Message
Looking Forward to 2017
By Dave Abrecht
Happy New Year! More than 100 SLOBC members and friends welcomed the New Year with a bike ride.   The Tortoise ride group held their eighth annual New Year's Day Ride in San Luis Obispo. The group rode to 27 of the 101 decorated cows that are part of the San Luis Obispo County Cow Parade.  Thanks to Stu and Janie Goldenberg for organizing the ride and a post ride potluck.
A large group met in Cambria on a cold, grey and blustery morning to participate in our long standing New Year’s Day Ride up the coast to Ragged Point. (The Hearst Ranch zebras opted to stay inside).  Thanks to our Ride Coordinator Elaine McElmury for organizing the  ride and also providing visible SAG support, along with husband Scott.  Riders enjoyed a post ride lunch at Cambria’s Main Street Grill. 

If you have not been north of the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse recently, Cal-Trans is completing the realignment of a three mile stretch of Highway 1.  The new road, moved inland to avoid sea water erosion, will feature full eight foot shoulders, offering increased safety for all users.  The “old” Highway 1 will be turned over to California State Parks and will eventually become a segment of the California Coastal Trail. 

Questions or concerns? I encourage you to email me at president@slobc.org 
Upcoming Events
Hearty Soups and Stews Cook-Off
and Flannel Quilt Raffle

When:  Friday, February 3           
            Doors open at 5:30
Where: Ludwick Community Center
            864 Santa Rosa Street
            San Luis Obispo

There are just a few spots left at this members-only event. A waiting list will be formed when the event is full.  You can RSVP here with the names of the people in your group. Also, if you're registered but find you can't make it, please let us know.
Ride Leaders' Luncheon
Members who led three or more club rides in 2016 are eligible to attend the Ride Leaders' Luncheon at Wild Horse Winery in Paso Robles on February 26.  Leaders will receive invitations from Ride Coordinator Elaine McElmury and may contact her for more information at  ride-coordinator@slobc.org .
News & Notes
2017 Wildflower Volunteering
The 2017 Wildflower Century Ride is coming soon!  We need Captains for Clean-up, Logistics,  and Response, as well as a number of volunteers for other important jobs.   
How to Volunteer
  • Go to our Century Jobs webpage for information about jobs and the volunteer process.
  • LogIn to the Member Site.
  • Click on the Volunteer tab
  • Select from the open jobs
  • Select from your clothing options
  • Select a Volunteer Banquet option (Sunday, April 9th) 
  • Select a Volunteer Pre-Ride option (Saturday, April 1st).
  • Be sure to click on "Save" to finalize your choices.
Email Dave Abrecht at 
SLOB Bob Garing Service Award Nomination
In 2001, the club presented to Bob Garing the first  SLOB Bob Garing Service Award   "in recognition of many years of unselfish service to the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club."

Each year we invite club members to nominate people whom they feel deserve this award. Names can be submitted to the Nominating Committee, which is comprised of past recipients, no later than  March 31, 2017 . Please include written rationale for your nomination to help the committee make its selection.  The committee will evaluate nominees and select a recipient. 

When thinking about a nomination, consider the following characteristics that Bob Garing demonstrated over the years:

Continuing service over a long period of time (core requirement, at least ten years)
Service to the club as an officer, volunteer, leader or other role (core requirement)
Advocacy of bicycle transportation, facilities and safe riding
Service to the bicycling community and community at large
Significant leadership on club rides
Working for improved bicycle conditions
Mentoring through advice, education and leadership
Role model for using the bicycle as a mode of transportation
Volunteer of the Month 
By Pam Zirion
Our Volunteer of the Month for February is Michael Gille. He was nominated by Debbie Abrecht for his outstanding enthusiasm and always saying “Yes” when asked to volunteer.

Michael has been a member of SLOBC since 2008, but he has been riding in Club events since the early ’80’s. In 2014 he joined Gary Havas and together they rode over 6,000 miles in the Western U.S. Quite an accomplishment!

Originally Michael came from the New England area and attended Colgate University in upstate New York. After graduation he joined the Air Force as an officer and was stationed in Wichita, Kansas. When he got sent to Vandenberg for training, he got his first taste of the Central Coast. He liked it so well that he relocated to Morro Bay upon leaving the Air Force. 

He had a dream of becoming a sculptor and potter so he attended classes at Cuesta while living on savings. He became an assistant in the Art Department at that time too. But being a single parent of a two-year-old, he needed full time work. He drifted into construction work, building custom homes and learning from old hands who taught him the craft. He retired from the industry about a year ago and only does “small projects” now. 

Michael enjoys working with Debbie Abrecht and her crew as they create fantastic SLOBC social events in different venues throughout SLO county which have included the Monday Club and See Canyon Fruit Ranch. He also likes being a “Worker Bee” for the Wildflower and Lighthouse where he often does 2-3 jobs for each event.

Michael loves being busy and giving his time and energies to the Bike Club. And we certainly appreciate those energies, Michael. Thank you!!

Volunteers are chosen at random by your nominations. To recognize a great volunteer, send an email to Kathleen McHugh at elcolejr@gmail.com and tell us the reason for your choice. We do need more names submitted, so please add a name to our list.
SLOBC Board Minutes
Draft Subject To Board Approval
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Whole Foods Market, San Luis Obispo, CA

Jack Robison, Secretary
Meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm.

Board Members Present: David Abrecht , Gil Pitt, Bill Martin, Jack Robison,  Larry Rutter, Elaine McElmury, Susan McTaggart, Dale Sutliff, Harvey Cohon, Ken Price, Will Benedict

Absent: Mike Balster

Visitors & Guests: Barry Rands and Robert Tuman

Minutes from the November 29, 2016 meeting were approved (MSC: Sutliff/Cohan).

No board members reported having a conflict of interest with any agenda item.

  • Robert Tuman reported that our prior insurance carrier did not renew our policy. We will be changing to USA Cycling. It is expected that their coverage will be slightly better and cost slightly less than the previous insurer.
  • Bill Martin discussed the financial information that will be provided to board members each month. He also will be providing board members with the detailed 2017 budget that was previously approved.
  • We received a thank you letter from the Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation for our donation to their bike fund.
  • Will Benedict reported that there are about 550 people signed up for the Wildflower ride to date. He feels we are on track to have approximately the same number of riders as last year.
  • Elaine McElmury discussed upcoming club rides she is planning. She will try to finalize plans for the February Ride Leaders’ Banquet for publication in the bulletin
New Business:
  • Jack Robison passed out the club’s Conflict of Interest Policies for board members to sign.  It was noted that the By-Laws and Policies are available on our web site on the “About Us” section under the “Documents” tab.
  • Susan McTaggart discussed the planning and menu for the upcoming Old/New Board Dinner on 1/20/17.
  • Dave Abrecht announced that Vickie Backman has resigned as Program Chair due to family reasons. Barry Rands expressed an interest in the position.  The board approved Barry’s nomination as Program Chair (MSC:  Rutter/Price)
  • The Tour of California festival in downtown SLO was discussed.  It was decided to await more details before deciding how/if  the club might participate.
  • The President will be meeting with Mike Bennett the new Bike SLO Executive Director. The request was made to invite him to a future board meeting so he could be introduced to the board.
  • After a general discussion of the SLOBC Strategic Plan the decision was made to concentrate on a review of the “Goals and Strategies” section. Teams were assigned to review a specific section and suggest goals for 2017 at our next board meeting:
    Safety: McElmury/Price
    Financial Management: Martin
    Recruiting & Retention: Rutter/Rands
    Event Management: Benedict/Abrecht
    Volunteer Management: Pitt
    Partnerships: Sutliff
The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:10 pm.
Treasurer's Report
Bill Martin, Treasurer
As of the middle of January the club is continuing to receive revenue from Wildflower registrations and membership dues. We have $188,355 in our operations checking account, $3,058 in our PayPal account, and $63,578 in a reserve account. Our net income up to this point (total income minus total expenses) is $37,003.

If you would like to receive a complete copy of the club’s end-of-year financial statements for 2016, please contact me at treasurer@slobc.org. Also, if you would like to be put on an email list to receive the club’s financial statements at the end of each month, let me know and I will put you on the mailing list.
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