Volume 49, Issue #8, August 1, 2017
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August 3, 2017: General Meeting, Ludwick Center, 7:00
September 16, 1017: Chili Dogs at Hardie Park Ride,  Cayucos
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Highway 58, the Three Foot Passing Law and and new push to approve the Las Pilitas Quarry in Santa Margarita

By Dave Abrecht

OK, so what exactly is going on here?

Mike Bennett, the Executive Director of Bike SLO County, and I have been talking about the appropriate bicycle community response to a new proposal to build the Las Pilitas Quarry near Santa Margarita.  The proposed quarry’s operation will greatly increase trips by large gravel trucks on a three mile stretch of Highway 58 between the quarry location and the community of Santa Margarita.

Our concern is for the safety of all users of the highway between the quarry site and the community of Santa Margarita.  

To demonstrate our concerns, Mike and I, along with Bike SLO County staff members Steve Akers and Michael Vasquez, took a road trip up to the area.  Steve and Michael filmed the current condition of the road (it has not changed since the initial quarry proposal was denied by the County Planning Commission in early 2015).  They also filmed us riding stretches of a highway that has little or no rideable shoulder, forcing cyclists to lawfully ride along the edge of the traffic lane. We used a bright yellow styrofoam pool noodle to visibly demonstrate the distance that motorists must provide to comply with the three foot passing law.  While it was encouraging that the pool noodle got their attention, it was impossible for motorists to give the required three feet of clearance and not cross the double yellow centerline into the opposing lane of traffic.  The three foot passing law does not allow motorists to lawfully cross the centerline to give the required three feet of clearance. 

Our finished video will be presented during public comment at the yet-to-be-scheduled Planning Commission hearing for the quarry proposal. Stay tuned for more information.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, the pool noodle was very, very effective.  Most of the motorists we encountered gave us the required three feet and then some, fearful of sideswiping the noodle. Maybe every club ride needs to have a designated “noodle rider”.

Upcoming Events
General Meeting, Aug. 3rd
First Aid Basics for Cyclists

It is a beautiful day for a bike ride. You are looking forward to a great ride with friends. But are you prepared for an accident? What do you do if a rider goes down... hard. Blood and broken bones may be the obvious signs of injury. But what about concussion and shock? Do you know the symptoms? Do you know first aid for these circumstances?
Knowing what to do for the injured person before emergency responders arrive can save a life! Don't miss the  August 3rd  SLOBC General Meeting at  7:00 pm  in the Ludwick Center. A professional EMT from the SLO Fire Department will be giving a presentation on first aid basics, specifically for bicycle riders.  

Chili Dogs at Hardie Park Ride

Our next club ride will be on Saturday, September 16, starting at Hardie Park in Cayucos and heading north on Highway 1. Pick your own turnaround point.

The club will serve chilidogs, slaw, chips, cookies and lemonade. Bring your own beer if you want it. Let us know if you want a veggie burger instead.

Lunch will be served at 1 p.m., so here are suggested start times and turnarounds.

  • 10:30 am, turnaround at Highway 46, 21 miles roundtrip (RT)
  • 9:30 am, turnaround at Main St. in Cambria, 31 miles RT
  • 9:00 am, turnaround at San Simeon, 38 miles RT
  • 8:00 am, turnaround at Hearst Castle, 45 miles RT  

There is a 60-rider limit, so RSVP soon!

We are looking for a few volunteers to help serve food & cleanup. Volunteers will have time to ride before lunch. Please contact Elaine McElmury at tipsycyclist@gmail.com

News & Notes
Volunteers of the Month - Bonnie Birch and Joe Fram
By Pam Zirion

Our Volunteers of the Month for August are Bonnie Birch and Joe Fram. They were nominated because the seem to always “come to the rescue” and help with clean up for the rides. In fact they are Captains of the Clean Up crew for this year’s Lighthouse ride.

Bonnie and Joe enjoy cycling, but they haven’t been doing too much of it lately. They have been traveling for the past six months to Portland, OR, British Columbia, Alberta and New Zealand. But now that they’re home and buying a house, they hope to get back into the cycling saddle with the Tortoises. Bonnie admits she was a slow learner in riding her bike and the “last kid on the block to use a 2-wheeler.” Joe, however, has biked for many years. In fact when they lived in Borneo for two years, Joe did some “killer” bike rides with Indonesians through jungles and other exotic places. 

Together for 38 years, Bonnie and Joe met in Corvallis at OSU, and both graduated in 1981. Joe had come from Massachusetts, Missouri and Arizona, whereas Bonnie was a native Oregonian. Their first jobs took them to Houston, Texas, where Bonnie worked as an accountant with with the oil and gas industry, and Joe went to work for Shell Oil as a chemical engineer. After four years they moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where they again worked for 4 more years, and then to Bakersfield for 24 years. In Bakersfield they had their kids—two girls and a boy. Bonnie went back to school and got her credential in order to be a reading specialist. Next they moved to Borneo courtesy of Chevron. Bonnie was able to teach English in an orphanage and also run an English class for women twice a week.

Even though their children live in Portland, New York and Oakland, Bonnie and Joe settled in San Luis Obispo two years ago. They are members of the Morro Bay Yacht Club in addition to SLOBC. Joe has a 17’ Day Sailer, aka the “Good Grief” which he races with the yacht club every other week. In fact, he recently was at Huntington Lake competing in the High Sierra Regatta and then the Day Sailer Nationals.

Like many of us, Joe and Bonnie are active, interesting people who love the Central Coast and enjoy the companionship and camaraderie of the SLOBC.

Volunteers are chosen at random by your nominations. If you would like to recognize a great volunteer, send an email to Debbie Abrecht (dlabrecht@icloud.com) and tell us the reason for your choice.

  Lighthouse Volunteering
Volunteers are the key to the success of our century rides and we need your help!  We are still looking for volunteers to fill the jobs below, especially the captains positions listed in bold.

Pre-Ride Captain 
Shamel Rest Stop Captain
Course Marshals
Rest Stop Volunteers
Truck Loaders 
Waste Management / Recycling 

To find out more about open jobs, please click on the Lighthouse Volunteering button, select your job and complete the rest of the form. Questions?  Contact Volunteer Coordinator Dave Abrecht @ lighthouse-volunteer-coord@slobc.org.

For a description of all jobs, click here:   Century Jobs  

Volunteer Benefits

  • Feel the energy and excitement of the ride
  • Have fun working with friends 
  • Help the SLOBC raise funds for club activities and cycling advocacy
  • Ride the Pre-Ride or the Century Ride, depending on your volunteer schedule
  • Receive a Lighthouse T-Shirt
  • Enjoy the Volunteer Banquet
  • Earn an additional Captains reward
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