The School Nutrition Association of Arizona is an organization of professionals committed to providing the support and resources necessary to improve the health, wellness and safety of all students through school nutrition programs to ensure academic excellence.
September 22-23, 2017
Hyatt Regency Phoenix & Phoenix Convention Center
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Phone number  – (888) 421 – 1442 – Guests need to ask for the School Nutrition Association of Arizona to get our great rate of $118 + tax per night


Cut-Off Date: Thursday, September 7th

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Even though our summer heat is still here, our summer is over, as we head back to our offices and kitchens to get ready to welcome back our 2017-2018 students. There is so much going on, both at our districts and also with SNAAZ!   Our chapter leaders are planning their first meetings of the year for their chapter members. (Keep watching the website for chapter event postings)

Rick Hall is underway with fundraising efforts for the School Nutrition Foundation. Our goal is to raise $3,500.00. If each member donates $10, we will make our goal! And if we raise $2,000.00 before the Annual Conference, Rick will bring back “Bo Peep” and completely shave his face for members to “do his makeup”. 
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Mark your calendars for September 22-23, 2017 for our Annual Conference – Tune in to SNAAZ ! The Conference Committee has some awesome plans up their sleeve and are turning up the volume with a great agenda.  On Friday we are offering the SNS Exam, along with four Director/Supervisor Pre- Conference Sessions that are included with your conference registration fee. Break out your favorite concert T-Shirt and jeans, or dress in your favorite music genre or era for our Friday Night Awards Dinner and After Glow. Excellent sessions and a great food show and raffle are slated for day.                                                              

Our Keynote speaker, Dave Weber has a great message planned for us. Dave will be speaking on “Sticks & Stones Exposed: The Truth Behind Words & Relationships” (Culture & Climate) Also called “Some Days You’re the Pigeon, Some Days the Statue!” Based on Dave’s book, this hilarious presentation zeroes in on the power of our words and the impact they have on the culture and climate of the work environment. What kind of atmosphere are our words creating? One in which team members want to excel and do their best….or one that is breeding a team of clock watchers. Discover how to transform your work place and your relationships and how to build a great “community” with your team and family.   Conference online registration is live! Be ready to Rock It as we gather together at our State Conference in September.

A few weeks ago 50+ Arizona attendees hit Hotlanta for the SNA Annual National Conference!   AZ brought some extra “sizzle” to the conference as we walked away with the award for Membership Champion and Certification Goal Award!   What an awesome conference this was with some truly dynamic speakers.   In addition to our motivational and breakout speakers, the attendees were wowed by USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue. What an honor it was for him to address the entire conference delegation as it’s been 22 years since a Secretary of the USDA has spoken at ANC.   If you were not able to attend the conference, I highly suggest you go to the SNA website to access the presentations given at breakouts, and general sessions.  They are well worth the watch!  

Many thanks for all you do for our students, community and Association.   It is because of each of you that children are nourished and grow to be stronger in body, mind and spirit.   My hats off to you all! Here’s to an awesome year ahead!  

In Friendship, Patti Bilbrey, SNAAZ President
Wendy Sahr, SNAAZ Industry Advisor

It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end and a new school year is beginning.  We a had a great group that attended ANC in Hot-Lanta so you will be seeing all of us out on the street with new items and concepts to jazz up your menu’s.  Also, we are working hard getting ready for the upcoming SNAAZ Annual Conference on September 23rd and 24th.  This is a great opportunity to see what’s new and maybe some items that have been around that you haven’t seen or tried.  It’s a time to network and catch up, make new friends and see some old ones too.  Be on the lookout for the “Save the Date” card to give you a hint of our fun theme for this year’s conference.  I hope you all took some time to enjoy some summer fun with your family in our great state of Arizona.

Michelle Broxmeyer 7/29 

Gayla Patterson  8/5
Sandra Schossow, RD, SNS  8/12
Lindsay Aguilar  8/22

 Scenes from last year's Conference 
It's time to nominate outstanding members!

Our Annual Paula Barletta Scholarship Award


2016 - Cindy Byers
2015 - Johnnie Johnson
2014 - Joanie Burnap
2013 - Lorrie Ahern
2012 - Tina Ressler
2011 - Isabel Saenz
2010 - Mattie Defeo
2009 - Louvina Johnson
2008 - Gayla Robbins
2007 - Patty Hunn

Industry Member of the Year Award


2016- Wendy Sahr 
2015- Pat Johnson 
2014- Denise Karnowski 
2013- Bart Christian 
2012- Kristy Harding 
2011- Joyce James 
2010- Cathy Alford 
2009- Cindy McDade 
2008- Carol Gnan 
2007- Linda Williams 

Nomination applications for both awards due by 8.15.17

We are currently accepting nominations for SNAAZ Secretary and SNAAZ Vice-President.  We are seeking individuals that can fulfill the duties and responsibilities of these positions. This person will be volunteering their time to attend various meetings throughout the year, help plan the state conferences and do some traveling for national association conferences. To be eligible:
  1. All candidates need to be an active member in the School Foodservice and Nutrition member category. 
  2. Be regularly employed in an eligible field, but may not be employed  as a director at the school district level, a supervisor, regional manager, or corporate office of a for-profit organization above the school district.  Retired members may not hold office.
  3. Have served on a State or Chapter Executive board of State Committee within the last 5 years.
  4. Shall be a Certified or an SNA Credentialed member of SNA.
The Secretary Position is a two-year commitment to SNAAZ.  The newly elected secretary will take office on January 1st, 2018.  This individual is responsible for keeping the record (minutes) for all executive committee and board meetings.  This person is also a member of the budget committee and will perform any other duties as requested by the executive board or President.

The Vice -President position is a four-year commitment.  The newly elected vice president will take office on January 1st.  The first year is spent getting acquainted with the duties and the activity of the association. This person is on the conference planning and budget committee, works closely with the Chapter Presidents, serves as the editor of the online publication.  In addition will be authorized to perform some financial duties.  Upon completion of the vice-president, this individual will move into the President elect position, and then become the President of the association.  The final year of the four-year term will be fulfilling the duties of past President.

The deadline for the nominations will be August 12th.  We will be voting at the annual state conference in September.  The voting table will be “open” from 3:30-5:30 pm on Friday night and Saturday morning from 6:30-8:30 am.   

Sincerely,   Debbie Gasiorek, SNS Nutrition Service Director Isaac School District No. 5 (602) 455-6746      
Annual State Conference Sponsors
(As of 8.4.17)   

Integrated Food Service
Dairy Council of Arizona
Shamrock Foods
Shamrock Farms
JTM Food Group
General Mills
Acosta Foodservice
J&J Snacks
National Food Group
Butter Buds