Cycling For Couples
By Susan McTaggart

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it seems a good time to talk about cycling with your spouse, partner, better half, sweetheart, etc. Here are some tips on maintaining a happy relationship while biking with your significant cyclist.

  1. Keep track of your partner. Don't expect someone else in the club to be the sweep while you jet off with your pals. Stop periodically, wait, regroup, check that all is well, then zoom off again.
  2. In the event that your partner becomes exhausted and refuses to pedal one more stroke, stop, get off your bike and hand him a Clif Bar. If your partner is a woman, administer chocolate. And always throw in a hug.
  3. If you are sharing a tandem and, when stopped at a light, your partner gets off for a moment, do not take off without her when the light turns green. Despite the delighted honks and hoots of motorists, not everyone is going to find this hilarious. Take my word on this.

On a more serious note…

I am pleased to announce that the club is moving forward with new and improved ideas for 2018. 
  • Debbie Abrecht and her illustrious Eat and Greet Committee are planning a two-day ride trip in the spring featuring beautiful cycling, good food and great company. (That’s you.) Look for an email with all the details in early February. 
  • With help from club member Marc Mumby, SLOBC is trying out a service that will allow us to manage members, events, volunteering and communication, all in one place. As we set up this trial we will continue to use our existing system, so you will not notice any changes for now.  
  • Planning our Century Rides is an ongoing task as we strive to improve the experience for our riders and our volunteers. Will Benedict, Ride Chair for the Wildflower, is leading a group in developing this year’s ride. There will be a new rest stop to better serve our long distance riders and to also benefit our volunteers by modifying the time some rest stops are open.

If you have thoughts about these topics or others, feel free to email me at