Volume 50, Issue # 7, July 1, 2018
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Time to Volunteer for the Lighthouse Ride
Wildflower Committee Report
Green Bike Lanes
Pie and Ice Cream Rides still in June
President's Message
Shandon Scholarships

In mid-June I was pleased to attend the Shandon High School awards ceremony and present four $1000 scholarships from SLOBC. Shown here are students Daisy Cisneros, Carlos Rodriquez, Kelsey Contreras and Mason Wright who were all very appreciative of our club’s support.

Membership Glitches

Apparently not everyone received an email from our new membership system. In order to get you connected, please go to slobc.clubexpress.com and choose “Forgot Username/Password”. An email will be sent to you so you can get started. Thank you, and sorry for the glitch.

Club Forums

In the past we have used e-mail groups to communicate with our ride groups such as the Tortoises or the Frequent Feeders. With the new system we will be using Forums to do the same thing. In order to keep you connected, please follow these steps.
  • Go to slobc.clubexpress.com
  • Select your Profile by hovering over or tapping your name at the top right of the page.
  • In the box marked Forums, choose Forum Memberships.
  • To join a forum, click the green icon on the right side of the list.
It Is Time To Volunteer For The Lighthous Ride!
Photo credit: Roger Heathcote

Our annual Lighthouse Century Ride will take place on Saturday, September 22, 2018.

This year’s ride received an exciting “make-over".

  • Four new Rest Stops: Harmony, Washburn Day Use Area at San Simeon State Park, Lago Giuseppe Winery and Arroyo de la Cruz.

  • Century and 75 mile riders will visit the Elephant Seal Preserve, pass by the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse and enjoy the smooth wide shoulders of the realigned stretch of Highway 1 north of the lighthouse.

The club is making changes to the ways we recognize and reward our volunteers. Instead of the pre-ride a week before and an evening banquet a day after the ride, we are planning a  Lighthouse Volunteer Festival at Hardie Park in Cayucos on Sunday, September 23rd.  There will be a fully supported volunteer ride in the morning, followed by a BBQ picnic lunch.

Click on the link below to volunteer for this year’s Lighthouse Ride!

  • Choose your job from the drop down menu and complete the form.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your choices.
  • You will receive a separate notice inviting you to the Lighthouse Volunteer Festival.
  • Email the Volunteer Coordinator if you need help with the process or need to change your volunteer choices.

SLOBC Wildflower Ride Committee Report
by Dave Abrecht

Last monthI wrote that the Board of Directors appointed a committee to make a recommendation about the future of our Wildflower Ride. The committee met twice, in late May and early June, and I want to thank  Craig Armstrong, Will Benedict, Joe Fram, John Long, Marina Michel and Pam Zirion  for serving on the committee.

We identified a number of issues that have impacted our ride over the last four years

  • Rider registration and subsequent revenue has declined since 2015.
  • Each one of our two large organized rides requires a team of 200 volunteers. It has become increasingly difficult to recruit the essential and necessary volunteers for both rides from our membership of 600 bicycle enthusiasts.
  • We have created supportive partnerships with community and non-profit organizations in Creston, Shandon and Santa Margarita. These organizations have helped us promote cycling on rural north county roads and have relied on contributions from the ride’s revenue to fund their important community programs and services.
  • An increase in the number of cycling related events throughout California has reduced the interest in our ride

In light of these issues, the Committee made the following recommendations to the Board of Directors and these recommendations were adopted at the June 5, 2018 Board of Directors’ meeting.

  • The SLOBC will plan and host a Wildflower Ride in 2019. The ride will be held on April 27, a move back to our historical date of the last Saturday in April. Whether the ride continues after next year is dependent upon an evaluation of the following conditions. 
  • Ridership must be between 800 and 1000 riders.This would provide the income necessary to meet our expenses and make donations to our partners.
  • Volunteers will be sought from our many partner organizations to reduce the number of SLOBC volunteers needed to staff the ride.
  • Our contributions to our partner organizations will be based on a per rider formula so that expenditures are in sync with ride income.

Will Benedict has volunteered to chair the 2019 Wildflower Ride. He will be seeking SLOBC members to serve on an organizing team to begin the planning process for next year’s ride. We have a long history of organizing two of the best bike rides in California and I encourage our newer members to join with Will and assume a leadership role in the planning for the 2019 Wildflower Ride.
Pie and Ice Cream Ride
to Linn's Original Farmstore
Wednesday, June 27
10:30 - 11:30

It is time for another Pie and Ice Cream Ride to Linn’s Original Berry Farm outside of Cambria (not the downtown restaurant)! Join us for a beautiful ride on a meandering country road. From Cambria, you’ll ride out of town for a flat 5 miles on Santa Rosa Creek Road to Linn's Original Farmstore. There we'll sit under the sycamores and enjoy a slice of Linn's famous pie with ice cream and coffee. You can join one of our organized rides or ride/drive on your own.

This is a SLOBC members-only ride hosted by the Eat and Greet Committee. Please RSVP to Debbie Abrecht using the button below.  
Organized Rides to Lynn's Farmhouse

In addition to your RSVP, please email the ride leader if you plan to join one of these rides.

Time: 8:30 a.m.
Total miles: 65 miles
Ride leader: Marina Michel

Time: 9:00 a.m.
Total miles: 46 miles
Ride leader: Susan McTaggart

Start:  Harmony
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Total miles: 27 miles
Ride leader: Dave Abrecht

Start:  Shamel Park
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Total miles: 15 - 25 miles on various routes
Ride Leader: June Kramer

Start:  Shamel Park
Time: 9:30
Route: Windsor to Main to Santa Rosa Creek and back
Total miles: 14.4 miles
Ride Leader: Stu and Janie Goldenberg
Phone or email: 805-544-4720 or  sgoldenb@calpoly.edu

Green Bike Lanes:
Safety Refuge or Danger Zone?  
Green painted sections of bike lanes have been showing up all over SLO County. Advocates for safer cycling infrastructure assert that the green marked lanes alert motorists to be aware of cyclists and also provide cyclists a clearly marked path through areas of potential conflict with motorists.

Most of the green lanes that we see in our county are indeed in places of potential conflict, alerting cyclists that they are entering a danger zone. For example, heading west on LOVR at Foothill, green paint marks the transition bike lane for cyclists continuing west on LOVR. There is also signage that instructs right turning motorists to yield to bikes. In a perfect world, motorists will yield to cyclists as we cross over the right turn lane. However, cyclists should NOT assume that motorists will see us or see the sign telling them to yield. Nor should we assume that, even if they see us and see the sign, they will obey or understand the law.

As in all areas of potential conflict with motorists, proceed with caution. Before crossing a motorist's path, use an arm signal to make sure they are aware of our intentions and only proceed if we see that they are slowing down to allow us to go on. Don't let green paint give you a false sense of security. We may EXPECT the right of way, but don't take that one chance.
Treasurer's Report
Lighthouse registration money started coming in on June 1. 

As of the middle of June we have $259,185 in our checking account, $63,769 in our CD account and $5,444 in our PayPal account.

Our net income (revenue minus expenses) is $22,756

If you would like to be put on an email list to receive the club’s financial statements at the end of each month, let me know at treasurer@slobc.org and I will put you on the mailing list.

Thank you.
Your SLOBC Treasurer
Bill Martin
SLOBC Board Minutes
Board Meeting: Tuesday, June 5, 2018
SLO County Air Pollution Office, San Luis Obispo CA
Meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm.
Board Members Present: Susan McTaggart, Chris Broome, Marina Michel, Will Benedict, Harvey Cohon (6 pm), Jack Robison, Judy Kelling, Bill Martin, Bonnie Birch, Barry Rands, Dave Abrecht.
Absent:  Tim Rich, Ken Price
Visitors & Guests: None
Minutes from the May 1, 2018 meeting were approved (MSC: Abrecht, Rands).
No board members reported having a conflict of interest with any agenda item.
        Treasurer’s update: Receipts will soon be coming in for Lighthouse and therefore year-to-date receipts should exceed expenditures. Bill will be gone the month of July, so reimbursement requests should be submitted before or after that time.
        Lighthouse Update:  Dave reported that we have 85 volunteers so far.  Will reported 338 riders have registered so far.
        Internal Control Officer report: No report yet for May.
        The Club Express Software.  Some members have not yet received their passwords and the problem is being investigated.  
        Susan will draft a letter in support of the Trust for Public Land’s efforts to acquire land on the beach area near Toro Creek. 
        Atascadero USD requested support for their elementary school bike program. The club will respond that they should submit a request for a contribution as part of our 2019 budget process.
        Barry has been in discussions with the neighborhood group about using traffic diverters to decrease through traffic in the Anholm area. 
        The Land Conservancy has asked for support for the installation of restrooms at the Octagon Barn.  The County Board of Supervisors will be deciding on the matter at their June 11 th  meeting.  The installation is required before the barn can be opened to the public.
        The club received thank you notes for contributions made to Creston Garden Club, Creston Elementary School, Cal Poly Cycling Club and City of Morro Bay.
New Business:
        Will and Susan will present the club’s scholarships at Shandon High School June 13.
        Future club meetings.  August members’ meeting will be a presentation by a Physical Therapist and November meeting will be on bike travel.
        Dave presented the recommendations of the committee that has been reviewing the Wildflower ride.  Their recommendation was that we continue with the ride for 2019 but stipulate that the ride will only continue beyond then if it meets the following conditions:
o       Rider registration must remain at 800 or above.
o       The number of volunteers from partner organizations and north county SLOBC members increases.
o       Donations to partners are made on a per rider basis so they are consistent with ride revenue.
The Board passed a resolution to adopt these recommendations (MSC: Martin, Birch).  Dave will draft a summary of the process and recommendations for publication in the newsletter.  Will Benedict (next year’s ride chair) will discuss the conditions with Creston/Shandon area organizations and set up a planning committee to provide continuity in managing the ride.  There was also approval of Will’s suggestion to move the ride back to the last weekend in April.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 6:15 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jack Robison, Secretary
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