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MHSPCA 2017 Impact Report
2017 has been a significant year for the Medicine Hat SPCA and we want to share with you some of the highlights and successes we achieved over the last year due to the support of our volunteers, donors, staff and community!
Cat Program Statistics
Over the last 12 months, we have had 494 cats surrendered to the shelter. This is a 26% increase from the previous year. The reasons provided vary, including having too many cats on their property, having to move into no pet housing, and owner health issues. We lost a couple of litters of kittens to disease, however 341 cats found their furever homes! We are caring for 122 kittens/cats at this time.
Spay/Neuter Program
Thanks to grants from the City of Medicine Hat, the CanFel Foundation and Four Feet Companion Foundation, we have been able to spay/neuter 679 animals over the past 12 months! We still have so much work to do, especially around cat overpopulation issues in rural areas, but we believe the Low Cost Spay Neuter Program is a step in the right direction.
Abby's Story
Abby, a 5 month old pup, came to us in March 2017 as a part of our Rescue & Rehabilitation Program. She had some hair loss, and the veterinarian determined she had demodex mange. Thankfully, one of our amazing foster homes was able to take her in and shower her with love & attention during her healing time. Demodex mange can take a few months to fully heal, and by that time, her foster home couldn't imagine their lives without her. We are thrilled that Abby had her happy ending!
Dog Program Statistics

Over the last 12 months, we have had 285 dogs come into our care. We saw a 26% increase in owner surrendered dogs as well. 261 dogs found furever homes over the past year, and we are currently caring for 21 dogs, including two momma's with litters of puppies.
Rescue & Rehabilitate Program
With the support of rural and First Nations communities, we have worked closely this year with other rescue groups to spay/neuter animals and to transfer in unwanted animals in order to rehabilitate and re-home them. Over the last 12 months, we have been able to assist 135 dogs (which included 9 Momma dogs who arrived either pregnant or with a litter) and 9 rabbits through this program.

Extreme Shelter Makeover

Cramped and crowded, with animals, people and supplies tucked into every nook and cranny, our current shelter cannot support educational programs, cannot properly stop the spread of disease and requires extensive repairs and maintenance.

In June of 2017, we launched the 'Extreme Shelter Makeover' campaign to start addressing these issues. Thanks to support from the community, including groups like the Medicine Hat Realtors Charitable Foundation and the Lions Club of Medicine Hat, we have raised the $150,000 needed to start the Phase 1 renovations (starting with the cat side of our holding area). Renovations will begin in December/January - stay tuned for more information!
Old Souls Program
We see animals of every age relinquished to the Medicine Hat SPCA. Because older animals may have special age-related needs or have experienced recent disruption or stress, the shelter is not always an ideal environment for them. The Old Souls Program takes extra care to find a foster home and then eventually, an adoptive home, that best suits the needs and abilities of the senior dog or cat.
Other Animal Statistics
Over the past 12 months, we have taken in 135 'other' animals. This includes rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas and birds. We have 26 little guys in care at this time.

Every rabbit that is adopted from the Medicine Hat SPCA is now spayed/neutered prior to adoption!
Scarlet's Story

Scarlet is a sweet, 2 year old tabby girl who came to us in March 2017 in rough shape. She was found in a rural area, with her collar wrapped around both her neck and shoulder. It was embedded and infected, and she needed emergency medical care. The great vets over at  Cypress View Veterinary Clinic  cleaned her up and treated her with antibiotics and pain meds. Unfortunately the wound under her arm was quite severe and required a lot of ongoing care. The wound kept re-opening, due to its location, and she was on strict crate rest for some time. After 6 months on intensive care, Scarlet was finally able to be adopted!
Education Program
Humane education is a learning process that inspires compassion and respect for animals, people and the environment. In the past year, we have presented to over 600 students from schools/groups all around the City, as well as in several rural communities.
In the Community
Our event volunteers have been busy over the past 12 months! We were able to attend a number of community events, to provide education & awareness about the services we offer at the Medicine Hat SPCA. Some of the events we attended include Dogs in the Hat, Barks and Recreation Pet Expo and the Farmers Christmas Market.
'No Kill' Policy
In September 2017, the Medicine Hat SPCA was pleased to report that we adopted a new policy at our shelter. We have made a commitment that we will not euthanize healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is full.

There is a lot of history and context to understand behind this decision. This change in policy is now a possibility for us due to having a low cost spay/neuter program available to the public, having a robust adoption program, separating the delivery of our humane society programs from pound services, having committed volunteers that include dog behaviorists, partnering with other rescue groups & shelters, and managing our intake with wait lists or other measures when needed/possible.
Thank you for your support of the Medicine Hat SPCA!
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