Edition 1
Sep/Oct 2016
SustainaBlue Landscapes eNewsletter
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Welcome to our first SMWD SustainaBlue Landscapes eNewsletter!  This is your personal source for all things water use efficiency in the outdoors.  In every eNewsletter, we will share with you some valuable resources and tools that will help you save water and enjoy a healthy and beautiful landscape. Topics can range from troubleshooting your home's sprinkler system to low water-use plant selection and more! 

The SMWD SustainaBlue Landscape eNewsletter will be bi-monthly.  Keep a look out for our next edition in early November!

If you have any questions, you can contact the SMWD Water Use Efficiency Team directly at efficiency@smwd.com or (949) 459-6593, or reply directly to this email.  

Giant Chalk Dudleya
'Dudleya brittonii'
Height:  1 ' to 2'
Width:  1 ' to 2'
Flower Color:   Yellow
Bloom Time:   Spring and Summer
Water:  Very low, avoid overhead and summer watering  
Exposure:   Full to part sun
Garden Uses :  Plant as an accent for year round interest, in a crack of a rock or wall, or as a container specimen.

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Be careful with summer watering!

The goal is to promote plant root systems that reach extensively into deep soils.  You achieve this goal with deep infrequent irrigations. Shallow waterings alone will not promote healthy, sustainable landscapes. 

to view a helpful guide from 
Tree of Life Nursery!

SustainaBlue Water Hero:
Community Lutheran Church
  • Efficient Drip Irrigation & Rotary Sprinkler Nozzles
  • 16,500 sq.ft. of Turf Removed
  • Updated 30-Year-Old Landscape & Irrigation System
SMWD recognized Rancho Santa Margarita's Community Lutheran Church as our SustainaBlue Water Hero of the month for their efforts towards water conservation and facing the drought head on! Historically, the Church used just over 1 million gallons of water a year.  About 80% of that water use went solely to the landscape.  Through new low water-use landscaping and water use technology, the Church plans to save an estimated 500,000 gallons of water per year!  The Community Lutheran Church truly put the emphasis in  Community  as it took the entire congregation, as well as tremendous assistance and donations from the landscape and irrigation community, to transform the 30-year-old landscape and irrigation system into an exemplary model of water efficiency and sustainable, California-friendly landscaping.

SustainaBlue Water Hero: Community Lutheran Church
Check out this YouTube video for a closer look into their project!

Tools & Resources

It is important to make monthly, or even weekly, adjustments to your Watering Index on your sprinkler controller.

Maximize outdoor water savings by applying the appropriate amount of water to your yard when your plants need it. Get started with our tools! Use the Weekly Watering Index and our online Watering Calculator to help guide you.

For more details on the Watering Index 
and online Watering Calculator, visit our website

Plant Care & Maintenance 
September 28th
6:00 - 7:30pm
Creating and Caring for Your Native Garden
*Class will be held at Tree of Life Nursery
October 15th
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Restorative Practices for Urban Soil -
Composting to Improve Soil Structure
November 15th
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