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Edition 8
November/December 2017

For more details on how to use the Watering Index  and how to create a custom watering schedule using the online Watering Calculator, visit our website

Take Control of Your Controller

Are you aware that between October 1st and 31st we lost 35 minutes of sunshine? Throughout the fall and winter seasons we will lose even more sunshine each day. While it's a subtle difference, your plants do notice the change in daylight. Even though it can still be hot outside, plants start preparing for winter and, as a result, aren't as thirsty. 

Having an automatic sprinkler controller  does not mean that you are watering your plants efficiently. A controller is only as efficient as its watering schedule, which must be kept up to date. This is a critical time to change your watering times as the days become shorter and plants no longer need the amount of water they did during summer.

For those customers with Water Budgets it is helpful to refer to your monthly water bill, especially as weather fluctuates throughout the year. As weather changes, so does your Water Budget. By staying within your Water Budget on a monthly basis you are using water efficiently throughout your home, both indoors and outdoors. You'll enjoy the most water savings during fall and winter.

When you react to the changing daylight by reducing your watering times, your plants and bank account will benefit! Visit our website at  for tips and resources to help you water your yard efficiently. Resources include a watering calculator, video tutorials on how to reprogram or adjust your specific type of sprinkler controller, and more!
  ◦ Tip of the Month 
Residents are encouraged to water 1 day a week in winter.
Now that Daylight Saving Time is over, it's time to dial down your outdoor watering!

to create a new watering schedule for your sprinkler controller and system.
◦ Plant Spotlight 
Spread holiday cheer with red and green!
H eight: 6 to 8 inches
Width: 2 feet
Flower Color: shades of red, apricot, orange, yellow, pink, rose, and white 
Bloom Time: spring
Water: low
Exposure: full sun
Garden Uses: ground cover
Want to know more about Sunrose?
Looking for something specific? Use our Guided Plant Search to find different types of plants by size, color, bloom time, etc.
Not sure how to start your landscape project?
Start Small
Keep It Simple

Helpful Tips:
  • Select plants with the same water requirement (e.g. low/drought tolerant vs. medium)
  • Read the plant labels! Select plants that will fit the space appropriately when fully matured
  • Do not over plant
  • Create a color scheme of your choice
  • Plant in odd numbers for a more natural look & feel
  • Incorporate different textures and elements to create a more vibrant and dynamic landscape
  • Don't forget mulch!
CLICK HERE to download this example design template.
Plants featured in this design include:
Still need design assistance?
Tree of Life Nursery's
Designer In Residence Program

For a $45 fee, you'll be able to book a 45-minute consultation with a design professional at Tree of Life Nursery. A professional will design your new sustainable and vibrant native plant garden.

CLICK HERE for information about the designers and to book an appointment.
◦ Upcoming Classes & Events by Others 

Saturday, November 25 
9:30 to 10:30am
Tour of Nursery Gardens @  Tree of Life Nursery

Thursday, December 7
10:00 to 11:00am
Learn how to grow and use CA Native Plants in your landscape.

Saturday, December 9
Session 1: 9:30 to 11:30am
Session 2: 1:30 to 3:30pm
Wreath making with native plants workshop
@ Tree of Life Nursery
$40 per wreath
CLICK HERE to register for workshop
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