The School Nutrition Association of Arizona is an organization of professionals committed to providing the support and resources necessary to improve the health, wellness and safety of all students through school nutrition programs to ensure academic excellence.
    SNAAZ Annual Conference
September 22-23, 2017
Hyatt Regency Phoenix & Phoenix Convention Center

"Tune In To SNAAZ"  

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Phone number  – (888) 421 – 1442 – Guests need to ask for the School Nutrition Association of Arizona to get our great rate of $118 + tax per night


Cut-Off Date: Thursday, September 7th

The agenda will be posted soon on the SNAAZ website!

  The summer heat may be blazing, but at SNAAZ we’re ON FIRE with conference planning and upcoming events!  Yes, we certainly sizzle, but we also have the “coolest” members around!   To celebrate you, we’re planning a rockin’ good time at the upcoming Annual State Conference! The Conference Committee has some awesome plans up their sleeve and a turning up the volume with a great agenda.  Break out your favorite concert T-Shirt and jeans, or dress in your favorite music genre or era and save the date to…                                                                          “Tune In To SNAAZ”
                                Annual State Conference 2017
                                       September 22-23, 2017
            Downtown Hyatt Regency and Phoenix Convention Center  

Our keynote speaker is the dynamic Dave Weber, who refers to himself as a “Chihuahua on caffeine”.  Dave has spoken all over the country at State SNA events and is a hit wherever he goes.  The agenda is packed with great sessions, including a panel discussion where students will share their opinions with us all!  Tune in to SNAAZ to hear more upcoming information soon!  

Arizona is also turning up the heat as we represent at the SNA Annual National Conference in “Hot”lanta, GA in a few short weeks.   ANC is sure to be an awesome time full of professional development, networking, product sourcing and experiencing all the fun and fellowship our association has to offer.   As State President, I could not be more proud to represent each of YOU on the National stage.   SNAAZ members are definitely the cream of the crop and your commitment and enthusiasm you show has propelled us to greatness.  Be proud of what SNAAZ has accomplished, as it has been great!
  • Membership has increased by 18%!!  Our set goal was 3%, but we obliterated that goal for sure!
  • AZ member certification increased by a whopping 27%.  Again, shattering the 3% goal!
  • After 20+ years of no chapter, the Southern area has formed a brand new Chapter.  See the article about this amazing news, below.
  • We have continue our history of banding together to be a strong and inspiring group of members who share a love for our industry and for each other…and that, I believe, is the greatest accomplishment any association can achieve!
So as the heat continues to rise, take some time to chill out and relax.  Enjoy a dip in the pool, a lunch with ones you love, a vacation to the cool pines or to the beach, or simply call a fellow member and reconnect.   Enjoy the “lazy’ days of summer (if we could ever really be lazy) and take the time to reenergize and be ready to Rock It as we gather together at our State Conference in September.   In Friendship, Patti Bilbrey, SNAAZ President

Exploring Southern Arizona- Tucson Chapter is Back!

Shirley Sokol, Director, TUSD, SNAAZ PP&L CO-Chair

Under the shadow of the 10,500 sq. ft. Merchant's Garden hydroponic greenhouse, reviving a closed school campus within the Tucson Unified School District, a group of southern Arizona school nutrition leaders joined together this month to discuss the future.  The School Nutrition Association has welcomed individual representation from Tucson, however, they have not seen a formal chapter in this area for over twenty years. It's time to change that course and we have the right people to do it! With support and inspiration from the SNAAZ board, our plan is to create a formal chapter before the end of the year.


Keep in mind, we think big!  With the help of my co-host, Crystal Kalahar from Marana Unified School District, an exploratory meeting was held to see if school nutrition and industry professionals beyond the Tucson area would be interested in joining us to create a southern Arizona chapter.  We invited directors, supervisors and managers representing both urban and rural areas to join us for this preliminary discussion. As we started the meeting in the TUSD GROWS Field Trip station, complete with Chef Rani Olson's garden fresh samplers and citrus infused spa water, we were thrilled to see our colleagues from Tucson area school districts, Sierra Vista, Benson, Bisbee and Douglas walk through the door.  To provide support, to cheer us on and to create a fun atmosphere, we were also excited to welcome our SNAAZ board president and Phoenix area district and industry members. 


By the end of the quick paced, two plus hour meeting, all of us had met a new colleague, toured the greenhouse, teased our palettes with tasty samplers and agreed that now is the right time to proceed with a formal chapter.  Soon, we will start the formal process of starting a southern Arizona chapter, one where our colleagues will form a collective to share ideas, review best practices, welcome industry leaders and work together to increase School Nutrition Association advocacy in the southern Arizona region.  



A Message from Rick Hall, our SNA Foundation Ambassador.....  

Yes, it’s that time of year… donations are needed Every year, each state’s School Nutrition Association raises funds for the School Nutrition Foundation. Your monetary gifts help in a number of ways including: educational and professional development, research, and scholarships. This year at our State Conference in September, I am going to ask EVERYONE to donate. And if you know me, which most of you do…I’ll try to make giving fun. Our goal is set at $3,500, but I think we can do better. So start saving now. If you put aside 1 dollar a week, you can easily save $10 for a donation. Ten dollars is the minimum for your name to be listed as a donor on the National and State listings, BUT we’ll take more if you have it to give. I will have tablets and computers at the membership booth for our “foodies” to give. You don’t have to wait until then. You can make a donation at any time by going to Here’s where the fun begins…For those donating before our State Conference…Rick has a surprise for you at the Membership booth.
  • If $1,000 is donated online before the conference
    • Rick comes in his full Irish dress…yes, he has a kilt
  • If $1,500 is donated online before the conference
    • Rick brings back “Bo Peep”
  • If $2,000 is donated online before the conference:
    You get Bo Peep with a clean shaven face to apply make-up as you see fit. Then you can take a polaroid to keep as a thank you…From me to you
There will be a lot going on in the Membership booth this year, so I will need some help talking to prospective new members and collecting donations. If you can help for a while, I would appreciate it.   Looking forward to our event, Rick Hall
It's time to nominate outstanding members!

Our Annual Paula Barletta Scholarship Award


2016 - Cindy Byers
2015 - Johnnie Johnson
2014 - Joanie Burnap
2013 - Lorrie Ahern
2012 - Tina Ressler
2011 - Isabel Saenz
2010 - Mattie Defeo
2009 - Louvina Johnson
2008 - Gayla Robbins
2007 - Patty Hunn

Industry Member of the Year Award


2016- Wendy Sahr 
2015- Pat Johnson 
2014- Denise Karnowski 
2013- Bart Christian 
2012- Kristy Harding 
2011- Joyce James 
2010- Cathy Alford 
2009- Cindy McDade 
2008- Carol Gnan 
2007- Linda Williams 

Nomination applications for both awards due by 8.15.17

Carol Weekly 6/8
Michelle Johnson 6/8

                Jicama Corn Salad Recipe

4 cups frozen corn kernels, thawed
2 pounds of Jicama, peeled and diced
4 medium mangos, peeled, seeded and diced
1 cup chopped red onion
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/2 cup fresh lime juice
salt and pepper to taster

In large serving bowl combine all ingredients. Pour the lime juice over, season with salt and pepper.

Great side dish for Mexican Cuisine!
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