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Edition 3
Jan/Feb 2017

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Smart Homes Get Smarter
The Connected Home

Perhaps over the holidays you've received some new gadgets, like a smart home system  - for example Amazon Echo, Nest, Wink, and others.

Currently, there are several smart, WiFi-enabled sprinkler controllers that can integrate into your existing smart home system that are eligible for a $250 rebate.  That means that after the rebate, most controllers are FREE!

Smart controllers check the local weather forecast via the internet in order to automatically adjust your sprinkler system's watering schedule on a daily basis.  No need to remember to turn off your sprinkler system while it's raining...your smart controller will do that for you!

To name some smart, WiFi-enabled sprinkler controllers:
Smart, WiFi-enabled sprinkler controllers are able to work independently from a smart home system if you don't have one.  Verify the controller's compatibility with various smart home systems before purchasing. 
DID YOU KNOW that you can get a $250 rebate for a smart, WiFi-enabled sprinkler controller?   CLICK HERE for more info and for a complete list of qualifying models.

Feeling Brown & Down?
If your plants look like this, i t may not be a watering issue!
No amount of water can solve this problem or improve the appearance of your landscape - this problem is rooted in the soil.
A healthy soil is alive - yes, alive!  Just a teaspoon of healthy soil contains more microorganisms than there are people on Earth.   Follow these tips to promote a healthy soil system in your landscape and to improve the health and appearance of your plants the SustainaBlue way:

  • Gently aerate - Poke holes at regular intervals with a screw driver or pitch fork.  For compacted soil, try an auger.
  • Compost - Fill holes with compost, such as worm castings.
  • Mulch - Maintain a 2 to 3 inch layer of mulch to feed your soil and to retain moisture year round.
  • Disturb your soil - Avoid heavy disturbances such as tilling.
  • Fertilize - Fertilizers kill living soil.
  • Remove leaf litter - This is the food source for living soil.
For more details on soil health, visit our website
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Protect your property by signing up for 'My Use Notifications.'  Log on to WaterSmart and set your own custom-defined usage threshold.  We'll notify you when we spot irregularly high water use at your property.  

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Tip of the Month: Cycle & Soak!
Save water and prevent water runoff.
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Saturday, March 4th
10:00am - 12:00pm
Join us for a morning of fun and learning at Reata Park,
a shining example of the true beauty of California's native landscapes.

Smart Irrigation Month

The Watershed Approach

CA Friendly Landscaping Training
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Free class @ Tree of Life Nursery
Saturday, January 21st
9:30am - 10:30am
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