SOT & SOT Cranial Certification Series
Cranial Symposium - Hands-On-Teaching
San Jose, California.  Portland, Oregon & Kaua'i Hawaii
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SOT Certification Series - Northern California, San Jose. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL RATES

The SOT Certification Series will present the four seminars needed to sit for your SOT Practitioner Certification Examination. By signing up now you can save your position in class since class size is limited and already there are only a few spots remain for the whole series.

Sign up now and save!  The Early Bird Special Rate is available now for a limited time. 
Instructor: Charles Blum, DC  
Cranial Therapy
SOT Cranial Certification Series - Portland Oregon - UWS Campus

The SOT Cranial Certification series offers four seminars that help the doctor or student develop their understanding, palpation, diagnosing, and treatment of cranial bone related imbalances.  While each seminar is a stand-alone class, by taking them together they build upon one another for optimal learning and receive the necessary classes to sit for your cranial certification examination.

The first seminar covers cranial palpation. sphenobasilar ranges of motions, and cranial mandibular motion techniques. The second seminar focuses on DeJarnette sutural technique, extensive TMJ assessment and treatment, and dental chiropractic interdisciplinary development.  The third seminar focuses on integrating condition specific procedures into your SOT cranial practice.  The last class covers how to diagnose and treat cranial meningeal imbalance utilizing intra-oral cranial adjusting procedures for the dural membranes affecting internal cranial position and function.

Continuing education (CE) credits applied for the University of Western States contact UWS (800-215-3716) for questions about your particular state.

Sign up now and save!  The Early Bird Special Rate is available now for a limited time.

Instructor: Charles Blum, DC 

2018 Cranial Symposium - Kaua'i Hawaii

February 28, 2018 - March 2, 2018
Make your plans now!!!   Space is Limited!

A fantastic block rate of $279 at the Kaua'i Marriott Resort will be available three days before and after the seminar to extend out your stay in the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands.

Each day will have four hours of cranial "hands-on-instruction" (total of 12 hours) with Drs. Marc Pick, Jeffrey Mersky, Robert Monk, Charles Blum, Albert Salem, Thomas Bloink, and others.

The 10th Annual SOT Research Conference will also be part of the symposium but focus on clinical applications and cranial "hands-on-instruction."

Classroom space is limited, the hotel room block is limited, and travel to Hawaii needs to be planed far in advance for optimal savings.  So please register now for the symposium and make sure you can be there.

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